Getting Frustrated Over How To Find The Creative Name That Best Fits Your Horse?

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To bring a new horse into the family feels like something special, but it may put some stress on you when it comes time to naming your new horse. You want a horse that has a creative name to fit their unique personality and behavior. Don’t let the naming task stress you out too much. There’s a lot that can get you started on finding the perfect name that’s both fitting and creative. You can find inspiration in your favorite fictional or historical characters, or come up with a name that speaks on the horse’s appearance or special trait. If you’re having trouble finding that perfect name, start here. 

A new horse may find themselves with a few scrapes and cuts as they explore their new home, which will be no problem if you have Fauna Care healing sprays at the ready. This article covers: 

  • Before you start choosing a name
  • Classic names
  • Funny names

How To Start The Naming Process

There’s no need to rush picking out a name! You can take however long you like to make sure you find the name that satisfies you. In fact, you’ll probably get the best results by holding off choosing a name for your new horse. That way, you can spend the first few days getting to know your horse and its personality. Discovering your horse’s personality will give you plenty of inspiration for names

A horse running in a field
You may notice your horse's personality come out as you spend more time with it, inspiring you to name them after their nature!

For example, you may find your horse has an insatiable craving for a snack like sugar cubes or peppermint. Thus, you find yourself wanting to name your horse after their favorite snack ! In the first few days of getting to know your horse, you may also be inspired by their general manner or the way they look. This can inspire you to name them something like Speckles or Rebel. By holding off on naming your horse within the first few hours of knowing them, you get to know them a little better and are able to find a name that feels suitable to the horse! Here are some names that may speak to your horse’s personality or looks:

  • Snazzy
  • Bandit
  • Nipper
  • Snow Feet
  • Mystery
  • Puzzle
  • Prince
  • Twinkle Feet
  • Caramel Highlights

Brainstorming Names

Now that you’ve gotten to know your horse, you may still have little idea what to call them. Not to worry! There’s still a lot you can draw inspiration from. It might help to know some classic horse names to get the ideas rolling. Here are some horse names that many horse owners have fallen in love with:

  • Poppy
  • Lady
  • Millie
  • Charlie
  • Billy
  • Alfie
  • Chester
  • Circus
  • Fizz
  • Mildred
  • Eclipse
  • Dustin
  • Cinders
A brown horse standing by the fence
Sometimes once you hear a name, you just know it’s the perfect fit for your horse!

These names are popular for so many reasons! They’re fun and colorful and they can say a lot on a horse’s personality. If you read one of these and recognize your horse in it, you just found the perfect name! If these classic names still aren’t the ones, not to worry! There’s more names to choose from where that came from.

Fun Names

The fun thing about choosing horse names is you can get away with some ridiculous names. Horse names don’t have to be grand or elegant. They can be as silly as Horsey McHorseFace. Your imagination can get pretty wild with these names. Have some fun and have a few laughs with the name. If want some inspiration for unique horse names, start with these:

  • Swiftsilver
  • Banana Split
  • Ronnus
  • Texas Dream
  • Twilight Zone
  • Spirit of Independence

Get creative about where you draw inspiration from! Maybe you want to name them after a favorite historical figure that reminds you of the spirit of your horse. For example, you can try names such as:

  • Houdini
  • Lincoln
  • Cleopatra
  • Earhart
  • Martin Luther
  • Bach
  • Bucephalus (Alexander the Great’s horse)

If you’re blanking on historical figures’ names, turn to something you may know a little more about: fictional characters! Name your horse after a favorite character you have in a movie, show, or book. It’s even more fun when you name them after a fictional horse. Come on, there are plenty of heroes and heroines riding horses on their adventures, and often times those hoses are named in the show ! Can’t think of any of their names? Here are some fictional horses that you may like to name your horse after, whether for their similar attitude or looks:

  • Maximus from Tangled
  • Khan from Mulan
  • Bullseye from Toy Story
  • Roach from The Witcher
  • Angus from Brave
  • Shadowfax from The Lord of the Rings (Gandalf’s white steed)
  • Artax from The Neverending Story
  • Khartoum from Godfather
  • Black Beauty from Black Beauty
  • Blackjack (the black pegasus) from Percy Jackson
  • Lil’ Sebastian from Parks and Recreation
  • Spirit and Rain from Spirit
A black horse on the farm
Your horse’s appearance and spirit may remind you of a favorite character. For example, this horse looks quite a lot like Khan from Mulan.

There are so many movies, shows, and books who have horses to get some ideas from! What’s your favorite fictional story, and what’s the horse’s name? It may just be the perfect name for your new horse. 

Every horse has a unique personality with funny and interesting habits and likes. That’s plenty of inspiration to start with when thinking of its name, which is why it's so helpful to wait a few days to name the horse. You may even find their personality or appearance reminds you of a favorite historical or fictional character. If all else fails, you can have some fun and come up with a ridiculous name! No matter what approach you take to naming your horse, you can’t go wrong. You’ll come up with something fitting that you’ll enjoy using for a long time to come. 

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