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Fauna Care Spray Bottles
Woman with happy white dog

"Amazing Formula"

“My pup is super rambunctious, which means we have to deal with scrapes and bruises a lot. Fauna Care's First Aid spray is an amazing formula-- the best I have ever used!”

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Paula s.
Man with happy white dog

"Healed Super Fast"

“Bentley scraped his nose badly trying to dig under a fence, and I was really concerned about it. Fauna Care's Silver Spray helped him heal super fast, and now he's back to his old self.”

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ben r.
woman with cat

"Neosporin for Pets"

“We have first aid kits for people, so honestly why shouldn't we have first aid kits for pets? Fauna Care Silver Spray is such an essential. It's like Neosporin for pets.”

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shannon m.
woman with horse

"My Horse Is Invincible"

"Scrapes and bruises used to slow my horse down, but with Fauna Care's Protect and Condition Spray, my horse is invincible! He's much less prone to rashes and irritation, which means we spend ore time training and less time recovering.”

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ellen d.
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Learn the Science Behind Fauna Care

Fauna Care's consumer and veterinary products are carefully designed with ingredients scientifically-proven to help your pet feel better faster.

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