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Looking For A Resolution That’s As Good for Your Pet as Yourself?

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New Years and New Year’s Resolutions can bring on a fair amount of anxiety as we approach the new year. Everybody feels like they have to do one, I mean more than likely somebody somewhere in the first week of January is going to ask “so what’s your resolution this year? Mine is blah blah blah blah blah” and you are going to feel some weird peer pressure to have a really great response on hand. So this year I have an excellent cheat code for you. 

You can simply make a resolution to be a better pet owner. It makes you look really altruistic and thoughtful, and plus everybody loves a good pet. So you get free sympathy points right off the back. And the really fun part is that, because of the miracles of modern technology, I can guarantee you can stick to these with 100% certainty if you want to with very minimal effort. So if you want to make a resolution that’s good for you and your pet, and one that you can stick to, check out the list below for ideas and the solutions.

cat being petted
Being a good pet owner is a great New Years Resolution because it is inherently doing good for another. Especially because you are doing more good in the life of something you chose to be responsible for.

Being A Better Pet Owner Is A Great New Year's Resolution!

And It’s Easy to Stick to! Here’s How:

To start out with, there are all kinds of ways to be a better pet owner. You can spend more time playing with them, grooming them, and training them. All of these things keep your pet feeling happy and loved. Healthy diet and exercise are essential parts of balancing their behavior and keeping them healthy. However, I understand that it’s difficult in the modern world to have the time of day to be taking care of your pet as well as you know you should be. 

But don’t worry. Thanks to the miracles of living in the 21st Century we literally have robots that can help you be a better owner to your pet. And since these are automated solutions, they are going to require very minimal effort on your part, compared to how much benefit you and your pet are going to receive from them. Work smarter not harder when it comes to your New Year’s Resolution this year. Here's how!

new year's resolution checklist
Skip the hassle of making a New Year’s Resolution this year, and just decide to be a better pet owner. You can even automate the process. 

Resolutions Any Pet Owner Can Make

These Resolutions Are Easy To Stick to With A Modest Investment

Automatic Food Bowl

The nice thing about an automatic food dish is that you just fill the container all the way up. So you can feed your dog for a whole week and only have to bend down and fill something one time. Not only will this make your life easier (I mean hey it takes a daily chore down to a weekly chore at worst) it can also be used to successfully help improve your pets diet.

Cats and dogs are really designed to eat several small meals throughout the day. So not only will putting them on a schedule of food improve their behavior, it will also control their eating portions. I have seen this used effectively to help a very chonky cat slim right back down in a couple months time.

An automatic feeder is great for a cat or a dog. And the best part is you already have to feed your pet, if you just invest in this feeder you are giving yourself less chores to do everyday (and more time to relax by extension) and it’s easy enough to stick to as a resolution.

I mean you do less work and a robot makes sure your pet eats on a regular schedule and eats the appropriate amount. And this in turn gives your dog a healthy weight and better overall health and behavior. This is a guaranteed way to just technically be a better pet owner and it’s a resolution that’s easy enough to stick to.

cat and dog and automatic feeders
Automatic food and water dishes can automate the process of being a better pet owner for you! Let robots stick to your resolution for you! Photo courtesy of  www.amazon.com/Nuluphu-Automatic-Dispenser-Container-Distribution.

Automatic Water Dish

An automatic water dish provides all the same benefits of an automatic food bowl. It makes sure your dog or cat has fresh, clean, filtered water everyday. And the nice thing is that you fill it all the way up and then it keeps the water running the whole time. This keeps the water clean and fresh for the dog, but it provides a faucet that cats are inclined to drink from. They don’t trust standing water because it can contain bacteria and germs. So although this is great for any pet owner, it’s double effective for a cat owner because it will ensure your cat stays more hydrated. Will will help a ton with their overall behavior and health.

And all these benefits are automated just like the food bowl so you can be sure you are sticking to your New Year’s Resolution to be a better pet owner.  

cat relaxing
Automatic food dishes, water bowls, and toys will be sure to peak your pet’s interests everyday.

Automatic Toys

There are also a wide variety of toys that allow your pet to use them and play with them when you aren’t even around. These are great because they allow the pet to be active and play even when the owner isn’t around. They come in a few different styles, but in my opinion, the automatic laser pointers are best for cats and the ones that automatically launch a ball to play fetch with are best for a dog. These are great because even if you are busy and don’t always have time to play with and exercise your pet, you know they are staying healthy and active.

cat and dog snuggling
Any of these products make it easy to stick to a New Year’s Resolution for the owner of any dog or cat.

There you have. That’s the easiest way to make a New Year’s Resolution to be a better pet owner and stick to it with basically no effort. Use the tools at your disposal as a citizen of the most advanced age in human history. You can be sure to stick to these resolutions, as well as improve your pets diet, health, behavior, and happiness with the purchase of a few household electronics. And you even get to feel good about this resolution because it’s not about making your own life better. It’s about making the life of something more fragile and innocent than you better. It’s an easy win win.

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