Silver Spray

for wound care, burns, cuts, hot spots, post-operations & dermatitis

$24.99 / 2oz.

Our Flagship Silver Spray product is perfect for cuts, abrasions, hot spots and general wound / skin care.  Silver / Zinc combination kills bacteria and fungi as well as providing a deodorizing layer of protection. Easy to apply, no-touch application provides a long lasting moisture barrier for continuous healing in active situations.

Composition: Silver in a Zinc Oxide and Dimethicone Base

Silver Spray Product Fauna Care
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Praise Your Pet

Fauna Care Separator Line

We know that animals play an important role in our lives. Our no-touch pet sprays deliver highly effective skin and wound care and are great to treat hard to reach areas. The moisture barrier created allows your pet to remain active all day while healing occurs.

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Anti-fungal Spray

for ringworm, animal fungal care and control

$24.99 / 2oz.

Powerful and effective Anti-Fungal spray for all types an animal fungal and skin conditions.  Ketoconazole combined with Zinc inhibits Fingal growth while promoting healing and reducing itch and irritation. Perfect for treating Thrush and Ringworm. Touch-free, economical and easy to use.

Composition: ketoconazole in a Zinc Oxide and Dimethicone Base

Anti-fungal Spray Fauna Care
First Aid Spray Fauna Care

First Aid

$24.99 / 2oz.

for general care and first aid

Composition: bacitracin in a Zinc Oxide and Dimethicone Base

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Protect & Condition Spray Fauna Care

Protect & Condition

$24.99 / 2oz.

for skin care and protection

Composition: Dimethicone in a petrolatum Base

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Scientifically Proven Ingredients

Fauna Care Separator Line

Silver compounds are scientifically proven to reduce infection risk and promote healing. Check out the science behind Fauna Care's line of pet and equine products.

Mineral Oils & Wax
Vitamins A & D
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Learn the Science Behind Fauna Care

Fauna Care's consumer and veterinary products are carefully designed with ingredients scientifically-proven to help your pet feel better faster.

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