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The Science behind Fauna Care

We know animals play an important part in our lives. We are on a mission to provide the finest care available to all of our friends in the animal world by providing you with the effective, economical and easy to use products.

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Starts in the Lab

Fauna Care's pet and equine sprays begin with thorough testing. In the lab, we identify the safest and most effective compounds for our products. We've done the research, and only the best formulas go on to become Fauna Care's consumer pet care sprays.

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Experimenting Helps

At Fauna Care, we aren't satisfied theorizing about the effectiveness of our products. Even after being established in the lab, our formulas undergo a series of rigorous clinical trials to ensure their efficacy. That way, you can rest assured that when you purchase a Fauna Care product, you are getting the best pet care available.

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Had to be a Spray

Cuts, wounds, burns, hot spots, and dermatitis can be painful for your pet. Fauna Care's no touch spray makes it easy to apply our healing formulas to irritated or infected areas without causing further discomfort.

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Silver Concentreated

Studies have shown that silver complexes possess antibacterial, anti fungal, and even anticancer properties. Fauna Care's Silver Spray harnesses the power of these silver compounds in a highly-concentrated formula, providing complete care for wounds, burns, cuts, hot spots, post-op, and dermatitis in a single bottle.

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More Science

All of Fauna Care's consumer and veterinary grade products start with a dimethicone base. Dimethicone is an FDA-approved silicon-based polymer that is known for soothing and protecting damaged or irritated skin. That means that all of Fauna Care's sprays nourish your pet's skin while their active ingredients address specific skin and wound care concerns.

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Science + Love for all Fauna

At Fauna Care, we understand that pets are a part of the family. After all, we are pet owners too! That's why we're so committed to developing science-backed formulas actually really work. Big, small, furry, or scaly-- all fauna deserves to feel its best!

It's all about the active ones ...

Fauna Care's pet sprays use scientifically proven active ingredients like silver and zinc oxide to:

Soothe and condition irritated and inflamed skin
Prevent fungal and bacterial infections
Speed healing time
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Safe & Effective Ingredients

Fauna Care Ingredients & Concentrations

Our products are made with highly concentrated ingredients and without irritating preservatives, surfactants, alcohol or fragrances. Fauna Care speeds healing time while fighting infection. No-touch application means ease for you and comfort for our animal friends.

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Years of Science & Passion.

Our pets are part of the family, and we know yours are too. That's why we're dedicated to providing safe, effective products that make life better for our furry, fuzzy, and scaly friends.

— Founder of Fauna Care
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