4 Things First-Time Dog Owners Should Never Go Without

If you’re new to owning a dog, stock up on these go-to pet care necessities to make sure you’re well equipped to handle any situation.


How You Can Provide the Best Winter Care for Your Horse

Keep your horse thriving in the cold weather by following these tips

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Winner of the Spread the Love Contest: Save our Cats and Kittens Shelter!

A shelter in Fort Walton Beach, FL wins a check for $500 cash and $500 worth of Fauna Care products!


Paw Protection 101: How to Keep Your Pup's Feet Feeling Their Best

Keep your dog’s paws conditioned and feeling good, no matter what the weather!


How to Identify and Treat Cat Acne

You’re not alone-- your cat can have acne, too. Here are some ways to identify it and find pet-friendly treatment options.


Symptoms of An Infected Dog Wound Every Owner Should Know

All the symptoms of dog wound infection, and what to do about it


What to Do If Your Dog Has Hives or Another Allergic Reaction

Is your dog showing symptoms of an allergic reaction? It may be serious enough to require veterinary attention!


How to Keep a Dog from Licking a Wound

Help speed up the healing process by preventing your dog from licking their injury


How to Potty Train Your Pooch

Learn how to quickly and effectively housetrain your dog so they do it outside and not on your carpet


How to Make Your Winter Holiday Decorations Pet Friendly

Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, learn how you can make this end-of-the-year holiday festive and safe for pets!

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