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Love Your Animal. Heal Them Quickly.

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At Fauna Care we know that animals play an important part in our lives. Our mission is to help provide the finest care possible to all of our furry, fuzzy, and scaly friends.

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Our products are made with highly concentrated ingredients and without irritants like preservatives, surfactants, alcohol, and fragrances to help your furry, fuzzy, and scaly friends feel better faster.

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Horses are amazing and special animals, and they deserve nothing short of the best treatment available. Our equine line brings Fauna Care's quality pet care products to our equine friends as well.

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From fungal infections to cuts and abrasions, there is a Fauna Care formula to help veterinarians treat some of the most common pet injuries and skin conditions.

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Fast, Painless Healing and Infection Fighting

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Made with safe, highly-concentrated ingredients and no irritating preservatives, surfactants, alcohol or fragrances. Our easy, no-touch spray provides comfort for our animal friends.

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No Touch Spray

Easy to use and less stress for the animal.

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No Sting, No Run

More active product stays where it is needed without sting or discomfort for the patient.

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Kill 99% of Infection Causing Bacteria

Promotes a healing environment without the worry of infection.

We Love The Earth's Fauna

Fauna Care is Perfect For Our Equine Friends

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Horses are some of the most magnificent animals on earth and we love them like you love them.

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Fast Healing for Common Issues

Cuts, wounds, lacerations, thrush……. and more.

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Protection and Preventative Care

Conditioning for skin and hooves.

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Equine Medical Professionals

We provide a great line of products for your care protocol and for resale to your clients.

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Trusted by the nation's top equine stables

Pets are Family, So Let's Show Them the Love

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Active pets that are prone to cuts, wounds or infections need the love of Fauna Care.

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Cuts & Wounds

Minor bumps and scrapes happen to everyone, your pets included. Fauna Care's no sting, no touch sprays promote healing and keep your pet's wound from becoming infected.

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Hot Spots & Skin Issues

Hot spots (acute moist dermatitis) are common, but still need to be treated to keep your pet feeling its best. Fauna Care sprays stop the bacteria and infections that cause skin issues before they can cause a problem.

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Post Op Care

Your pet's post-op healing continues even after they leave the veterinarian's office. Give your pet a speedy recovery and help them feel better faster with Fauna Care's no pain infection-fighting spray.

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Fungal Issues

Wrinkly pets are adorable , but keeping their skin fungus-free requires extra care and attention. Keep your pet's fungal issues under control with Fauna Care's easy-to-use anti-fungal sprays.

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Itching and Irritation

There are lots of reasons your pet's skin may be irritated. Whether your pet is dealing with allergies, fungal or bacterial infections, Fauna Care's no touch pet care sprays will soothe your pet's skin and have them feeling better in no time.

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First Aid Attention

Be prepared for minor bumps and bruises. With active ingredients like silver and zinc that are clinically proven to reduce inflammation and fight infection, you will be ready for any minor pet cuts, wounds, and infections that come your way.

Trusted by the nation's top veterinarians

Recent Posts

"Really gets the job done!"

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"A friend of mine ordered the Protect & Condition spray to keep on hand for a few of my horses that struggle during transitional weather. He ordered this after I complained of their skin breaking open during the extreme weather changes of this past winter and I feel that this spray has been very beneficial to the speed up of the healing process of their skin irritations and wounds. I saw that there were 5 different types of sprays, all come specifically made for horses so im curious to know how the other four types work for others buyers and their other animals. I can really appreciate that this formula comes in a spray bottle so theres no mess, and no physical contact needed to the area of treatment. I would recommend this product for anyone living in a cooler climate, or in the north where there can be extreme weather, as skin is dry during the healing process or just in general during the cooler seasons."

Roz  /  Customer

"This product is amazing!! I took my dear Gracie out in the woods last week and her legs got absolutely torn up when we rode through a patch of untrimmed thorns that had taken over the trail. I'm always nervous to use any kind of antiseptic on open wounds because I worry about what's in them, but Fauna Care doesn't have any alcohol or perfumes so I figured I'd give it a try... I'm so glad I did! Her cuts healed noticeably quicker thank any have in the past when I decided not to put on products. With these cuts being on her legs, I was worried she would get annoyed by the application, but the spray bottle helped me keep a little distance (so I didn't have to use a wound care of my own!!), and Gracie barely even budged. Will DEFINITELY be using for years to come!!"

Chloe R. /  Customer

"The product got to my door super fast and I was able to try it on a couple of the horses I help take care of at our family ranch right away. With the lingering winter, you'll get a change of sometimes upwards of 40-50 degrees in a 24 hour cycle which leaves our horses skin chapped and you can tell it causes them distress. After applying the fauna care spray, their demeanor had changed within the week and their patches of chapped skin returned to being soft and smooth, they didn't even leave calluses or scar marks like usual. I highly recommend this product to anyone who works with horses."

KJ Devlin /  Customer
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From Our Portfolio

Scientifically Proven Ingredients

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Silver compounds are scientifically proven to reduce infection risk and promote healing. Check out the science behind Fauna Care's line of pet and equine products.

Mineral Oils & Wax
Vitamins A & D
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Learn the Science Behind Fauna Care

Fauna Care's consumer and veterinary products are carefully designed with ingredients scientifically-proven to help your pet feel better faster.

Learn More
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"Amazing Formula"

“My pup is super rambunctious, which means we have to deal with scrapes and bruises a lot. Fauna Care's First Aid spray is an amazing formula-- the best I have ever used!”

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Paula s.
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"Healed Super Fast"

“Bentley scraped his nose badly trying to dig under a fence, and I was really concerned about it. Fauna Care's Silver Spray helped him heal super fast, and now he's back to his old self.”

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ben r.
woman with cat

"Neosporin for Pets"

“We have first aid kits for people, so honestly why shouldn't we have first aid kits for pets? Fauna Care Silver Spray is such an essential. It's like Neosporin for pets.”

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shannon m.
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"My Horse Is Invincible"

"Scrapes and bruises used to slow my horse down, but with Fauna Care's Protect and Condition Spray, my horse is invincible! He's much less prone to rashes and irritation, which means we spend ore time training and less time recovering.”

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ellen d.