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krista Richler riding a white horse

We just love hearing from happy and satisfied customers, so when we were tagged in an instagram post from horse trainer and enthusiast Krista Eichler, we just had to share it with the Fauna Care Family! As you know Fauna Care Silver Spray is a great item to have around your house, or your stable. It’s perfect for everything from small cuts, abrasions, or even patches of sunburn. We were so pleased that Ms. Eichler’s horses were enjoying the benefits of the Silver Spray, so keep reading to see:

  • How Fauna Care saved the day for Ms. Eichler’s horse
  • What Fauna Care can do for your furry friends
Painted horse
Image courtesy of @keequine. Fauna Care has many uses, one of the being it’s a great way to prevent sunburn on your animal’s sensitive skin!

Fauna Care Helps Out Horses

Your horse needs UV protection too

Krista Eichler is well known on Instagram, where she posts from the handle @keequine about all things horses. She’s a professional horse trainer who specializes in colt handling, tune ups, ground work, and laying the right training foundation for your horse. Ms. Eichler also owns her own horses which she rides regularly, and who love to make regular appearances on her Instagram page.

In September, Ms. Eichler did a video post that highlighted why she puts her trust in Fauna Care Silver Spray. One of her horses is a beautiful paint named Paisley, who has some sensitive skin spots. Being light colored in some areas of her body-- which is typical for paint horses-- Paisley is susceptible to getting sunburned. No one wants to see their animals get sunburned and have to deal with the irritation and pain that it can bring. This is why Ms. Eichler uses Fauna Care Silver Spray-- it protects her horse’s sensitive skin and prevents it from getting sunburned while out on the trail or going through a training session in the paddock. 

She goes on to mention that you only need a little spray to go a long way in preventing or healing sunburn. No need to worry that the Silver Spray will come off either, as Ms. Eichler confirms that even if her horse decided to roll or get dirty-- which horses just love to do-- the spray stays in place and protects Paisley’s skin. There’s no reapplication needed!

She uses just a couple of sprays and rubs into Paisley’s coat to ensure she’s ready to go out in the sunshine. If you horse already has suffered a sunburn, you can also apply Silver Spray to help soothe the irritation, and to heal the burn much quicker than if you left it on its own. Ms. Eichler no longer uses sunscreen on Paisley and instead uses only Silver Spray to protect the spots on her horse that are especially tender and get burned easily. Not only did Silver Spray help heal Paisley’s sunburn, but it also helped improve her coat as well, which is always a nice benefit!

Fauna Care Can Help Your Animal No Matter What Size They Are!

What Fauna Care does

Fauna Care Silver Spray is your go-to product to help heal almost anything that happens to your animal’s skin and coat. It is a multi-functional spray that kills the bacteria and fungi that can prevent the healing of a cut or wound, and provides an extra layer of protection to further promote a quick heal. It’s bad enough when your animal gets an injury, but no one wants to see it become infected. This is why Silver Spray is an essential part of the first aid kit for anyone that owns an animal. Fauna Care offers specific products for both pets, such as cats and dogs, as well as an equine formula-- which is what was highlighted in Ms. Eichler’s Instagram post. 

Fauna Care also has a line of other products to help out your furry friend, no matter if they sleep at the end of your bed or in a stable! They also offer first aid sprays to help out in emergencies, conditioning sprays to help promote healthy skin and coat, zinc sprays for treating extra irritating skin conditions, as well as an anti-fungal spray to prevent the growth of fungi in wounds or scratches.

Why you need it

You may ask yourself why do I need a spray that can prevent sunburn when my cat lives indoors? Because while Fauna Care protects from UV rays, it also is one of the best items to have in any pet owners first aid kit. Even if you have an indoor cat, or an older dog who doesn’t have those playful puppy tendencies, there is always the looming possibility of an accident. You want the best care for your pet, so ensure you have a spray that can tackle any kind of cut, abrasion, burns, and even dermatitis. Because as we all know, a happy pet means a happy pet owner!

Fauna Care is also a great post-operation spray because of its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. It is a perfect solution for keeping your animal’s wound clean so that it can heal. It does not matter if the wound is an open healing wound, or sutured, Silver Spray is essential to getting the skin to heal and close the wound. Vets always recommend cleaning of wounds after surgery, and Fauna Care Silver Spray is a great way to ensure your getting your pet’s wound healed quickly, so they can be back to their normal selves much quicker!

Fauna Care offers a top of the line and veterinarian approved products that are continuously recommended by some of the best professionals in animal-related industries. It is great to hear that the Silver Spray Product has worked so well for Ms. Eichler and her horses. No matter the size of your animal, consider picking up some Silver Spray, because you never know what your animal could get into next!

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