Everything You’ll Need When Traveling With A Cat

Do you plan on moving across the country or just want to go on vacation but don’t have a pet sitter? Are you unsure about how your cat will do traveling with you but don’t want to leave them at home? If so, this blog will help you to find the things you’ll need for a trip with your cat. It’ll also allow you to find everything necessary for your cat to travel safely and soundly with you! 

The Basics 

The Necessary Items To Bring For Traveling 

Since cats can be difficult to travel with and sometimes to even bring to the vet, there are a lot of things you’ll want to pack for them so that they feel as comfortable as possible while getting in the car. Since they love to hide in corners, you’ll want to put some of their favorite toys and blankets in their crate, so they feel comfortable getting in it for your travels. Some other items you’ll want to bring include:

  • Food and water. One of the most important items to bring, if not the most important item to bring, is food. You won’t want to have to stop in the middle of your trip to get their food, but it can be easy to forget. You’ll want to have portable food and water bowls as well since their typical glass serving dish may break during a long road trip, and that’s just another mess to clean up. Amazon and Chewy sell some cheap, durable ones, so be sure to buy one for more road trips in the future! 
  • Leash and harness. This is a must-have if your cat enjoys walks outdoors and if that’s what you plan on doing during your trip. They’ll be able to explore better, and you’ll always know where they’re going. Although some cats hate the leash, it’s something you could always try, don’t knock it til you try it! 
  • Treats. This could go along with food, but if your cat is typically scared of the car, bringing treats can help keep them calm, knowing their favorite snacks are joining them on the trip! 
  • Litter box. Since they aren’t like dogs who’ll go outside whenever bathroom breaks are needed, you’ll have to bring their bathroom with you. It’s more convenient to have since they’ll feel more comfortable using the bathroom in something they’re familiar with too. You could even get a portable litter box just so the car doesn’t smell when they do have to go! 
  • Litter. This goes along with the litter box but is something you don’t want to forget or run out of. You’ll also most likely want to bring a scoop and some bags for when you do eventually have to clean out their litter box on the drive! 
  • Toys. This is a must-have item, especially if your cat is calmer with toys around them. This will give them something to play with during the ride and can even be comforting for them if they miss home. 
  • Bed/blankets. Since you’ll want your feline to be as comfortable and cozy as possible, you should bring their bed to sleep in. This will allow them to relax and is something they’re familiar with, which can make them calm and happy during the ride! You could even think about purchasing a cat travel bed as well just to have one specifically for traveling. 
  • First aid kit. You never know when an emergency can happen, and if it just so happens to be on the road, you’ll want to be as prepared as you can be, which is why having a cat first aid kit is so important. Make sure to have items like first aid spray and bandages in there for any cuts or wounds as well! 

By having all of these items with you for traveling with your cat, you should be able to have a great little road trip! Just remember to always be patient since they typically aren’t used to the car, let alone long car rides. 

A cat sitting on top of a car. 
You’ll want to have items that your pet is familiar with in the car during a road trip. This will allow your cat to be comfortable and feel safe while traveling. Remember to bring some cleaning supplies in case of spills and/or accidents, and always bring a first aid kit just for them in case of any emergencies. You’ll want to be very patient and understanding of them since they’re your responsibility to watch and take care of! 

Bringing any sort of pet on a car ride can be difficult. There are a lot of unknowns, like if they’ll be okay while you’re driving and if they even feel comfortable staying in such a small area for a long period of time. But by bringing all the right materials, your cat should be all ready for a road trip with its parent! Make sure to pack extra food and treats in case, and always try to pack more than you need. Remember to also make sure they have breaks which a leash and harness would be perfect for so they can have a little rest and explore session in a new place! 

Don’t try to force your cat in the carrier either since they may whine and think it’s a bad thing rather than good. You’ll want to let them get comfortable and throw a couple of treats in the carrier to get them in the car willingly. If this doesn’t work, try to calmly approach your cat to get them in the carrier, but since they’ll be in there for a while in the car, you don’t want them to think of it as a punishment. This can be the hardest part of the journey, but if you’re able to succeed here, then this road trip will be as easy as pie. Now go get your feline friend ready for the car trip!

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