Everything You Need For Your Feline First Aid Kit!

Are you worried about your cat getting injured at home and don’t know if you have the right supplies to help them get better? If so, you may want to think about building your very own feline first aid kit for any quick emergencies that can happen at home. Whether that’s a small cut or a bump to the leg, you’ll want to make sure you have some sort of aid for injuries at your house! This blog will teach you what items you may want to have with you and why. 

Wound Spray 

The Spray That’ll Help With Any Wound! 

One of the most important things you’ll want to have in your kit is a wound spray. At Faunacare.com, the perfect addition to your kit is the Silver Spray. This spray is great for any cuts, hot spots, abrasions, or general wounds that your cat may have. It can kill fungi and bacteria while providing a deodorizing layer of protection for your feline friend! The best part is that it’s a no-touch application. You’ll be able to heal your pet without worrying about hurting their skin if you had to rub it on. 

The Fauna Care sprays have been tested and approved for use on all of your pet’s skin types whether that be furry, fuzzy, or scaly. It helps to heal skin fast and keeps all injuries clean. Make sure to add this to your need list for a first aid kit! 


The First Step In Healing! 

This item is a must-have in any type of first aid kit animal or not. But, there are many different types to choose from so you’ll want to make sure you have the right fit for your pet in case of an emergency! Here are some different types of bandage materials you’ll also want to store in the kit: 

  • Non-stick bandage pads. Any type of pad will work as a base layer for cuts and injuries your cat may have. Make sure you always have a little pack of these or maybe even store a couple in a plastic bag for your convenience! 
  • Gauze roll. You’ll want one of these in the kit to wrap on top of your non-stick bandage pads. This will help keep any sort of bleeding to a minimum as well. 
  • Bandage scissors. In case you need to cut a bandage off safely, you’ll want to find a pair of bandage scissors and make sure they’re in your kit! 
  • Self-adhesive bandage cover/any tape. You’ll want to keep some sort of tape or bandage tape with you so that the bandage stays in place while your cat walks or runs around. 
A person wrapping their hand in a bandage 
For your cat’s safety, you’ll want to keep lots of different types of bandages in your first aid kit just in case anything happens. You’ll want to make sure you have plenty of each item or type of bandage as well so that if you do have to use any, you’ll still have plenty more! 

Tool-like Items For Your Kit 

More Items You’ll Want For Your Feline

Although it may seem like we went through most of the basic items you’ll want to have in a cat’s first aid kit, there are some more necessary things you’ll need as well. This can include: 

  • Digital thermometer. This is an item you won’t want to forget. If you ever have a suspicion that your pet may have low or high body temperature, you’ll want to check and make sure before going to the vet! Their normal body temperature is between 100.5-102.5 degrees Fahrenheit which is higher than humans. You can even buy a simple digital thermometer at any local pharmacy! Make sure to store it in the kit somewhere you can easily find it as well in case of an emergency. 
  • Cold packs. Although this may be a forgettable item in your kit, you’ll want to have it. Make sure to have a towel as well so you won’t have to put the cold pack directly on your cat’s skin. This will help to cool down any injuries or burns but make sure to not let your cat chew on it as it has toxic materials in it. 
  • Tick remover. This item is a must-have for any outdoor cat owner. It’ll allow you to easily and quickly remove any ticks on your cat’s skin from their time outdoors. If you don’t want to purchase a high-tech remover, you can also just grab a new clean pair of tweezers to put in the first aid kit which will also do the trick! 
  • Gloves. You don’t want to forget this item in your first aid kit! This will protect you from any bleeding that occurs on their skin and will protect your cat from any bacteria on your hands that could get into their wound. 

These are all just suggestions for your first aid kit, as a pet owner you should add whatever feels necessary or even leave out anything that doesn’t seem worth adding! 

A picture of a first aid kit 
You’ll want to add whatever you feel necessary to your feline’s first aid kit. Anything mentioned in the list would work great for cat owners as well! 

Be sure to make your cat’s first aid kit fit for them since they may be your patient if an emergency occurs! You’ll want to have some necessary items like wound spray, bandages, and gloves always at the ready as a pet owner. Make sure you always have enough room for more equipment and maybe even open it up to see if you have everything you need once in a while just in case. Remember to always check for illnesses if you suspect any as well!

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