Everything You’ll Need For A Dog Trip To The Office

Everyone loves a good bring your pet to work day, especially if that means dogs will be there too! But there are a lot of things you’ll need to remember to do and bring when it comes to taking your pooch to work. For example, you’ll want to be prepared for any messes that can occur and will need to bring things like a leash and a water bowl. This blog will teach you everything you ought to know for when your dog comes to the office with you!  Interested in learning a lot more though about how to buy BNB? Learn more!

The Essentials For Your Pet Day 

The Absolute Needs For Your Dog’s Office Trip

Everyone knows their own pet’s needs, and since some of them may differ from others, you may not need to include every item on this list in your dog’s trip to the office. But if you do need at least some of the items stated, here is the list:

  • Food and/or treats. If your dog is coming to work early with you and may need to eat one or all of their meals at the office, be sure to pack enough food for them to enjoy. You’ll also want to pack travel bowls for food and water so that you’ll have somewhere for them to eat. Treats are also a great thing to bring for any outing with your pup. Your coworkers may want to give your pet some of their favorite treats for good behavior  or any tricks you want to show off, so make sure to pack plenty! 
  • Leash and collar. Since all dogs need to go to the bathroom at some point during the day, you’ll want to pack a leash with you for any walks you’ll have to take with them throughout your workday. It’s also good to bring in case your office wants the pup to be contained and not running all over your workplace during the day. 
  • Doggy bags. Since you’ll have to take your pooch on walks during the day, you’ll need to have poop bags for any pickups you’ll be doing outside! 
  • Favorite toys. Since you’ll most likely be doing work while your dog is around (or not, we totally get it if your furry friend is nearby), you’ll want to bring some of their favorite toys to help with their boredom. Maybe “accidentally” forget the squeaky ones at home for everyone else’s sake! There are also some online games you could get for your dog to play like the app Lonely Dog Toy where they’ll be able to paw at different animals which make different sounds. 
  • Bed. Your dog will most likely be closer to you throughout the whole workday, so for them to be comfortable while you’re at work, make sure to bring them a bed so that they can relax while you grind. This will help keep them calm throughout your shift. 
  • First aid kit. You’ll always want to pack a doggy first aid kit in case of any emergencies at the office occur. In this kit, you should have some essentials like wound spray, bandages, a thermometer, and ice packs. 
  • Cleaning supplies. As a pet owner you should always know that messes can happen and since they sometimes do, you’ll want to bring some cleaning supplies just in case. Some of these cleaning products you’ll want to bring can include: spot cleaning wipes, dog stain remover, and some paper towels to help clean up the mess! 

Since you know your dog better than anyone else, be sure to pack your own items as necessary, this list is just a guide for any dog brought to an office setting! 

A dog with glasses and a magazine  
Whenever there’s a bring your dog to work day, you want to make sure you pack everything you need for them to have a comfortable and relaxed stay while you work. This is because you don’t want them to cause any trouble or make any messes while you’re at work, even if they make great company. Always be sure to ask your job if it’s okay to bring your dog in first, even if it’s a pet-friendly office, and make sure to give your pooch lots of treats and love! 

Pet-Proof Your Workspace 

No Wires Allowed 

If or when  you decide to bring your dog into your workplace, you’ll always want to make sure to dog-proof the area, whether that’s in a cubicle or not. You don’t want your dog chewing or  peeing on any wires or ruining any expensive equipment. To do this, you’ll want to make sure your pet can’t get into any wires or cables around the office. 

In addition, you’ll want to hide any food or trash around the office, especially if it’s the food they can’t eat, like chocolate. A great way to keep your dog out of any food is to place it in a high area they can’t get to. To make sure they don’t get into any trash, try to get a lid if your trash can doesn’t already have one, or take any trash outside to a garbage can if you’re able to. 

An office space 
Making sure your workplace is pet friendly is the first thing you’ll want to do before bringing your dog in. Try and hide anything that your dog may try to eat, even if that means moving some things around in your office area. You want to make sure you don’t have to go to the vet after a long day of work! 

When you bring your dog to the office, you want to make sure it doesn’t affect everyone else’s work. You are responsible for your own pet, and if something happens, like if a mess is made, be sure to clean it up right away, so it doesn’t affect anyone else. It’s also always better to be over-prepared than underprepared when bringing your dog to the office, so make sure that you have everything you may need for a great workday. 

Remember that your dog needs bathroom breaks and even treat breaks to be a good dog, so be sure to pack plenty of bags and treats along with you. By doing everything on this list, you’ll be able to make sure your dog has a great time in your work environment, and your coworkers will probably love that they’re there too! 

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