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The Best 7 Pet Care Products for Every Two Cat Home

Two cats, one brown and one orange, lay side by side on a rug. The orange cat is yawning.

Cats are notoriously persnickety creatures known for their refined and sometimes inscrutable tastes. One cat can be difficult to please and owning two is often double the trouble. But you can rest assured knowing that there are some items that not only will every cat love, but that will become invaluable tools for owners as well.

Here are the best pet care products that any two cat (or more) household must have!

The Litter Genie

Cats are adorable from head to toe to tail tip, but there is one thing about them that is never cute: their litter box and the smell that comes with it. Cat litter can be so pungent that it permeates your entire home, and with two cats you have double the dirty litter to handle. The Litter Genie is the perfect scent-containing solution

Modelled after The Diaper Genie, an iconic contraption designed to eliminate the stink of baby diapers, The Litter Genie works to keep your home smelling clean and fresh. Using the included shovel, you scoop up any soiled litter and deposit it into the pail. It is then stored in a five-layer bag to seal away any foul odors. The top of the pail also has a vacuum seal interior lid as an extra precaution. When the bag is full, you only need to pull the handle on the side to drop the bag into the second compartment of The Litter Genie. Then, open the bottom, remove the bag, prep a new one, and you’re good to go!

Available for $23.99 at Chewy, The Litter Genie refill comes with 14 feet of bag film with a four count refill set going for $19.99. It works with all litter types and the XL model can hold up to three weeks of dirty litter, meaning it can handle the ample workload set by two or more cats.

A white cat with a pink nose and black ears has it's eyes shut as it meows.
Cats are incredibly cute, but they can also be quite smelly. Luckily, there are multiple products that can help alleviate any lingering odors they may leave behind.

Multi Cat Litter

If your cats happen to share a litter box, you probably know that not every litter variety is created equal. Certain brands can’t handle being used by two cats simultaneously, leading to more smell, more scooping, and more money lost. But, there are litter options that are specifically designed with two cat households in mind. Cue Multi Cat Litter!

World’s Best Original Series Unscented Multi Cat Litter is a cost efficient, natural cat litter that is guaranteed to contain double the smell for double the cats. Made from whole kernel corn, this litter is free from any harsh chemicals that may be detrimental to you or your cats while still offering the helpful clumping nature of other major brands. Also, because this litter is natural, it is safe to be flushed or thrown away.

World’s Best Original Series Unscented Multi Cat Litter is available as a 28 pound bag for $26.95 at Petco.

Pet Food Can Cover

Some cats (and dogs for that matter) prefer wet food over any dry options. Wet food also has added health benefits that some dry kibbles don’t offer. But wet food has a much more finite expiration date that can lead to unnecessary waste. So, when you’re going through two times as much cat food, it’s important to be as thrifty as possible. Why not make your wet food last longer by using a pet food can cover?

These reusable silicone rounds are made to replace the metal can lid found on most wet food brands, sealing in the freshness and taste, ensuring a longer shelf life once opened. There are many different brands of pet food can covers on the market, but the best are those offered by ORE Pets. Their covers are made from food-safe silicone, are dishwasher safe, and have three rims on the underside so they can fit over a variety of can sizes. As a bonus, they come in the shape of adorable paw prints and are available in a ton of cute colors. 

You can buy a set of two ORE Pets food can covers for $11.95 on Chewy.

A light grey cat with dark grey markings laps up water from a blue bowl.
Constantly refilling a water bowl can be a big pain, but a cat fountain can last days without needing to be topped up again.

Water Fountain

It’s awful to come home after a long day of work hoping to relax with your cats only to find their water bowl empty. You wonder how long ago it ran dry and how thirsty your precious pets must have been while waiting for you to return. Whether your cats share one water bowl or prefer separate dishes, a water fountain for cats can mean that they never run out of fresh, moving water throughout the day. 

There are cat water fountains with prices reaching and exceeding $100, but the Veken Pet Fountain is the most budget friendly, efficient option that can keep multiple cats well hydrated. The Veken Pet Fountain holds up to 84 oz. of water which is run through a multistage filtration system and has three flow modes to suit your cats’ preferences. Each fountain comes with a silicone splash mat to help keep any spillage contained. The spigot of the fountain is also topped with a small plastic daisy which releases water between its petals, making this purchase not only useful but also pretty dang cute. 

The Veken Pet Fountain can be purchased on Amazon for the steal of $26.99.

Bulk Crinkle Balls

It is a universal fact that cats love small, shiny pieces of plastic. They can’t seem to resist playing with anything from miscellaneous packaging to ziploc bags. Many owners attempt to fulfill this love by offering their kitties crinkle balls, small, iridescent toys made of plastic strips. They often come in packs of three for $5, but the second you offer one to your cat it always seems to disappear within the day. To save on money and avoid these vanishing acts, it’s best to invest in a bulk bag.

Going for $10.99 on Amazon for a set of 25 crinkle balls, this bulk bag will serve as many cats as you can throw at it. And, when one ball disappears, you can simply reach into the bag and offer another until you finally discover where your cats are squirreling them away. 

The only caution is that crinkle balls are often constructed with string, so you’ll want to monitor the quality of these toys over the course of their use. If the string seems to be unravelling and becoming a choking hazard, toss the toy and retrieve a new one.

Multi Tier Cat Tree

Sometimes, no matter how much your cats love you and their furry siblings, they need some space and privacy. If you are interested in a hiding place, enrichment, and an eye catching home accessory all in one, look no further than the On2 Pets Cat Tree with Leaves. 

This cat tree is made from wood with three tiered shelves covered in delightfully scratchable carpet and a canopy of fake leaves to simulate the experience of the outdoors. The lifelike greenery gives your cats an opportunity to feel as though they are claiming a real tree with none of the danger. It can handle 32 pounds of weight, is available in four colors (green, fall, plum, and summer), and you can purchase additional wall shelves which also have fake foliage to complete the natural outdoor look. 

While the price of $164.99 on Amazon may seem steep, it’s well worth it once you see your cats’ faces peeking out from in between the branches.

A brown cat with a white chest lays on top of a cat perch. To the left of the cat is a window, leaving the cat half in light and half in shadow. It stares at the viewer.
A cat tree can be a sanctuary, scratching post, and nap spot all in one.

Fauna Care First Aid Spray

Cats love to stalk, pounce, and play with their animal siblings as well as their owners. These behaviors are healthy and cute, but can unfortunately result in the occasional injury. Scratches and wounds need to be treated ASAP to ensure they heal properly and to prevent infection. The best and easiest solution is Fauna Care First Aid Spray. 

Fauna Care First Aid Spray is made with bacitracin, a topical antibiotic, and zinc to help skin heal fast and keep injuries clean. First Aid Spray, along with all other Fauna Care products, have been tested and approved for use on all furry, fuzzy, and scaly creatures with no preservatives, surfactants, alcohol, or fragrances that could irritate your pet. And, with a handy spray nozzle on top, you can spritze your pet’s wound without ever having to touch it yourself. 

Fauna Care First Aid Spray is for sale on the Fauna Care website as a 2 oz bottle for $24.99.

Owning two cats presents its own unique sets of benefits and challenges, to be sure. But, no matter how many cats you have, it is essential to have the right gear at home to accommodate all their needs and desires. Afterall, a happy cat is a good cat and the sooner your cats’ needs are met, the sooner you all can get back to playing, snuggling, and enjoying your time together.

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