Equine Journal Includes Fauna Care in Holiday Wish List

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cover of equine journal
Equine journal November cover

Fauna Care was recently included in Equine Journal’sNovember 2018 issue within their “Our Holiday Wish List” feature. Equine Journal is the premiere media resource for all-breed equine news in the Northeast community. The award winning magazine educates horse owners on health, training and equine news.

Fauna Care & others on the Equine Journal's Holiday Wishlist
Equine JournalImages Courtesy of the Fauna Care and others on the Holiday Wishlist.

The guide features Fauna Care’s Flagship product, Silver Spray, touting it’s easy no touch application and painless rapid healing properties. Other products featured include Percard Eque-Care Leather Dressing and Sunddail Show Clothing’s Calm Collection. The guide features something for every price point for your horse loving friends for the holidays.

silver spray equine bottle feature with description
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