A Horse Box Feedback: Responses to Fauna Care Silver Spray

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Fauna Care Equine Silver Spray is one of the best defenses horse owners can have against against cuts and abrasions. Its no touch application makes it super easy to apply-- and you can start to see the results in days, not weeks. The spray is also perfect for hard to reach areas, and lets your horse remain  their usual active self as it heals. We wanted even more people to know about Fauna Care sprays for horses-- which is why we teamed up with A Horse Box to help spread the word about this amazing product! So let’s see what the results were of the product promotion.

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Image courtesy of A Horse Box. A Horse Box is a great subscription service for horse owners-- the boxes are full of different products each month that both horse and rider will love!

What is Horse Box?

As we mentioned above, Fauna Care Equine Silver Spray is a fantastic addition to the toolbox of any horse owner. We thought it would also be a great idea to expand the reach of our product line-- there had to be some people out there who had just never heard of us before. We wanted to change that and decided to to contact A Horse Box for some logistical assistance.

In case you’ve never heard of it, A Horse Box is a fantastic way for horses and their owners to get all the best supplies, treats, and equine related products delivered right to their door.

The products are from trusted and experienced equine sellers, as well as up and coming brands that are looking for a little more exposure. This is why the idea appealed so much to us-- it would be a chance to get the Fauna Care Equine brand out there in front of new customers.

A Horse Box has different levels of of boxes as well, so you can pick what’s best for your budget and your horse:

  • A Horse Box. This subscription sends a 4-6 items hand picked equine items per month. It might include treats, leather conditioner treatment , or books.
  • A Horse Box Elite. This is a step up from A Horse Box and includes more items. It might include skin salve or wound treatments as well.
  • A Little Horse Box. This box is for riders under 10 years old and their horses. It can include treats and fun games.
  • Mystery Box. A one-time box that customers can sign up for. Who knows what amazing equine products will be delivered to your door!
  • Tidbits. Horses love treats, so why not sign up for a full box of treats to be sent out each month? Your horse will thank you!

Since A Horse Box strives to provide horses and their owners with the highest level of equine products, we knew Fauna Care Silver Spray would be the perfect addition to their monthly boxes.

grey horse in a field
The response to Fauna Care’s A Horse Box campaign provided some fantastic results-- horse owners seemed to really appreciate the Silver Spray and how it helped their horses heal.

What Were Subscriber Responses?

For this particular campaign, A Horse Box sent out their boxes to subscribers in 48 states-- the majority of those being in California, Florida, and Texas. There were also some sent as far away as Alaska and Hawaii too! The rest were sent to a mix of the other continental United States. Of those subscribers, we found out that 97% had not heard of Fauna Care Silver Spray before receiving their monthly box. This without a doubt proves that our decision to put Equine Silver Spray in A Horse Box was the right decision! If that many people were unaware of the product, that means that there are still many horse owners who don’t have the benefit of having this product in their first aid kit.

We also found that 72% of subscribers would definitely purchase Equine Silver Spray again. Again, this is so good to hear that the product met the high standards of horse owners from around the country. Knowing that they were able to see how this product worked first hand-- and were impressed with the results-- is good news for horses everywhere.

At the time of the survey, only 42% of subscribers had an opportunity to use Equine Silver Spray-- and of that 42%-- 35% of them saw visible results in days after use. Results in days-- not weeks-- is so important to the well being of your horse. It’s hard enough to see your horse sidelined by injury-- but it’s even tougher when it has to last for weeks. It seems that Equine Silver Spray cut that time down to a couple of days. No matter where their horses’ injuries originated from, Equine Silver Spray made a difference in healing time and wound appearance.

One final statistic from the campaign was that on a scale of 1-10-- with 10 being highest-- subscribers to A Horse Box rated Fauna Care Equine Silver Spray a 9.4. That’s almost a perfect score! This proves there is definitely a demand for an equine product that cuts the healing time from injuries in half. We’re so pleased that horse owners from Alaska to Florida were able to get some fantastic results out of our product.

We wanted to share some of the feedback from those subscribers with you, so here’s what horse owners had to say about their experience with Equine Silver Spray:

  • “Silver spray is an amazing product. Doesn’t sting upon application (which similar products definitely do like Wonder Dust.) My horse had a small skin scrape and within 48 hours it was completely healed with new hair starting to grow back. SO cool!”
  • “I have used silver products as a cream that my vet gave to use for wounds - it’s great to have it in a spray!”
  • “LOVED the silver spray, worked very fast and easy to apply!”
  • “We loved it! Healed the start of a “summer sore” in 2 days!!! Awesome product!”
  • “I used this on my mischief makers and their boo-boos were scabbed over and almost healed 2 days later.”

It’s great to hear such candid responses from horse owners-- we’re thrilled the Equine Silver Spray is working so well, and we’re sure their horses appreciate it as well!

What Was the Response on Social Media?

Social media is one of the best ways to share products, ideas, and reviews-- it has the capacity to reach so many more people than traditional advertising and marketing. It is also a way for users to be honest about what they think about a product-- if it worked or if it didn’t, why they did or didn’t like it, and most importantly-- whether they would recommend a product to a friend or colleague. Word of mouth is a great way to get people interested in something, since people tend to trust the recommendations of those that they know.

So, we asked A Horse Box to try seeing what kind of results we would get from some social media promotions. They calculated that their messages on Facebook and Instagram reached 11,526 horse enthusiasts. This was in addition to the 500 A Horse Box kits sent out all over the country. Here are some images of the promos they did-- including how many people they reached:

screen shot of Silver Spray social media posts
social media screen shots of Fauna Care

Overall Impressions

Our overall impressions with utilizing A Horse Box to spread the word about Equine Silver Spray are extremely good. We feel that more horse owners were made aware that such an amazing product-- that’s so easy to spray on-- is available for their horses. The responses from horse owners has also been overwhelmingly positive-- it seems that Silver Spray was something that had been missing from their horse kits for a very long time! It’s good to know they’re interested and excited to use our product.

But Fauna Care’s Equine Silver Spray isn’t the only product in our equine line. We also offer:

  • Fungal Spray. This is for fungal and skin conditions, and inhibits fungal growth and reduces itching and irritation. It is also useful against Thrush and Ringworm.
  • First Aid Spray. Another touch-free spray, this treats fresh skin wounds, cuts, and scrapes and should be in every horse owners kit!
  • Zinc Spray. A great way to reduce itching and irritation on your horse’s skin. It’s antibacterial formula can be used on a broad array of skin problems.
  • Protect and Condition Spray. Spray this on to moisturize and protect your horse’s skin and coat. It soothes raw and irritated skin, and is safe and effective on all kinds of equipment friction.

The response of horse owners to Fauna Care Silver Spray was overwhelmingly positive. This is great news for hurt and injured horses-- the more people that become aware of this incredibly helpful and efficient product the better. Horses everywhere can benefit from not only the Silver Spray, but also Fauna Care’s additional items such as the Fungal Spray, First Aid, Zinc, and Protect and Condition sprays.

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