5 Ways Silver Spray Keeps Your Horse Happy and Healthy

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November 17, 2018

We humans have a developed a loving relationship with our horses. They say canines are man’s best friend, but how far can your dog haul you on its back? Our equines have carried the weight of mankind for thousands of years. No matter how noble these beauties are, they compete and labor hard, and therefore deserve the best care when accidents happen. Want to keep the wound dry, the flies off, and your horse active? Use Fauna Care silver spray, a mix of silver, zinc oxide, and other natural ingredients. So what sets Fauna Care’s Silver Spray apart from other antibiotic treatments? Here are the 5 most important.

  • Suffocates pathogens in minutes
  • Prevents your horse from developing a tolerance  
  • Doesn’t kill the good bacteria
  • Provides a painless moisture barrier
  • Substitutes for bandages

1. Kills the pathogen that wants to harm your horse

horse walking through tall grass
Silver is an age-old and fast-acting ingredient in protection against infection.

Humans have been using silver since the middle ages, because it is known to kill over 650 types of bacteria. Silver Spray works by essentially suffocating the bacteria (or any disease, whether it be fungal or viral in nature) in only a few minutes. It is also the most effective way to eliminate harmful bacteria from a cut, abrasion, or sore on your horse. In approximately 4 to 6 minutes, the silver will shut down the enzyme in bacteria that metabolizes oxygen, preventing them from reproducing. Resistant strains have never been found.

2. Renders bad bacteria unable to develop a resistance

horses snuggling next to barbed wire
These horses are loving and living on the edge

When bacteria that develops in a wound on your horse is exposed to antibiotics, it begins mutating in order to dodge the effects of the medicine. These mutations are often useless and harmful to the bacteria, but when a successful change occurs it is passed onto the next generation of bacteria. With even a small amount of silver spray the bacteria cannot reproduce, so resistant mutations don’t occur. Silver spray also works its magic on yeast infections and molds. Antibiotics do not have this fighting factor against fungus and viruses. Silver also knows which bacteria are the good guys and bad guys.

3. Avoids killing off important bacteria

small, medium & large horse
Protect your horses young and old

With silver spray, necessary enzymes won’t get caught in the crossfire. Enzymes are proteins that kick start important chemical reactions that lead to processes like digestion. For example, an enzyme is responsible for placing iron needed to function in our blood cells.  Sometimes antibiotics can overcompensate, and probiotics are needed to control these effects. Pharmaceutical antibiotics are known to kill beneficial enzymes as well as the bacteria that will harm your horse. Equine silver spray leaves these tissues-cell enzymes undamaged. The digestive enzymes that live in your horse’s belly must be kept alive and well in order to keep their system normal.

4. Acts as a painless treatment

horses on reigns
Silver spray does not contain alcohol, fragrance, or preservatives

It’s comforting to know that the spray will not burn or irritate your horse when applied. The side effects of equine silver spray are slim to none. It’s painless because it doesn’t contain anything nasty like alcohols, fragrances, preservatives, or other ingredients that will burn. It will also not counteract with other medicines your horse may be taking already. It can easily be sprayed onto your horse’s wounds and provides a gentle moisture barrier. This will hold up during active sessions as well, so your horse can stay happily galloping all day! At the end of the day when your horse rests, the barrier provided by the  silver spray will keep the flies off your horse’s wound.

5. Reduces the risk of infection following wounds

horses grazing in dry grass
Ointments and creams are messy and sticky. Stay clean and dry with silver spray.

Many horse owners swear by silver spray as a substitute for bandaging. What if your horse gets a scratch during a competition? Not only does silver spray destroy existing infections, but it can also act as a preventative measure until the wound can be fully assessed.  All horse owners want to do everything they can in order to prevent any infection from occurring, and silver spray for horse wounds does just that. Plus, you don’t have to only spray it on your horse, you can benefit your animal by spraying it around their stall and barn as a sterilizer. Feel comfortable knowing your horse has a clean dwelling, too!

Fauna Care silver spray will help your horse’s wounds heal the quickest and the cleanest. Horse owners love and depend on their noble creatures, but they depend on us more! Silver spray is an important addition to your stable if you want to make sure no cuts, wounds, sores, scrapes, or infections slow your horse (or you) down. Used on humans, horses, and even our smallest friends like cats and dogs, silver is a known immune system strengthener. Silver spray is a safe, fast, and easy way to take proper care of your horses wounds.

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June 4, 2018