10 Fantastic Things to do with Your Cat

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November 17, 2018
cat on table with angry expression

It’s no secret. Cats may have a reputation for being grumpy, standoffish, or just plain uninteresting compared to their bubbly canine counterparts. Unlike dogs, cats don’t care about pleasing their owners and it doesn’t matter to (most of) them if you two are friends or not.

However, cats are smart, low maintenance, and they can actually become more attuned to you than a dog, mirroring human bondage. They’re social creatures and they need your love, so when you show a cat it can trust you, it will take an interest in interacting with you.

But how can you nurture your cat (or cats. We know how it is - three is better than one!) and spend quality time with it? Fauna Care has some tips!

Here are 10 ways to bond with your cat:

1. Brush your cat

Brushing Fluffy will make him feel like a prince. Yeah, okay, he already thinks he’s a prince, but the gesture will show him you love him. Getting groomed feels good, like when Fluffy was a kitten and his mama tongue-bathed him before his six hour naps.He will thank you for being an excellent parent and helping to remove the dead/loose hair from his coat.

2. Teach your cat to give you a high five

cat high-fiving / fist-bumping hand
Image courtesy of Giphy

Wouldn’t it be cool to pound it with Fluffy? Guess what? You can!

Cats are indeed trainable. Just like with dogs, you can use food and treats to teach Fluffy to give you a high-five, fist bump, or “shake hands.” There are many different angles to approach the training, but JunsKitchen developed a really easy and natural way to train his cats you could incorporate into your everyday routine.

Be patient, especially because your cat may have a short attention span and need a lot of time to perfect the trick. You can try scheduling practice sessions before mealtimes so they’ll be motivated by food.

3. Take them outside to explore with you

girl walking outside with kitten in arms

Fluffy is a cat and cats are curious creatures. They want to go outside, and taking them out for a little exploration time will be very stimulating for them, as long as they’re supervised.

Make sure Fluffy is on a cat leash so he can’t bolt after the squirrels and escape. Then, the two of you can spend an afternoon wandering around your yard, or in the woods. It will be like exploring the wild with a mini tiger!

4. Give your cat some catnip

Catnip may just be your cat’s greatest weakness (that and butt scratches) so they’d love you fur-ever if you let them indulge. There’s something about the herb that makes cats go wild. All you have to do is sprinkle some on a hardwood surface (for easy clean-up) and then sit back and enjoy the show.

5. Watch YouTube videos together

girl & kitten looking at phone screen together

Yes, cat TV is a thing. Look up cat friendly videos on YouTube, turn up the volume, and watch as Fluffy become completely mesmerized. You can finally watch a show together, and this time Fluffy will actually care about what is happening on the screen!

6. Make some homemade cat treats

Everyone deserves a treat, even cats! Making some homemade treats incorporating Fluffy’s favorite foods will be a great way to bond with him and show him how much you care about him. Here is a list of 10 easy cat treat recipes to spark inspiration!

7. Read to them

girl reading book next to kitten

Cat’s don’t judge what types of books you’re into and they don’t care if you stumble over some of the words. All they know is, you’re “talking” to them and paying them attention and they appreciate it. The next time you’re about to relax, try settling down with your kitty and a good book. You can get lost together in the pages of a different world.

8. Do a workout together

Cat-lovers across the internet have created lists of exercises you can perform with your cat. They include squats, bicep curls, push ups, crunches, and chest presses. You really can get a full-body workout with a little help from your furry friend! Plus, since Fluffy can’t talk he won’t complain if your squats have bad form!

Just remember to be gentle and keep your movements controlled. For more inspiration, let this male model and his cat show you how it’s done!

9. Zen out with your cat

calm cat with squinty eyes looking out of the window

Cats might be onto something when they sit by the window for hours. Natural light boosts your body’s vitamin D storage and has a calming effect on your mood. So, the next time you spot Fluffy staring out the window, join him for a while! Take a break from the busy day and watch the birds together.

10. Cuddle!

girl cuddling with cat
Image courtesy of Shiela Sund

Some quality cuddle time is what everyone needs once in a while. Pet Fluffy or take a catnap with him and you’ll both be happier.

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May 22, 2018