Interesting Dog Facts that Help you Understand your Pooch

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April 12, 2018

Dog owners look at their pooch as one of the family. Since we know a bunch of weird facts about the people in our houses, I think the same should be applied to the pup as well. Who knows, your mind may get blown while learning about your pooch!

Tail wagging has its own language!

dog grabs other dogs tail in mouth while runningi

Let’s be real: we all know that when your dog wags its tail it means that they’re happy, right? Not necessarily! The direction and level of the wag is your pooch trying to communicate to you. Here is a guide:

  • Happy: The tail is swinging to the right.
  • Frightened: The tail is swinging to the left.
  • Insecure: Tail is wagging low.
  • Aggravated/Aggression: Rapid tail wagging with tense muscles and pupil dilation.

Dogs only have sweat glands in their paws.

Believe it or not, dogs sweat too! However, the main difference is where they sweat. They only sweat through their paws, but their main form of cooling down is through panting. Something to keep in mind: dogs overheat, just like humans do. You can look at the symptoms here.

Ever wonder why your dog licks their nose?

dog licking its nose

Dogs keep their noses wet to help them better detect scents. There is a layer of mucus that keeps your dog’s nose nice and moist. When your dog licks their nose, it allows them to explore the scent even further. Don’t get freaked out if it's not wet, I assure you your pup is still healthy.

There is a reason your dog sleeps in a ball.

Unfortunately, it’s not to be adorable for your Instagram page. Dogs curl up in balls when they sleep due to an old instinct to keep themselves warm and to protect their vital organs from predators. Oh, and by the way, your pup loves to dream too!

Weird bathroom habits?

I have always found it weird that dogs tend to kick where they just went number two. The true reason is territory. When your dog uses the bathroom, they kick to spread their scent. It’s to let other pups know who was there and who this space belongs to.

There is usually a reason for our pooch doing something. Typically, the answer boils down to primal instinct but in other cases, your dog is just quirky. And that’s totally okay! We all want the best possible care for our dogs, Fauna Care has a wonderful line of first aid treatments to get your pet through their day-to-day struggles.

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Posted on
April 12, 2018