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Don't Take Our Word For It

There are thousands of 5 star reviews from extremely happy customers that have experienced Fauna Care.

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Really gets the job done!

I took my dear Gracie out in the woods last week and her legs got absolutely torn up when we rode through a patch of untrimmed thorns that had taken over the trail. I'm always nervous to use any kind of antiseptic on open wounds because I worry about what's in them.

Cloe R.
Pittsburgh, PA

Pleasantly Surprised

I can really appreciate that this formula comes in a spray bottle so theres no mess, and no physical contact needed to the area of treatment. I would recommend this product for anyone living in a cooler climate, or in the north where there can be extreme weather.

Jane W.
Pittsburgh, PA

This product is amazing!

With these cuts being on her legs, I was worried she would get annoyed by the application, but the spray bottle helped me keep a little distance (so I didn't have to use a wound care of my own!!), and Gracie barely even budged. Will DEFINITELY be using for years to come!!

Steve S.
Pittsburgh, PA

highly recommend

After applying the fauna care spray, their demeanor had changed within the week and their patches of chapped skin returned to being soft and smooth, they didn't even leave calluses or scar marks like usual. I highly recommend this product to anyone who works with horses.

John P.
Pittsburgh, PA