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Winner of the Spread the Love Contest: Save our Cats and Kittens Shelter!

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two cats hugging each other

Image courtesy of contest winner.

The Daily Kibble Spread the Love Contest is a fantastic way to get shelters all over the country much needed financial support, and is also a great way to get them some healing Fauna Care products as well! This February, the winner of the Spread the Love contest was Judy from North Dakota, who’s shelter of choice was pretty far away--all the way in Fort Walton Beach, FL! But distance certainly didn’t stop her from spreading the love, and her and her shelter’s story is below, so read on!

Save Our Cats and Kittens Shelter

A shelter working to save every cat and kitten gets some help!

When you enter the Share the Love contest, you not only run the chance of picking up some great Fauna Care products for yourself, but Fauna Care will also make a donation to your shelter of choice as well! When Judy entered the contest, she chose the shelter, Save Our Cats and Kittens (SOCKS) to benefit in the case that she actually won. Well, guess what? She did win! Although she lives in North Dakota, Fort Walton Beach is her hometown, and she always has to stop and visit the shelter whenever she comes home to visit. 

SOCKS is a non-profit shelter that seeks to properly house and feed cats in the area until they can find their forever homes. They believe in offering them a high quality of life, and that every cat and kitten deserves the chance to finally go home. They offer adoptions, a fostering program, volunteer opportunities, and even a low cost spay and neutering program to help control the Fort Walton Beach feline population. Judy knew that this shelter would definitely take advantage of not only the generous monetary donation, but it would also put the Fauna Care products to very good use on the kitties in their shelter.

When Judy was asked about the shelter, she stated, “I love to visit the kitties and to see what's new at the shelter. I am very happy to support the amazing and important work that they do to help so many cats and kittens in need. My hometown area is incredibly fortunate to have such a tremendous organization.”

Judy won the entire range of Fauna Care products for herself and her four kitties, which she assures us will definitely be put to good use. In addition, SOCKS--her shelter of choice-- won a $500 cash donation to be put to use in any way that they see fit! But that’s not all, SOCKS also received $500 worth of Fauna Care products including the multi-use Silver Spray and the essential First Aid spray. The donation of these products to SOCKS will provide life-saving care to the cats, and will ensure that they are ready to find their forever homes sooner rather than later!

Full range of FaunaCare sprays distributed to the contest winner and a cat shelter
Fauna Care was able to donate $500 worth of their products to the winner’s shelter of choice! Image courtesy of Fauna Care.

What is Fauna Care?

Essential products for your pets

Fauna Care has an entire range of products for your favorite pets, including cats, dogs, reptiles, and horses. Their popular Silver Spray can be used on a whole range of issues, including cuts, abrasions, and skin irritations. If your pet is having an issue with dermatitis--whether due to the weather or from sensitive skin, the Silver Spray will provide instant relief. It is also an effective means to prevent sunburn, especially if your pet or your horse has a lighter coat! Make sure they are protected before that trail ride or taking them out for their daily walk.

The Protect and Condition spray is also an essential tool for any pet and horse owner. Make your pet’s coat, mane, or tail shiny and healthy--and wonderfully touchable! One of the most popular ways satisfied pet owners use the Protect and Condition for is to help out with the maintenance of their dog’s paws and pads! When the cold weather hits, your dog still needs to go out for their walk, and sometimes that means in icy and freezing conditions. Keep your pup’s paws at their best by keeping them moisturized and conditioned with this easy spray. You won’t have to worry about creating a mess with this--or any--of the Fauna Care products! Because they all come in a handy spray, they are instantly absorbed, meaning no excess for you to clean out of their coat, or your floor! 

Fauna Care also has an anti-fungal spray that is perfect for all those tough to fight fungal conditions such as thrush and ringworm. Its active ingredient inhibits fungal growth and prevents itchiness--which means your pet’s condition will heal all the quicker!

Fauna Care is proud to provide support to shelters all over the country and assist them in the life-saving work that they do. Make sure to enter the next Spread the Love contest, you and your shelter could be the next winners!

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