What You Need To Adopt a Cat: A Comprehensive Guide

Posted on
June 10, 2022
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Since June is adopt a cat month, if you’ve been wanting a furry little feline in your home, now’s the perfect time to adopt! Although adopting a cat is a pretty straightforward process, especially if there’s a lot in your area, you’ll still need to consider what exactly you’ll need to adopt one. This blog will pinpoint items you’ll need and how much each one typically costs, so that when you go to pick up your new little buddy, you’ll have all they need to get settled into your loving home! 

On the Trip Home from the Adoption

When you finally pick up your new house buddy, you’ll need to buy a couple of items so they can make it home safely and soundly. These types of items include: 

  • Cat Carrier. You’re going to need this item so that your cat isn’t running around on the trip home scratching everything up. This will allow them to make it home safely, and you can use the carrier for future vet trips, or traveling with them! Many cats don’t love a car ride, so it may be nice for them to have a little treat or soft blanket in the carrier to feel more comfortable and assured. 
  • Water. Whether it’s a long or short ride home, you may want to have a little bowl of water at the ready since you might be unsure when the last time they drank some. It can help for long car rides too since they’ll be a little frightened; water can help them relax a little bit. 
  • Pee pad. If the cat does seem more frightened than you thought, having a pee pad/ accident pad at the bottom of the crate can help if accidents happen because they sometimes do! It’ll also be a lot easier to clean up if needed. 
A cat in a carrier. 
A carrier is a must-have for any car rides your cat will be participating in, whether that’s a trip to the vet or across the country. Image courtesy of ASPCA

Bathroom Necessities 

Since cats go to the bathroom inside instead of outside like dogs, you’re going to need some basic equipment for your feline friend's house potty! Some of these necessary items include:

  • A litter box. This is like your cat's version of a toilet! You always want it to be clean and sanitary so that your pet feels comfortable using it on a daily basis and whenever he/she wants or needs to! With litter boxes, some cats like specific ones, so it may take a while for them to adjust to certain smells and shapes of the boxes. Make sure to also think about having more than one litter box in your home if it’s more than one story, so your cat has multiple places to go. You’ll also want to make sure the box is in a private location of the house so that they feel comfortable using it! 
  • Litter. Every litter box needs some type of litter for your cat to do its business in the box. It’s also good to buy in bulk since you’ll always need it while owning a cat, and it’s usually cheaper when doing so! 
  • Scooper. If you don’t opt to buy a robotic litter box then you’re going to need to purchase a scooper. These are usually pretty cheap and you can buy them at a lot of different places like Target or at any local pet stores. You may even want to buy a small trash can with scented trash bags to put next to the litter box so that the aftermath of the bathroom visits can be easily thrown out, which can help with mess as well. 
  • Litter mat. This is an item that you may not need but may want. It’ll keep the mess to a minimum and in the same location as the litter box. You can also find these at any pet store as well! 
A cat using a robotic litter box 
It depends on your or your cat's preference, but spending some more money on a robotic litter box could mean less work for both you and your pet. It may also smell better if you decide on this option since the robot knows and picks up right away after your cat’s bathroom break! 

At The House 

Toys Galore 

Since most people aren’t around their pets 24/7, they’re going to need some toys and treats to entertain themselves while you’re away. Some great toys and items for them to play with include: 

  • A cat tree. Although they always seem to get stuck in real trees in shows and movies, the fake tree for your cat is the perfect place for them to relax and see from higher up. It’s a place for them to also sleep and jump around if the tree has multiple places for them to sit. 
  • Scratch posts. These are great little toys for them to claw up instead of your arms. It’s a fun vigorous activity that’ll also release their stress! They’ll love to spend hours just scratching it up to blow off some steam before you come home. 
  • Feather toys. You’ll need to be home for them to fully enjoy this toy, but watching them chase after the feather is entertaining for both parties. It can also be a fun little bonding moment playing with your new pet! 
  • Food and treats. Depending on the age of your cat or even which type of cat you have, you’ll want to research what food is best for them. Buying in bulk is also a great option! 
A cat with toys. 
Your feline will be happy with any toy that comes into their presence, just make sure to get enough of them for pure entertainment and bliss! 

Hopefully, this guide helped you figure out exactly what you need for a new feline to come into your home. Your new cat will adore you for all the new things you’ve purchased just for them and will feel at home instantly. Again, it is adopt a cat month so it’s the perfect time to go get a new best friend and welcome them into your loving arms and home! 

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Posted on
June 10, 2022

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