What Are the Best Treats for Cats: List of Top-Rated Cat Treats

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The best cat treats are tasty ways to add cheer to your kitty’s day. Feeding them to your feline friend enhances nutrition without forcing them into a meal. 

Treats are an excellent way to reward your pet, but some cat snacks tout more nutrients than others. Check the ingredients and serving sizes of specific brands before giving them to your fur baby. 

Spoil your feline with CBD-infused snacks made from top-shelf marijuana seeds for sale if you’d like to improve their overall health. This delicious option may relieve ailments and ease their anxiety. 

Are you ready to give your kitty the best treat of their nine lives? We’ve scoured the internet and reputable stores to present you with a rich array of top-rated delicacies. 

Read on for our top five savory selections.

How to Give Cats Treats While Keeping Them Healthy

What are the best treats for cats, and why reward your kitty this way? Feline snacks offer several benefits if used wisely: A happier, well-behaved pet and a stronger friendship between you and your feline. 

Opt for natural ingredients, meaty content, and low-calorie bites when shopping for snacks. Experts advise that commercial or DIY kitty treats shouldn’t exceed 10% of your cat’s diet.

Many feline owners consider cannabidiol (CBD) an effective natural remedy for inflammation and chronic pain. They report the product reduces the frequency of seizures associated with disorders like epilepsy.

Cannabidiol also supports healthy joints and provides a calming effect for anxious pets. The potency of CBD snacks varies, so check the labels to determine the best serving size for your mouser.

Treat your favorite kitty with cannabidiol chews according to their weight. Vets recommend a basic start of 1–5 mg of CBD per 10 pounds. Based on your feline, the effects take about 15–45 minutes to kick in and last approximately 4–6 hours.

Our Pick of the 5 Best Cat Treats

We bet there’s at least one of our five recommended cat treats your feline fancies, no matter how picky they are.

1. Holistapet CBD Calming Soft Chews

This naturally-sourced food is your ticket to keeping your anxious kitty calm. No other treats beat the pacifying power of Holistapet CBD Calming Soft Chews. The snacks are also a fantastic alternative to CBD oil for pets well-being.

Holistapet’s chews are non-GMO, gluten-free, and contain no dairy. They boast organic ingredients in a yummy salmon flavor for tasty, wholesome treats. The goodies also feature high-quality, broad-spectrum CBD to help soothe your pet during stressful situations.

2. Wellness Kittles Natural Grain-Free Crunchy Cat Treats

The best treats for cats contain only natural ingredients. Wellness Kittles Natural Grain-Free Crunchy Cat Treats boast healthy nutrients from real meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables. 

These snacks supplement your tabby’s dietary needs with vitamins, omega fatty acids, and antioxidants. Each treat contains only 1.1kcal, so feeding your feline 8–10 each week is safe.

This high-quality brand’s crunchy nibbles also help to clean your kitty’s teeth and freshen their breath. 

3. Smalls Giblet Niblets

The best cat treats keep your feline buddy healthy and happy. Smalls Giblet Niblets contain ultra-high protein levels with zero fillers for everyday wellness. The manufacturer makes these snacks using one of two ingredients: freeze-dried chicken hearts or livers. 

These nibbles are only available as an add-on to a Smalls food subscription. Choose your formula and include a bag of Giblet Niblets in your order for $10. Smalls is ahead of many cat treats brands by only providing whole, human-grade nutrients in 100% recyclable packaging.

4. VetriScience Composure for Cats Chews

VetriScience Composure for Cats Chews promote calm behavior in distressed pets. They help relax your feline’s nerves during car rides, thunderstorms, parties, or separation. 

This popular tabby snack comes in chicken or trout variations. Give these chews to your kitty daily or as needed. It’s safe to double or triple the amount you feed your pet during periods of increased anxiety.

5. Inaba Churu Purée

Inaba Churu Purées are 100%-pure lickable snacks and some of the best cat treats around. These tubes are available in 9 flavors for a palatable kitty delight. They also feature a high moisture content for felines needing extra hydration. 

Pour the creamy purée into a bowl or use it as a food topper to hook your mouser during meal times.

Adding a caring dose of treats goes a long way in cementing your bond with your adorable kitty. These snacks are rich in nutrients and abundant in flavors, and your furry friends love them.

Choose from our list of healthy cat treats to delight your feline today.

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