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Viral Video Trends You Should Try With Your Pet (And How To Do Them)

A small white dog sits on a chair with sunglasses on. His owner holds a phone in his hand taking a picture.

Let’s be real here, there is nothing more comforting to do at the end of a really bad day than go on TikTok or Twitter and look for cute animal videos. Better yet, pet video trends that’ll leave you gasping, laughing, crying, or maybe a mixture of all three.

We all love our pets, their style, their quirks, everything about them. It’s not a surprise that we would want to share their genius with the world and luckily there are a lot of viral trends out there that you and your pet can participate in. 

This list compiles the funniest and the most heart-melting trends together that are safe for your pet to do. 

  • The “my boo” trend
  • Clapping for your dog
  • The cat obstacle course
  • The #LevelUp challenge
  • Brushing your cats head with a toothbrush
  • The “call a cat” challenge

Each one of these trends usually caters to a specific kind of pet, usually a cat or a dog, and this will aid with funnier results, however, each and everyone is safe for any pet of yours to try. Time to give it a whirl.

The “my boo” trend

aka, the Transformation Tuesday of Cute Pet Videos

Heads up, this trend is of the heart-melting variety, be prepared for a lot of “aws” and misty-eyes. 

The “my boo” trend revolves specifically around a piece of music, or more accurately, some guys singing a song. The “my boo” audio comes from a long-lost Vine, the social media app of choice back in 2014 before it was deactivated but has endured in its lasting cultural references and memes.

In the vine, a group of young men sing the appropriately titled song “My Boo” by Ghost Town DJs which was released in the late 1990s. This vine’s audio has traveled far and wide from its roots and landed on TikTok to boost up this pet trend.

In the pet videos content makers combine a video clip of the dog or cat as they are right now as an adult, and just before the lyrics “I started when we were younger, you were mine, my boo” the video cuts to a clip of the pet when they were a baby. 

It’s puppies and kittens galore all over this trend, and it makes you smile looking at how far your pet has come from their little days. Remember when you could hold them with just one hand? We can too, and TikTok has plenty more of them to show you. 

Clapping for your dog

Because, c'mon... every good boy deserves a little extra appreciation now and then

You know, your dog could use some hyping up. They deserve it just as much as you do. And besides, dogs are more than happy to show you some love if you show it in turn. With this trend, love is all around. 

The clapping for your dog trend is just what the title implies. When your dog walks into a room, clap for them. 


Start clapping for your dog and see what they do and what they do is CUTE ##dog ##doggo ##applausechallenge ##FYP ##foryoupage

♬ original sound - Hannah

This usually works best when there are multiple people involved so make sure to get everyone in your household together for this, nine times out of ten your dog is going to get super excited even if they have no idea what's going on. 

It’s just like when you get home, your dog jumps and cries and gives you kisses. Except this time, you're happy to see them, and you're expressing that happiness through applause. They’re often confused in these videos, but very happy to bark and howl along. Sometimes, which is even funnier, they won’t react at all. 

The cat obstacle course

For an added challenge, let your dog compete too!

The nine lives myth exists for a reason. Cats are nimble, willy, creatures who can leap and squeeze and maneuver their way around anything without injury to themselves or the object they need to get around. This trend puts that ability to the test.

The idea is to create an intricate obstacle course for your cat, made out of household items. One ingenious option that seems to have caught on is to take the contents of your makeup bag, particularly the lipsticks and long bottles that can stand up on the floor, and arrange them all out for your cat to get through. 

It looks hard. It really does, especially when you have the hallway of your house filled wall to wall with lots of tiny objects that can be knocked over with just the slightest touch.

But the cats do it. Almost every time. They navigate through the lipsticks, or the blocks, or the candles, whatever the objects are, without fail. Nothing is knocked over and you’re left there staring in amazement at your tiny feline who has bested you yet again. 

Brushing your cat's head with a toothbrush

Make your cat feel warm and safe... and make their fur super soft too!

This might sound strange, but it makes sense once everything is explained. There is actual logic behind this trend.

The idea is to take your cat's head with one hand, or none at all if they’ll stay still enough, and with the other brush the head of a damp toothbrush bristles down over the top of your cat’s head in between their ears. Front to back like you’re petting them.


The wet toothbrush is supposed to remind them of getting groomed by their mother 💕 ##catsoftiktok

♬ Claire De Lune - Jeanne Newhall

For your cat, it’s supposed to recreate the feeling of being groomed by their mothers when they were kittens and for a lot of cats, and it works! They purr, their eyes get wide, they look very blissed out. It’s very funny. 

For others, it’s not so effective. They bat at the toothbrush, thinking it's a toy, and there are always those cats who are affable to anything and everything, even a wet toothbrush can’t break them. 

The #LevelUp Challenge

Another adorable pet obstacle course challenge

Do you have a closet full of toilet paper that’s going unused at the moment? Well, if you’re feeling boredom coming on, this trend is for you. And we’ve got a use for that toilet paper.

Gather it all together and start with lining up one row of toilet paper in a doorway. Call in your pet, and tempt them over the toilet paper barrier. Most pets can get over one row. After that, add a second row to the top of the first, and so on.

Cats are the best at this challenge, they can leap pretty high without a running start, and that toilet paper stacks up fast.

But dogs can do this too! And it’s always interesting to get an insight into your pet’s athletic abilities.

When posting the video make sure to insert the iconic background music, the song “Level Up” by Ciara, which is how the challenge gets its name. 

The “call a cat” challenge

For when calling your cat's name just isn't working

Your cat doesn’t come when you call, it’s not uncommon. They’re more likely to continue their sunbathing by the window than pay you attention when you want some cuddling. Well, this trend is not only hysterical but it provides a solution to this as well.

All you need to do is queue up this particular sound on TikTok, which sounds like a strange cat making a sound that's not quite a meow, not quite a yowl, and record your cat’s reaction.

If they’re across the room for you, chances are good that they’ll immediately perk up from whatever it was they were doing and come running right over to you their tails high and their ears pricked.

They’ll look desperately for the sound, often meowing in turn at you. We have no idea, what this sound is or where it comes from, and most importantly why it makes cats do this. But it’s fascinating to see their reactions. 

A siamese cat in the arms of their owner, who tickles at the fur under their chin.
These trends provide not just some much-needed reprieve for yourself but fun and exercise for your pet. 

Stuck inside with your pet, it’s just you and them against the world. Why not have a bit of fun while you're at it?

These trends are guaranteed to bring some laughter to your home, and even if your pet isn't super into participating you can always cuddle up on the couch with them and watch these videos together for some much needed time together.

Do you have a favorite viral pet trend? Make sure to comment, like, and share!

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