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The Top 5 Wound Care Products Safe for Your Four Legged Friend

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Our dogs are our constant companions through thick and thin. And while we do our best to protect them, odds are they will one day experience a minor cut or scrape. When that day does come, it’s best to have the necessary cleaning, healing, and comforting items on hand. But with a market overflowing in options, it can be hard to know where to start and just which products are safe for use on pets.

Well, look no further! This article contains the top five essential products for safe, efficient pet wound care. Let’s dive in. 

Miracle Care Kwik-Stop Styptic Powder

If you’ve ever cut your dog’s nails, you know what a nerve wracking process it can be. Your dog is squirming, their nails may be dark, and cutting a millimeter too close to the quick means a fountain of blood. To avoid the mess and the stress, owners should consider investing in a styptic powder.

Styptic powder is a special antihemorrhagic, meaning it helps stop bleeding in minor wounds. It works by encouraging tissues and blood vessels to close using ferric subsulfate. Most brands also contain pain relief medication 

We recommend using Miracle Care’s Kwik-Stop Styptic Powder for Dogs, Cats and Birds. Just apply a small amount of powder to any minor wound and let the magic work. You’ll want to monitor your dog for several minutes after application to ensure they don’t lick the powder off. You can purchase a 5 oz jar for $4.12 on Chewy.

A smiling woman with blonde hair holds up her Alaskan Malamute while on the beach.
It doesn’t matter if your dog is large or small. Wound care can be made simple for any dog with the right products.

Eco-Fused Self Adhering Bandages

When humans get hurt, we often place a bandage over our cuts. They keep our injuries clean and dry, allowing for a smooth healing process. Dogs can also benefit from the use of a bandage, but it isn’t as simple as picking up a pack of Bandaids from the corner store. Normal bandages tend to fall off dogs, irritate their fur, and can be all around pains in the butt. That’s why it is best to pick some self adhering bandages. 

Self adhesive bandages are awesome because they don’t pull on fur, are flexible, and still keep a pet’s wound free from dirt, water, slobber, and other contaminants. There are plenty of brands to choose from, but the Eco-Fused Self Adhering Bandages are hard to resist. With three cheerful colors and some even sporting fun patterns, your dog will be able to heal in style. A 6 pack is available from Amazon for $11.99.

But, if design doesn’t matter, you can also pick up any run of the mill self adhesive bandages from the drug store, like this pack of 11 for $8.99. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to get the job done!

A black and pink dog nose pokes out from under a fleece blanket on a bed.
Is there anything cuter than a wet dog nose? The answer is no. That’s why we have to protect our pup’s most boopable feature using balms and salves.

Green Goo Animal First Aid

Beloved by farmers, city dwellers, and suburbians alike, Green Goo has gained a reputation for being a great, all natural way of treating minor pet wounds. Made using calendula, yarrow, and comfrey, Green Goo soothes, nourishes, and protects cuts all manner of injuries, including:

  • Cuts
  • Scrapes
  • Insect bites
  • Hot spots
  • Dry noses
  • Cracked paws
  • Bruises
  • Burns

And, while the name may not sound appetizing, the natural ingredients mean that if your dog happens to take a quick lick, they’ll be no worse for wear. In fact, Green Goo is so safe that even humans can use it! 

You can grab a 1.82 oz tin for $14.95 on the Green Goo website.

Bag Balm Pet Nose, Paw, and Hot Spot Moisturizer

A dog’s nose has over 100 million sensory receptors and can detect smells up to 10,000x more efficiently than a human. So, when your dog gets a dry, cracked, or cut nose, it can mean serious discomfort. The same can be said for their paws. Luckily, Bag Balm is here to help your pup’s paws and nose return to their sweet, soft start. 

Created in 1899, Bag Balm uses petroleum and lanolin (aka wool wax) to soothe irritated, dry paws and noses. These ingredients are guaranteed not to sting, meaning maximum comfort throughout the healing process. The formula is also made with safe, though decidedly non-tasty materials to discourage your dog from licking it off. 

A 2 oz tube of Bag Balm goes for $7.64 on Chewy.

A reddish brown dog is shown in motion, leaping over a log. It holds a large chew toy in its mouth.
Whether you’re at home or on the trail, Fauna Care First Aid Spray is easy to use and super effective.

Fauna Care First Aid Spray

It is almost impossible to anticipate when your dog may be hurt. It could be in the safety of your home where supplies are handy, or it could be while on a long walk. In the case of the latter, you may not think to carry bandages, salves, and powders in your bag. But, if you remember to keep this single product with you, you will be prepared for anything.

Fauna Care First Aid Spray is your one-stop product for disinfecting, protecting, soothing, and healing your dog’s injuries. With ingredients like bacitracin, an antibiotic deemed safe for dogs, and zinc, as well as direct input from veterinarians, you can rest easy knowing Fauna Care is hard at work. And, to top it all off, Fauna Care products come with a handy spray nozzle, meaning you never have to touch your dog’s wound and risk infection. 

Fauna Care First Aid Spray can be found on the Fauna Care website for $24.99.

We love our dogs unconditionally and part of that love is being prepared in case of emergency. By stocking up on these five products, you’ll know that no matter what trouble your pooch gets into, you’ll have what you need to safely treat their wounds and get them back to playing in no time. 

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