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The Top 5 Tik Tok Vets You Should be Following

Vet Guides
A black and white dog wearing colorful sunglasses with their tongue hanging out.

There’s no doubt that vets are heroes. Vets, along with their technicians, look after our pets' health from the tips of their noses to the end of their tails, including every fluffy, strange, or even gross part in between. Thanks to the wonders of Tik Tok, we now have the chance to see into the everyday lives of vets. 

But with millions of users on Tik Tok it can be hard to know who to follow for the best content. Luckily, we’ve tracked down the top five Tik Tok vets for your enjoyment.

A young woman in fitness wear stands outdoors while holding an Akita dog in her arms.
Tik Tok is an entertaining way to learn more about caring for your pet’s health.

#1: @docmcg

@docmg is a Tik Tok account run by Matt McGlasson, DVM, a practitioner at Noah’s Ark Animal Clinic in Fort Wright, Kentucky. Dr. McGlasson is a graduate of Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine and prides himself on his strong relationships with clients and their pets. 

On @docmg, you can find no shortage of adorable pet videos, including Dr. McGlasson smuggling puppies in his jacket, battling feisty kittens, and playing with his family’s pets. 

One of the best running gags on @docmg centers around the peculiar and unbearably cute cat habit of “making biscuits” or kneading surfaces with their paws. Dr. McGlasson shows cats working tirelessly to meet imaginary biscuit quotas, sometimes laboring long into the night or until their little paws are sore. 

@docmg also has educational Tik Toks. The videos feature discussions on the importance of nail trimmings, vaccinations, as well as flea and tick checks. 

Dr. McGlasson’s account has 220.2 K followers and 6.2 million likes, making his page the most popular on this list. 

#2: @the_cool_vet

@the_cool_vet is the moniker of Tik Tok user Nathalie Therrien, DVM, a vet based in Sherbrooke, Quebec at the Hôpital Vétérinaire Coeur de Sherbrooke.

Despite Dr. Therrien being Québécois, the page is in English (a boon for those of us unfamiliar with French). 

@the_cool_vet is a largely educational page showing Dr. Therrien and her technicians perform tooth extractions, tumor removals, and other routine procedures. Dr. Therrien’s Tik Tok also features her professional opinions and demonstrations of unusual cases, like the removal of porcupine quills, the identification of a corneal ulcer, the benefits of laser therapy, and more. 

That being said, @the_cool_vet has plenty of Tik Toks of their adorable clientele, both old and young. Pugs, Akita Inus, Sphinxes, and Tabbys can all be found on Dr. Therrien’s page.

This informative, heartfelt account currently boasts 17.3 K followers and 540.5 K likes. 

A young woman in an apartment holds up a tortoiseshell cat.
These vets care for all kinds of pets: big or small, furry or scaly. It doesn’t matter to them!

#3: @dogtor_huston

Next up is @dogtor_huston, an account maintained by Shawna Huston, DVM from New Cumberland, PA. Dr. Huston is a graduate of Iowa State University of Veterinary Medicine and works as the medical director of the VCA West Shore Animal Hospital

@dogtor_huston has the perfect balance of information and humor. In one moment Dr. Huston shows viewers how to remove ticks or safely restrain pets for examinations and in the next she is performing hilarious skits spoofing the everyday struggles of being a vet. 

The page does not only feature your typical cats and dogs. Dr. Huston has multiple examples of exotic pet veterinary services. She x-rays turtles, provides antibiotics to snakes, and treats abscesses on guinea pigs, anything it takes to ensure pets furry and scaly, large and small, get the care they need.  

Dr. Huston’s surgery technician (aka @mother_of_pigs) also has to get a special shout out for her hilarious appearances on the page. She is seen dressed as the Tiger King for Halloween, enthusiastically eating Dunkin Donuts, and generally being a goofball with Dr Huston.

Dr. Huston has 193.4 K followers and 4.7 million likes.

#4: @indymobilevet

@indymobilevet is a Tik Tok run by Erin Zaring, DVM, a graduate of Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine and the owner of Curbside Care Mobile Veterinary Clinic in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Curbside Care is, as the name suggests, a mobile veterinary office, capable of bringing state-of-the-art vet care straight to your door. The mobile clinic removes the stress of driving your pet to the vet and exposing them to unfamiliar sights, sounds, and people. Instead Dr. Zaring and her team come to you with all the necessary skill and tech of a traditional vet visit.

@indymobilevet is the kind of page you can binge for hours. Dr. Zaring and her staff manage to find humor in even the most mundane events all while allowing viewers a glimpse into the procedures their pets may one day undergo, like anesthesia, blood drawing, neutering/spaying, and nail trimming. 

Dr. Zaring also does the occasional PSA, speaking out against declawing and retractable leashes, as well as discussing common pet illnesses and their causes. 

The page currently has 24.6 K followers and 738.6 K likes.

A white French bulldog peers over a ledge with a happy expression.
By learning about your pet’s health, you can better protect them from injury or illness.

#5: @vetmedms

Finally, we have @vetmedms, a Tik Tok run by the Vet Med of Corinth located in Corinth, Mississippi.

This Tik Tok is hilarious and criminally underappreciated. If you’re looking for a page that focuses on cute pets and veterinary shenanigans, then this is for you. Their videos have lineups of schnauzer puppies, dogs in costumes, and vet techs letting loose. So, basically everything you could want in a relaxing, adorable Tik Tok.

By combining heartwarming video with lively audio, the Vet Med of Corinth has created videos so sweet you can’t help but smile. 

@vetmedms only has 8658 followers and 294.3 k likes right now, but hopefully those numbers will sky rocket in the near future! 

Being a vet isn’t an easy job. It demands long hours, years of training, and making tough calls. But being a vet also involves connecting with animals and helping them live long, healthy lives. Through Tik Tok, we get to see both sides of the coin and learn a little something along the way.

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Vet Guides

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