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Loneliness is one of the main problems for many students. It is especially true for first-year students who are just starting an independent life, having moved from their parental home to the campus.

It is with the feeling of loneliness that depression and stress can be associated with one of the most common health problems that students have. But of course, like any problem, in this case, too, there is a solution.

To overcome loneliness, scientists recommend getting a pet since any interaction with an animal causes positive emotions in a person, helps the production of serotonin, and makes us happier.

At the same time, each student faces a difficult choice of what kind of pet to get because not every animal can live in the dorm. Here is a list of animals that can be ideal student pets.


Dog lovers, of course, are amazed right now and can't understand why we don't start with dogs since dogs are people's best friends. And when they notice that no dogs are on the list, they will be even more surprised. But if you consider living on campus, a cat is a more suitable pet.

First, cats do not need regular walks. And it's not just about dogs needing to go outside to do their things. Depending on the breed, some dogs need daily walks of 1.5 to 3 hours. Not every student can find much free time to spend with their pet.

Cats, in turn, lead a less active lifestyle because they spend almost two-thirds of their lives sleeping. Another important factor is that cats make fewer sounds and are not as loud as dogs.

Dog barks are loud, so you're more likely to get a complaint from your dorm neighbors about the constant noise coming from your room. Therefore, it will be much easier for them to stay locked in a room while you are in class.

Contrary to popular myth, cats love their owners and, like dogs, rejoice at the return of their owners, but at the same time, they can express their joy by sitting on your lap when you do homework in the evening, prepare for lectures, or write an essay.

Of course, if you want to spend time with your pet instead, you can make your studies easier and entrust paperwork to a special service. For example, is one of the best options for those who want to receive a high-quality essay on any topic and within the required deadline.

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If you do not need active interaction with your pets, a goldfish may be an ideal option. Firstly, the aquarium does not take up much space, and you won't need a separate place for a feeder or a tray with sand.

Fish do not make any sounds, so if you are intolerant to loud and harsh sounds, we recommend that you consider a fish as a pet. Pet fish is relatively easy to take care of; you just need to periodically change the water in the aquarium and maintain the desired temperature.

At the same time, the smooth movements of the fish in the water can have a calming effect on people with ADHD, for example. Watching your pet, you can always relax, and it will be a kind of meditation for you.


Of course, many people are terrified of rodents, particularly rats. But you should consider that the rat is one of the most intelligent animals; if you wish, you can teach it to perform small tricks almost on a par with dogs.

The rats are small, so you can even take them with you to classes, especially when he is small.

Rats can eat the same food as humans, so you don't have to spend a fortune on expensive food. And no matter how small your room on campus is, you can always find a place for a cage in which a rat would live.  


Turtle is another excellent option for those who live in a small campus room and perhaps share it with a neighbor. Turtles practically do not make sounds, they do not take up much space, and it does not matter if it is a turtle that lives in water or land.

And yet, one of the essential advantages of a turtle as a pet is its lifespan. Turtles are long-lived, so with proper care, your kids will be able to watch the pet you adopted as a college student eat cabbage in a funny way or crawl out on the rocks in the aquarium to bask under the lamp. 

The only thing you should never forget is the words of the Little Prince. We are responsible for those we have tamed. So always take care of your pets.

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