Purrrfect Present Ideas For Cat Owners You Can Get This Holiday Season

Posted on
November 4, 2020
a black cat perches on a piece of furniture with a christmas tree in the background
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More likely than not, you have a close friend who is a cat owner. Well this holiday season, celebrating with them with gifts will be a piece of cake. At times, being a cat owner isn’t cheap, and you can treat them this holiday with a little gift to help them care for their cat at home. If you don’t think they need that kind of help or you’re looking for a more fun gift, there are also entertaining cat themed gifts that your cat owner friend will love! Once you wrap it up with colorful wrapping paper, you’ll have the perfect gift for your cat owner friend. 

This article covers:

  • Cat care gifts
  • Fun cat themed gifts

Cat Care Gifts

There’s a lot a cat owner needs to worry about, including their cat’s health, safety, and happiness. This holiday season, you can make their job a little easier by giving them a gift that will help with caring for their cat. A cat owner will greatly appreciate a cat care gift that allows them to focus more on having fun with their pet. 

Fauna Care Healing Sprays

If you’re a pet owner, you’ll know pets always find a way to get in strange and unusual situations. Unfortunately, these situations can end in disaster and sometimes even a small injury. Put your cat owner’s fear of minor scrapes and burns to a rest by getting them Fauna Care healing sprays. Once they have this in the house, it will always be available for when the cat has any minor injury or in need of skin care. All the cat owner needs to do is spray the affected area, and the Fauna Care healing spray will create a long lasting moisture barrier for effective healing. You can choose between the Silver Spray for everyday injuries, or the Anti-Fungal spray, First Aid Spray, or Protect and Condition Spray. 

The four Fauna Care healing sprays
Put your cat owner friend at ease with the spray that will deal with any form of minor ailment their cat may find themselves with. Image courtesy of Fauna Care.

Kitty Poo Club Litter Box Subscription

Cat owners don’t like talking about it, but yes they do have a little box to deal with. Why not help your friend with that with a Kitty Poo Club Litter box subscription! Every month, your cat owner will receive in the mail a new litter box. The old one gets recycled and the new one has a fun new seasonal design, and is already filled with the odor-free litter you picked out! You can choose between silica, fine-grain silica, organic soy, or clay litter. Shipping is free and your cat owner friend has a much easier time when it comes to dealing with the litter box. Start them off with a few months subscription! 

Cat Toys and Treats

Toys and treats are an important part of cat care, more they’re also more fun. There are so many variations of cat toys that you’re sure to find something fun that your friend will enjoy bringing to your cat. If you really want to personalize it, you can even make your own cat toy. For example, you can put together or buy a stick with a colorful strip of fabric attached to the end so that the cat can attack when you give the stick a wave. You can also sew together or buy small mice and fish plushies. You can also consider getting cat treats so your friend has a way to reward their cat. 

A cat playing with a toy mouse on a string
Make sure the cat has a great holiday too with fun toys and treats! It will make both the cat and their cat owner’s day! 

Cat Themed Gifts

Your cat owner friend has a cat for a reason. Because they love cats! Therefore, any cat themed gift you get them this holiday season will be a big success with them, especially when the cat themed item bears a resemblance to the cat they have at home. 

Cute and Comfy

Make your cat owner’s holiday a little cozier with something warm, soft, and covered in cats. You’ll be able to find a lot of socks, blankets, scarves, and the like with cats adorning them. Your cat owner friend may enjoy receiving a stuffed animal of a cute cat they can keep on their bed. Extra points if you manage to find something that looks like the cat they have at home! This is something funny and cute that a cat owner can do some relaxing with. For a few extra laughs, consider getting your friend a hoodie with a cat pouch on it that the cat can jump into. That way the cat and cat owner can do some relaxing together!

A cat cozied up with a leopard print blanket
If you get a cat themed blanket, you’re getting a gift for both the cat owner and their cat. 

Practical and Still Covered In Cats

Sometimes a friend asks for practical things that will help them in their daily lives. You know it would make the gift a 100 times better if it’s covered in cats. No matter what your friend needs, there’s likely a version of it that’s cat themed. Shower curtain covered in cats, check. Cat themed measuring cups, yup! You can find cats on bags, mugs, phone cases, and most everything else. Take what your friend is asking for and make it cat themed! It will bring a few laughs and make the gift a little more special. 

When it’s time to do the gift exchange, you won’t be unprepared. With the gift you give, there are a lot of ways you can surprise your favorite cat owner this holiday season. Whether you want to help them take care of their cat or get them a fun and silly gift, it will be a great success! A cat owner can enjoy any of these gifts with the cat they have at home, making it a special gift already.

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Posted on
November 4, 2020

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