Pet Friendly Restaurants in Seattle

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February 20, 2019
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Seattle is one of the most welcoming cities for those who want to bring their dog out with them. Many restaurants here are fully equipped to handle dogs when they come to do lunch or dinner with their owners-- and welcome them! Lots of restaurants that have patios or outdoor seating and tend to welcome dogs when the weather is nice. It’s not uncommon to see a couple of patrons happily conversing with friends while their dog is sitting beside them. In the hotter summer months, these canine-friendly spots make sure to put out bowls of water for the dogs, and may even sneak a couple of treats or two. If you’re looking for a some delicious food in Seattle-- with a pet-friendly atmosphere-- look no further than the options below

When you’re out and about with your four-legged friend, make sure to keep a bottle of Fauna Care with you. Because you’ll never know when you might need some first-aide care in an emergency.

Dogs dressed up in cute Halloween costumes.

Image courtesy of Norm’s Eatery & Alehouse. The best place to dine amongst the dogs in Seattle.

1. Norm’s Eatery & Alehouse

460 N. 36th St.

Seattle, WA 98103


Mon-Thurs 11am-11pm

Fri 11am-12pm

Sat 9am-12am

Sun 9am-11pm

If you’re looking for a great place to get some food and bring along your pooch, then Norm’s Eatery & Alehouse should be number one on your list. This is a dog-lover’s dream, and your puppy will definitely have fun meeting and greeting the other dogs. There are house rules, however, and the staff expect owners to use common sense with their dogs. This spot even has a separate menu for the dogs, complete with beefy stix and a bow-wow bowl. An ideal location to make a pit stop on your daily walk.

“Been 6 months since I got my puppy. And we've been exploring. I do more takeouts and pup friendly spots. This was so fun for Baci! So many puppers! -Yelp Review

Dog hanging out on the back patio

Image courtesy of Portage Bay Cafe. You won’t have to leave your dog at home when you meet up with friends for brunch.

  1. Portage Bay Cafe

391 Terry Ave.

Seattle, WA 98109


Mon-Fri 7am-2pm

Sat-Sun 7:30am-2:30pm

With a couple of locations across Seattle the Portage Bay Cafe is known by the locals as one of best places to do brunch on the weekends. This place uses fresh, local ingredients and offers vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options from their menu. They are also a dog-friendly place that encourages people to bring their pups with them. It’s no problem at all to sit outside and have your dog join you at the table while take in a nice lunch with friends or family.

“One of my favorite brunch spots to meet up with girlfriends and catch up!

Portage Bay is a pretty classic brunch spot for American and PNW fare. -Yelp Review”

Image of the Summit Public House logo

Image courtesy of Summit Public House. A no frills Seattle favorite, that welcomes dogs on the patios.

  1. Summit Public House

601 Summit Ave. E #102

Seattle, WA 98102


The Summit Public House  is a well kept secret amongst the locals of Seattle. It’s a great place to catch the game, or catch up with friends. Thankfully, that also includes your four-legged friends as well! Dogs are welcome on their patios, and love to sit and soak up the the sunshine when it peeks through. The beer list is full of regional craft beers on rotation-- you’ll definitely want to stay and hang out for a while.

“On sunny days you can enjoy their two patios and the front one is even very dog friendly. They offer a basic Mexican menu with tacos, burritos, tostadas, and don't miss the fresh pico de gallo. -Yelp Review”

Happy dog at the counter.

Image courtesy of Bark Espresso. Grab your coffee and spend some time with you pup in the Hound Hangout!

  1. Bark Espresso

11335 Roosevelt Way NE

Seattle, WA 98125


Mon-Fri 6am-5:30pm

Sat 8am-5pm

Sun 8am-1pm

If you like your morning brew with a side of dog, then Bark Espresso is exactly what you’re looking for. This place is tucked away from the busier parts of Seattle, and offers some of the city’s best java. Their baristas are trained to make coffee just the way you like it, and there is a full selection of vegan and gluten-free fare to go with your coffee. Off to the side there’s a Hound Hangout especially for owners to enjoy their food along with the pups.

“Quick, convenient and delicious coffee with a homey neighborhood feel. There's a separate doggy section if you're bringing your pooch, but they are very friendly here and the coffee/treats are high-quality. -Yelp Review

People gathered to enjoy some beer at the Jolly Rodger.

Image courtesy of Jolly Roger Taproom. Dogs are welcome on the patio of this Seattle locale. You can easily spend a nice summer afternoon here!

  1. Jolly Roger Taproom

1111 NW Ballard Way

Seattle, WA 98107


Mon-Tues 4pm-10pm

Wed-Thurs 12pm-10pm

Fri-Sat 11:30am-11pm

Sun 12pm-9pm

The Jolly Roger Taproom is where the locals in Seattle go to enjoy Maritime Pacific Brewing Company’s long list of delicious craft beers. This brewery has been a part of Seattle since the 1990s and the Jolly Roger was opened so patrons could enjoy their brews onsite. In the nicer weather, you can see lots of dog owners enjoying a cold one-- or sampling anything off of their seasonal menu-- at their outside tables. If you’re in the mood for an easy-going place where you can try a few beers but not leave your dog at home, consider the Jolly Roger.

“We were searching for a dog friendly restaurant and found Maritime in a search. They were very sweet to our furbaby and attentive to her as well. -Yelp Review

A wide selection of Fremont Brewery Beer.

Image courtesy of Fremont Brewing Co. A welcoming brewery that takes pride in bringing hand-crafted brewing techniques back to craft brewing. Enjoy their brews outside with your dog!

  1. Fremont Brewing Co.

1050 N. 34th St.

Seattle, WA 98103


Mon-Sun 11am-9pm

Fremont Brewing Co. brews all their beer with local-- and organic when available-- ingredients. Their passion for beer is evident. Washington State is home to the second largest hop-growing region in the world, so why not take advantage of it! And take advantage they did, bringing the brewing process back to basics. Patron’s can taste the difference in these beers, and that’s what keeps them coming back for more. That and this brewery is definitely dog-friendly. So stop by this local brewery and don’t forget to bring your dog as well!

“Gritty, super casual and lots of dogs (which was cool) while everyone was enjoying their favorite beverages. -Yelp Review

Beautiful outdoor garden of the Volunteer Park Cafe.

Image courtesy of Volunteer Park Cafe. This cosy, neighborhood cafe is just the right place to catch up with friends over dinner. Sit outside and your pup can come too!

  1. Volunteer Park Cafe

1501 17th Ave. East

Seattle, WA 98112


Tues-Fri 7am-4:30pm, 5:30-9pm

Sat-Sun 8am-4:30pm, 5:30-9pm

The Volunteer Park Cafe is a great little place that truly believes in preparing their foods with fresh, local ingredients. When food is made this way, it helps the community stay happy and healthy-- and that’s just what Volunteer Park Cafe wants to do. A lot of their ingredients comes from the garden right out back, and on nice days you can arrange a tour. Be sure to bring your dog as well-- their outdoor seating welcomes dogs. They have a full lunch and dinner menu, and once a month offer a “Sunday Supper.” Guests come and enjoy a prixe fixe meal that usually has a theme. It’s a great time to get to know neighbors and the staff at the cafe. Additionally, there’s a hand-picked selection of pastries made daily, sure to please any sweet tooth.

“I love this place! Located in a super cute neighborhood and not difficult to find. Friendly staff. Plenty of seating. We went on Sunday morning and there was no line. Cute decor and good amount of outdoor seatings. -Yelp Review

Cute dog sniffing some basil leaves.

Image courtesy of The Pink Door. Dogs are welcome on the patio at this long-time staple in Seattle’s downtown.

  1. The Pink Door

1919 Post Alley

Seattle, WA 98101


Mon-Thurs 11:30am-11:30pm

Fri-Sat 11:30am-1am

Sun 4pm-10pm

The Pink Door is one of the most beloved establishments in Seattle-- tourists and locals alike flock to it-- and well-known for its delicious Italian-American food. The menu is based off tradition Italian fare, and all made with fresh and local ingredients. The wine menu is equally pleasing, with most options organic and biodynamic. Their dog-friendly patio adds to the overall familial ambience, it seems that no one in the family should be left out! Patron’s come to The Pink Door for the food and stay for the shows-- there are burlesque shows, jazz, and even aerial artists to entertain the guests.

“Make a reservation to sit by the windows (beautiful view). Our waitress was very helpful and knowledgeable. Delicious food!! -Yelp Review

All of these restaurants are great choices if you’re looking to spend some time out, but don’t want to leave your dog at home. Breweries, cafes, and continental restaurants alike all get what Seattle wants-- to pet some dogs!

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Posted on
February 20, 2019
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