Must-Have Products and Tips for Your New Furry Friend

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March 29, 2018

Getting a new dog is so exciting! You have just bought a happy, tail-wagging, kissing friend into your life. The transition for your new dog could be fun, but also stressful. They are starting a whole new life with you. We are here to give you some pro tips for this transition and to help your new pup feel right at home.

Dog Tags and Collars

patterned dog collar
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I can’t think of a better way to really claim your new pet. It is vital that you invest in some tags with your name and number on it, just in case your friend gets loose. What is really neat is that you can completely customize your tags to fit your friend’s personality. The tags can connect with the collar and help fido feel the connection to its new found owner.


dog laying in crocs bed
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Buying a dog bed is truly giving your new pet their own space. Humans aren’t the only ones that like to have their own place to sleep! The cool thing about getting a bed is that you can get one based on your pet’s personality. Dog beds come as “couches,” “crocs,” and a bunch of creative colors and shapes. You can find a dog bed at any major realtor or online!


No one likes to be smelly, and this includes your pupper. You may not need right this right away but you never know when it could be handy. Here are the top rated dog shampoos and conditioners.

Flea Care and Prevention

In the same category of dog treatments is flea care and prevention. Fleas can be a serious hassle and annoyance. Products like Frontline can be applied to your dog every month or once a year. There are also flea-killing shampoos as well. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Food and Water Bowl

dog eating from unique food & drink bowls
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This is kind of a no-brainer but we need to be thorough. There are some really cute bowls you can get your furry friend. What is really neat is that there are bowls for all of your needs. For example, there are non-skid, automatic and other types of bowls that will allow you to pre-portion your dog’s meals!   

First Aid

Fauna Care First Aid Spray Bottle

As I said before, it is better to be safe than sorry. This includes first aid products! You never know where or what kind of mess your doggo could get into. Fauna Care has a great line of products to accommodate to all of your pet’s needs. For example we have a First-Aid Spray that will help heal any cuts or scrapes. They also have products for ringworm and hotspots. They are all very easy to use and safe for your pet.  


What dog doesn’t want some toys to play with? Playing with your pup is the best way to bond. It doesn’t matter if it is a ball or a tug rope. I’m sure your dog will love it. Some stores like PetSmart will allow your pet to come pick out the toy themselves!

These tips will definitely help the transition of you and your new friend. After all, you are going to develop a new connection and form wonderful memories that’ll last a lifetime.

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Posted on
March 29, 2018