Must-Have Cat Products to Keep Your Indoor Cats Happy

two kittens batting a toy mouse on a bed

We all know that cats are really wonderfully playful companions. This is the ultimate guide to getting some products that will make your cat happy and loved, because if your cat isn’t happy; they will be sure to let you know.

ABO Cat Fun Tunnel

cat rolling in cat tunnel

The ABO Cat Fun Tunnel is definitely at the top if the list for must-have products. This cat tunnel has velvet on the outside while still making the crinkly sounds of paper. Your cat(s) will have so much fun running through chasing imaginary dust bunnies.

Armarkat Cat Tree

cat trees

So you clearly don’t need ten of these, but this is a great example of the varieties of the cat trees that are out there. By nature, cats love to climb and this is a great thing to invest in for that. Since there is such a variety, you can find a tree that fits your cat’s ability and personality. You cat loves you, be sure to show them you love them too!

A Shed Brush

hand brushing cat with shed brush

It is no secret that cats shed. It really doesn’t matter if they have long or short hair, it just happens. Never fear, the shed brush is here. It is actually very soothing for cats. So this is definitely a win-win. Your cat gets the ultimate scratch and your couch has less hair. There are many different brands and you can find this at any pet store or online.

Water Fountain

cats drinking from fountain

Some cats are very picky about the water they drink and it can be very frustrating for some owners. Well I am here to offer a possible viable solution. Cat water fountains keep the water fresh, because it keeps rotating. These fountains are sold at multiple vendors and have different styles. There are so many varieties, so you can find one that fits your cat’s personality.  

Fauna-Care Silver Spray

girl holding cat & Fauna Care spray bottle

Now that your cat is living the dream with all of these awesome products, incidents happen. Lucky for you, Fauna Care can give you a little piece of mind when those little accidents happen This spray is here to give you touch free wound care. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Cats are amazing pets to have around. They give you company, snuggles, and some amazing Instagram videos. Enjoy the memories you’re definitely

going to make with these new additions to your home!

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