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Life-Saving Pet Care Products Two-Dog Households Need

Two dogs, one black and white and one tan and white stand next to each other in front of a fence on the grass.

Some would say that a happy dog household is a two-dog household, gifting your dog a playmate can increase their life-long happiness but it can also bring more stress onto yours if you’re not prepared.

When running a home with multiple dogs it’s best to buy these products before you bring in a new friend. 

  • First-aid spray
  • Two-dog leash
  • A flower essence product
  • A key hook
  • Pet gates

A wide array of must-haves, but each serve their purpose and will help you achieve the happy and healthy home you want for yourself and your dogs.

A long haired white and tan greyhound runs on a dirt track.
For all the scrapes your dogs are going to get into, this is the product you'll need.

First aid spray

The easy to apply wonder-dog wound saver, Fauna Care’s first aid spray is the best on the market and a must-have for a home with two rowdy dogs.

Surely your furry friends have gotten into a scuffle or two before, whether it’s with themselves or with another dog. Or even roughing it outside, scraping themselves against a wall or tree or something else sharp. 

If your dog has a wound that doesn’t require veterinary attention then having first-aid spray can save you money, and give your dog some much-needed comfort. 

With bacitracin, the same antiseptic people use on their own cuts and scrapes, and zinc as its main ingredients first-aid spray promises a fast healing time for your dogs and little to no pain with its hands-off application. Just spray and go, and your dog is all the better for it. 

A small yellow dog of a mixed-breed stands on the sidewalk in a chest harness and leash.
For feisty and overexcited dogs, tangled leashes are a too common occurrence during walks. 

Two-dog leash

While a two-dog leash might not work for two dogs of differing size, if you’re tired of juggling the tangled mess of leashes you dogs create when you’re out on a walk, a two-dog leash could be the solution for you.

There are varying kinds of two-dog leashes, each with different kinds of advancements. Typically they’re meant for bigger dogs that have a tendency to pull on the leash, but you can make them work for smaller dogs as well.

When you get one make sure to try out the grip on the end of the handle. Because you now have two dogs attached to one leash the pull on that particular end is going to be two times the pressure.

You want something that is easy to grip but also comfortable to the hands, and able to support the push and pull of your dog's activity. We want happy dogs, but also happy hands as well. 

A black border collie with a tan face stands in a field of yellow flowers.
A natural and easy to apply product, flower essences can calm your anxious dog down. 

A flower essence product

A more unorthodox method in terms of calming your pet down, but once worth the consideration if you have a pair of energetic overexcited dogs when you need a break from all the action.

Flower essence is pretty much what the name implies, a liquid essence of a few specific flowers that have calming abilities in them when put into food. People use this for themselves in some cases, either with the scent or the oil.

Not all flower essences are safe for dogs, but the ones that are can serve as a much needed failsafe when it feels like your dogs are getting out of control. They can too be used in an anxiety-inducing situation for your dogs, like if they’re scared of fireworks or suffer from separation anxiety. 

Here are some suggestions to purchase. 

  • Cherry plum essence is the essence to use for dogs who are easily overstimulated, by lightning storms or fireworks. For any dog prone to bits of anxiety in these situations drop this in their food. 
  • Chestnut bud essence is less of an anxiety-reducing essence and more of one that helps in dog training. Proven to help in breaking bad habits, like when you’re housetraining a dog, chestnut bud essence can ease your stress in accommodating new dogs to the home. 
  • Larch bark essence is a tried and true confidence booster in dogs, especially if you have a dog that’s lost it due to some traumatic event. It’s a great tool to boost their ability to handle scary situations. 
A brown french bulldog lays under a blue blanket with pawprints on it.
Feeling overwhelmed by the number of leashes and collars you have clogging up your house? Get a key hook.

Key hook

It’s not exactly a dog product that you can buy at the pet store, but it's a product for your home that if you don’t already have one, you’re going to figure out quickly that you need it.

A key hook to put on your wall can be a savior when it comes to those hectic mornings and evening walks. There’s so much you have to hold in your hands, and honestly sometimes you forget something and have to make a shameful walk back to the house.

If you can’t get multiple hooks to organize your leashes, collars, poop bags, and other walking paraphernalia then make sure to get a big hook that has the ability to hold everything together.

Organizing your hooks by the object will, of course, be easier but not everyone has the wall space to do so, either way, even adding one hook to your life can cut your pre-walk ritual time in half.

A black and white dog sticks his head through the gaps of a metal gate to sniff a person's hand.
There are some rooms in your house that your dog is just not allowed to go, these products can help with that.

Pet gates

Anyone who has ever trained a puppy knows about the absolute saving grace that is dog gates. Very much like baby gates, actually, you could use baby gates as well, they keep your dogs from wreaking havoc on certain areas of the house. 

Of course, not every dog gate is the same, each comes with their own specific modifications and tricks to learn. Some open with a latch, some you have to pick up and move, some are foldable. 

Which one is best for you all depends on your price range and the extent of customizability you want for your gates. Simple gets it done, but sometimes you want all the bells and whistles too. 

Here are some of the best dog gates to buy. 

  • The Evenflow Position and Lock Tall Wood Gate starting at $23.72 on Amazon is a less expensive option that lives up to a high quality. It can expand from 31 to 50 inches in height and can fit in pretty much any spot in your home. 
  • The Richell Wood Freestanding Gate is a great option if you want a gate with little to no hassle when moving it around the house. Starting at $139.99 on Amazon, the Richell is expensive but long-lasting and stylish for the household.
  • The Regalo Easy-Step Extra Tall Walk Through Gate is the gate to get for a household with large dogs. Larger dogs can knock over smaller gates with ease but the Regalo, starting at $46.99 on Amazon, fits itself into the wall or door frame of your choice guaranteeing a block off of specific rooms. 
Two long haired chihuahua's, one brown and one blonde, sit on the sidewalk by some leaves with harnesses on.
Your dogs have different needs and personalities, but this doesn't have to stop you from having an efficient household. 

To improve your life and your dog’s with a joyful and functional two-dog household is a must. Your dogs are a part of the family, and if they’re unhappy so are you.

Making sure your home is a safe space for them is just as important that it's a safe space for you. Dogs like routine, consistency, and by implementing some of these products into your life you can better keep up with your daily tasks for them. 

Do you have any tips and tricks for a two-dog household? Be sure to comment below and to like and share!

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