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If chicken skin drives your dogs crazy whenever you eat this, you may ask whether they can eat this snack too. So, is chicken skin bad for dogs? The following article will help you get the answer if dogs can consume chicken skin.

We even provide much information on dogs’ health and what they should eat to have energy for daily activities and protect their health. Not all snacks that you consume can be good food sources for dogs.

Is Chicken Skin Bad For Dogs? 


Chicken Skin Is Unhealthy For Dogs

No. You should never let your dogs eat chicken skin. It contains few beneficial nutrients contributing to dogs’ development. On the other hand, it has a large amount of fat and calories. When you frequently feed your dogs chicken skin as their regular meal, it will become harmful. 

In the long run, chicken skin causes overweight and pancreatitis in dogs, a condition caused by inflammation of the pancreas, unpleasant digestive symptoms, and diarrhea. 

Even big dogs can suffer health problems if they consume significantly chicken skin. Due to their sensitive digestive system, inappropriate food can make them sick, resulting in vomiting.

If your dogs unintentionally eat a small amount of chicken skin, they may not experience serious problems. However, within 24-48 hours, you should watch your dogs to realize any abnormal reactions and symptoms. 

What Happens If Dogs Eat Chicken Skin? 

Certain dogs do not react to chicken skin, but not all of them will be healthy after consuming it. You rarely know what symptoms your dogs may suffer, as each dog reacts differently. 

Here are the most common symptoms when dogs eat chicken skin and experience negative responses. They can feel nauseous and try to throw up what they’ve just eaten. The worst case is they experience watery stools, dehydration, tummy pain, and diarrhea for several days. 

Moreover, dogs that often consume fattening foods get vulnerable to pancreatitis. Gaining weight and suffering from pancreatitis will happen when you feed your dogs daily with chicken skin. 

What Should You Do If Dogs Eat Chicken Skin? 

You should talk to your vet first when you notice any unusual symptoms after your dogs eat chicken skin or foods they should not consume. Using any medicines at home is not recommended unless you know exactly what happens to your dogs. 

If the veterinarian believes these reactions are serious, they will contact you and instruct you on dealing with this case. They commonly ask you to keep an eye on your dogs for a whole day to see whether or not the situation gets worse.

When your dogs throw up, veterinarians frequently advise giving them rice and boiled chicken for a few days because it’s a good way to help their stomachs heal. If they continue vomiting and feel sick after one to two days, take them to the veterinary clinic for further diagnosis and treatment.

What Alternative Snack Options Are Safe For Dogs?

Instead of chicken skin, you can feed your dogs healthy human snacks or foods in your kitchen. However, pay attention to the ingredients before letting them consume. If your dogs like the taste of chicken, seek organic boiled chicken breast with no seasonings or preservatives added, and ensure you remove all the bones.

This also applies to other foods, such as cooked turkey, beef, or fish, but you should avoid high fat by choosing lean meats.

Besides, you can give them cooked grains, like oatmeal, pasta, and rice. Eggs are another safe food that provides rich protein and nutrients. However, you should always cook eggs to eliminate salmonella. Always choose fresh food with few ingredients and avoid artificial additives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fried Chicken Skin Bad For Dogs? 

Dogs shouldn't eat chicken skin, especially fried chicken skin, since it’s considered fast food that is not good for humans and dogs. Fried food harms dogs' tummies and affects their digestive system and health.

Can Dogs Eat KFC Chicken Skin?

You should never let your dogs eat fast foods from KFC or other brands, including chicken skin. It contains high fat, triggers the stomach, and causes many abnormal symptoms and long-term diseases, as mentioned above. 


Is chicken skin bad for dogs? You never let your dogs eat chicken skin as it’s harmful and does not contain good nutrients. It even affects their normal metabolism and organs, leading to serious and long-term health problems. 

Instead of chicken skin, dogs can eat many other snacks that give them a great source of nutrients beneficial for their development and regular activities. Organic snacks without salt, preservatives, and additives are highly recommended to keep your dogs healthy and prevent potential diseases.


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