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Insta Worthy Fall Photoshoot Ideas For You And Your Furry Friend

A dog and its owner sitting in the woods surrounded by colorful leaves and a pumpkin

The season of Autumn is upon us! For some of us, it’s our favorite season which combines coziness with some spooky vibes. For others, we can simply appreciate the aesthetic of the changing leaves and the hot drinks and blankets. Welcome in the new season and remember it always with some festive fall photos. These photos won’t just be special because of their fall theme, but also because you and your pet will be the subjects! Whether you have a cat or dog at home, they’ll want to partake in this photoshoot that will result in stunning photographs that will look great on your social media. 

This article covers:

  • What to pack
  • Photoshoot ideas

What to Pack for the Shoot

If you decide to venture outside for your fall festive photos, make sure you leave prepared so you can get the best photos possible while keeping your dog or cat happy and safe! If you want to do a photoshoot with your cat but they are unused to being outside, make sure to keep an eye on them and don’t push them into a situation that will make them nervous. It might be difficult to get your pet to cooperate with the camera, so here are some things to pack that will help you out!

Leash and Doggy Bag

Safety first! If you are going into a public space with your dog or cat for your photographs, you will need a leash and doggy bags. Although you may not like the look of a leash in your photos, you must keep them on at all times in public areas that require it. And of course, you are always required to pick up after your pet so everyone else can enjoy a clean area.


You may find you or your pet harmed during your photoshoot. Maybe there was something sharp in the pile of leaves you jumped into, or your pup stepped on the end of a rake. Hopefully nothing of the sort happens, but it’s best to be prepared for anything. Bring some basic First-Aid along. That means band-aids for you and the Fauna Care First Aid healing spray for your pet. This healing spray is fully equipped to treat your pet’s cuts and scrapes.


How can you get your pet to look into the camera, or cooperate with sitting in your lap for a minute longer? Bring along some toys and treats to keep your cat or dog’s attention! Bringing some treats along may give you an easier time of having your pet stay still as you take that perfect shot. Bring along a snack for yourself, as well as some water for the both of you, as modeling is thirsty work.  


Don’t forget to bring some props you want included in your photographs. Maybe you want some pumpkins your pet can rest their paws on, or you have a black witch’s hand to balance between their ears. It’s best to bring props that you don’t mind being played with by your pet. You may get some joyful candid photos of your dog running away with a pumpkin in their mouth!

Photoshoot Ideas

Time for the fun part! You may already have a hundred ideas on what photographs you want hanging on your wall by the end of this project. However, if you need inspiration, there are plenty of ideas you can make your own here. There is plenty of opportunity to capture your pet’s fun nature with the colorful nature of the season.


This is for all the Halloween lovers out there! Get dressed up in the simplest and most classic Halloween costume, the friendly ghost. This may be the easiest and cheapest costume for you and your pet, as all you need is a couple of white sheets. You can decide to cut holes for the eyes in it or not. You can try an infinite combination of props to make the ghost photoshoot your own. Maybe put a hat and sunglasses on over the sheet. Try cutting a hole for your pet’s tail to stick out. It sounds simple, but you can come out with amazing and endearing results.

Three dogs in ghost costumes sitting in front of a spooky jack-o-lantern
The ghost photoshoot can have some funny results that you’ll want to treasure forever!

All the Colorful Leaves!

What’s more fall than the changing colors of the leaves? This is the best time to capture those bright reds and oranges. Have you and your pet jump into a pile of fallen leaves, lay down in them, or maybe you’d prefer some candid shots of taking a walk in the woods. There are lots of ways you can incorporate those lovely colors into your photoshoot. 

A dog resting in a pile of red and orange leaves
All those colorful leaves will give your photo so much interest and hominess. 

Pumpkin Patch

It’s the season of the pumpkin, and a pumpkin patch is a pretty aesthetic place to be. Take some photos of you and your pet picking out a pumpkin, or jumping over them as you race them the rows. The lanes of pumpkins will create some visually stunning leading lines that you can play a lot with! Try some low to the ground shots to capture those lines and the detail of the pumpkins.  

A dog biting the stem of a pumpkin
Your dog or cat is sure to find a few adorable or hilariously awkward poses with those pumpkins.

Snuggle Up at Home

As the year grows colder, all you want to do is stay home and put on some hot coco and get wrapped in a blanket. Savor that coziness forever with some photos. Decorate your home with candles, heavy blankets, and a pop of warm colors. Set out some steaming drinks and get comfortable with your pet on the couch. 

Fall is full of warm and bright colors that just have to be captured on camera, but you can make those pictures even more special by inserting you and your pet in those fall festive scenes. Candid pictures can be best, so just try to have fun with your pet and capture that joy on camera. It may be helpful to have somewhere there to be the cameraperson. It will be a fun experience that will result in stunning pictures you’ll want to share with everyone. 

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