How to promote your pet blog on Tumblr?

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It may seem that Tumblr is a strange choice for blogging about pets, but in fact it's quite the opposite. Tumblr makes it possible to become popular not only on the platform itself, but also to go beyond it due to the fact that screenshots from here are often scattered all over the Internet. And many users are very fond of cross-posting posts from Tumblr to Facebook and Twitter, which also helps to attract a new audience. Anyway, this will not be enough to quickly and efficiently forget your blog. In this text, we will tell you how to do this by buying Tumblr likes, how beneficial this could be and what important nuances you have to keep in mind on the way.

How third party services work 

To begin with, you need to understand how such an opportunity works in general. You probably know that many social platforms have built–in tools that allow their users to develop their pages - many, but not all. For example, Tumblr is not one of them. But isn't it inconvenient when there is no way to launch a promotion without a long wait and futile attempts to interact with disinterested and strangers? That's right, that's why the promoters invented such a thing as third party services, which can be bought on promo sites for money. This is very convenient and allows you to overcome the novice barrier, which makes it very difficult to quickly start developing your blog online.

A chance to buy Tumblr likes is exactly the thing that is related to third party services – this is a package with thumbs up that is going to be delivered under your profile’s posts. Why are those good for you? Today, the development in social networks looks like this: an unpopular post gets likes and views, more people come there, leave more likes and more views. The initial link in the chain is likes and views, which will have to initiate and close the circle of development. The more likes, the more likes – that's how it works. But to start receiving them, you need to convince the audience that your content is worth something. What will help? That's right, bought likes.

What is important to know

But everything is certainly not as primitive as it seems at first glance – to get high-quality help, you need to make sure that the likes will not be delivered by bots, but by real people who use the platform regularly. To do this, you need to read reviews about the company, talk to its managers if you still have any questions. If you find negative reviews on third-party sites, do not think that you will escape the fate of being served by bots. It's better to look for something of a higher quality.

The delivery of likes by bots seems harmless and quite working, but the truth is that such services affect not only counters, but also account statistics from the inside. If Tumblr algorithms detect suspicious activity, they may well put your profile in a shadow ban, where your publications will not be seen by other potentially interested users and even your existing subscribers. Therefore, if you have time to search for a company, do it, and if not, you can use the links that we gave in the first part of the article. They will save you a lot of time, money and effort.

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