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We all love to be in a home environment that feels calm and relaxing, and our furry friends are no different! The perfect way to demonstrate to your pet how much you care about them is to optimize their living space and provide them with a comfortable environment.

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Understand your pet's needs

Fluffy the pet hamster is obviously going to have completely different needs than Layla the greyhound! All pets need a safe and clean environment with adequate food and water, although dogs and cats need a lot more space and social interaction than pets like birds or fish. Think about their breed, age, size and activity level, this will point you in the right direction of the type of living environment that would work well for them. A large dog will love a lot of space both inside and outside if possible, and a fish tank will only need a corner of a room. Unfortunately, like humans, our pets get stressed too! You can observe your pet’s behaviour to get a better idea of what they need to feel more comfortable - take note of when they seem anxious or fearful and consider what changes you could make to their environment. You could also notice when they feel really happy and relaxed and try to incorporate more of those things.

Decide how to design the space

Is your best pal furry, feathered or scaly? This will help you decide whether they need a cage, crate, tank, kennel or just a cute fluffy bed. Depending on the age and training of your dog (and whether or not they sleep inside or not), there are a variety of different options available. You could take inspiration from one of the Dog House slot games at Patincasino which has virtual shelters for virtual dogs, or you can check sites like Pinterest which have many indoor cat house designs. Make sure that the living space has plenty of room to move around, and some other handy things to keep in mind are the noise levels of the area, the temperature and the proximity to other animals. Once you’ve chosen the size and location, don’t forget to make it comfortable and stimulating! You can add cushions, toys, scratch posts and hiding spots, as well as things like mirrors and bells. There are also lots of creative, mentally stimulating games you can play with your dog to help train them and keep them entertained.

Ways to keep the space maintained

Nobody likes living in a messy, dirty environment - your pets included! Not only is it important for their physical health (keeping disease, injuries and parasites at bay), but it is also important for their happiness too. Most animals have a stronger sense of smell than we do, so keeping the area free of rubbish, dust and excess fur will help them too! Pets love having routines as they make them feel safe and comfortable, so it’s a nice idea to create a cleaning routine that suits both you and your pet (it’s also easier to remember to do it when you have a regular schedule).  Another thing to keep in mind is to minimize hazards and risks in their space - and don’t forget that they might be different for your pets than they are for us! Think about heat exposure and adequate shade, minimizing surfaces that can damage sensitive paws and avoiding exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Extra tips to enhance your pets space

Just like us, your pets will have their own personality too! Giving their living space flair and style that suits their personality will make the space feel happier for both you and them. You can add beautifully coloured and patterned rugs, blankets and cushions, non-toxic coloured stones to fish tanks, branches and plants however some plants are toxic to certain breeds of animal, so make sure you check before purchasing - sites such as PetHelpful can provide you with more pet information. If you love a DIY project you could consider building some custom furniture or a more luxurious home, especially for pets like rabbits or hamsters. Now that your pet has a functional AND aesthetically beautiful living space, it’s time to consider the other things that make them happy. Opportunities for exercise and socializing are also vital for dogs and some other pets and can also be a nice bonding experience for you and them. Take them to a local dog park and watch them play, it will put a big smile on your face!


Your pet is always giving you feedback about how they feel if you observe them closely enough, and you can use your bond to create a happy environment where you live together. It can be both easy and fun to create a beautiful, safe living environment for your pet - and it will mean a happier pet and a happier you!

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