How to Groom your Pets at Home

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May 13, 2020
a woman in a jean jacket brushes a large, fluffy dog
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With most businesses shut down right now, there aren’t many options out there when it comes to grooming your cat, dog, or pocket pet. Or perhaps you’re simply tired of having to go out to groom your pet, and like to think you’re a a do-it-yourself kind of person. Well, you certainly can groom your pet at home! With the right tools and the right mindset, you can become a professional pet groomer in no time. Just make sure to wear clothes you wouldn’t mind getting dirty- cats and dogs do not fancy taking baths, so you’re bound to get splashed!

How to groom at home

  • Have the right tools
  • Brush brush brush!
  • Bath time
  • Nails, teeth, and trim
A set of hair-cutting shears hanging on the wall
Treat your pet like you would yourself- with the right tools, a groom is always better.

Having the right tools is everything

You wouldn’t cut your own hair with safety scissors, so definitely don’t use those scissors on your furry friend Fido

You may think you already have everything on hand that you need to groom your pet. We’re sorry to inform you, but you may be wrong. Make sure you have a good brush specific to your pet type- that’s the easiest item to use, and you likely already have multiple on hand. Pets are hairy!

In terms of scissors, make sure to have or get nail trimmers that suit the size of your furry best friend; if you plan to try to trim their hair, if they’re a dog whose mane has gone haywire, there are also specific scissors for that. For teeth brushing, a veterinarian-suggested brush and toothpaste are a good way to go, or ask your local pet store for recommendations.

A woman brushing her dog's hair
Be like this lady- brush your dog!

Brush, brush, and brush again!

No lie, the easiest way to keep your pet groomed and happy is through simple, regular brushing

It may come as a surprise to you, but the best way to keep your pet comfortable and happy with their fur and skin is through simple routine brushing. Whenever you can, brush your pet! Cats for sure love to be brushed- it’s like an extra-special form of petting that also keeps their hair clean and soft! Dogs can be harder to brush, simply due to how much energy they have, so try to find them relaxed when you plan to give them a brush. Pocket pets are the easiest of all- your little hamster pal or bunny tends to just chill out all the time, so a brush is a welcome surprise.

Regular brushing allows for less matting of the hair or fur to occur. Matting can cause irritation and even, in some cases, lead to restricting proper blood flow. Brushing removes dirt, spreads natural oils that keep your pet’s skin healthy, and prevents annoying tangles that keep them from looking their best. Plus, brushing allows you to examine your pets for fleas or ticks. You definitely don’t want those around! Keep a sharp eye out.

A small dog who has just finished taking a bath
They may not like it, but it’s good for them- bath time!

Bath time

Your cat or dog likely doesn’t want a rubber ducky in their tub, but they would like patience on your part

If you’ve ever bathed your pet before, you know how hard it can be. Many pets, specifically cats and dogs, do not enjoy bath time in the slightest and will try to resist the water and washing. You have to make sure you have plenty of time set out when you plan to wash your pet- don’t rush, and go slow, or you may scare them more than the water does!

Bathing your pet every few months keeps their coat healthy. If they have a specific skin issue, you may even want to bathe them more regularly.

Fill a tub or sink with lukewarm water and place your pet in. Cover them with water, either from a hose or by using a cup. Then, rub in whatever specific pet shampoo best fits their needs. Shampoos and washing agents for every type of pet are available at pet stores or online- it’ll be easy to tell what your pet needs. Rinse out the shampoo and you’re done!

If they ran around in mud or got caught in something sticky, you may have to repeat the wash and rinse cycle a few times. Once you’re done, pat them dry. Don’t rub the towel in circles, as this may cause tangles in their fur. Simply pat them down, and prepare for that little shake they do when they get wet! They’ll air-dry the rest of it off in no time, and now they smell good!

A gray cat scratching itself with its hind legs
Your cat with claw up everything in your house if aren't careful- keep their nails trimmed.

Nails, teeth, and trim

These smaller grooming practices are no less important than the major ones

Remember those pet nail trimmers we mentioned earlier? Have them on hand. A cat or dog with long nails can wreak havoc around a house, that’s for sure, but those long nails aren’t all that comfortable for them either! When you see their nails growing a bit too long for your liking, give them a treat to calm them down and then trim them up. This doesn’t take long but has a big impact on your pet’s comfort.

Your doggie friend sporting some bad breath? Break out the pet toothbrush and toothpaste. If they’re new to teeth brushing, it can help if at first you just use your fingers. Get some paste on your fingers and gently rub their gums to get them used to the feeling, then you can go in with a brush. Cat teeth are the same way- if your cat’s a bit nippy about using a brush, do your best with your fingers. Stimulating their gums will keep their mouth healthy in the long run.

Fancy yourself a pet hairstylist? If your dog’s mane has gone insane, use a pair of pet hair clippers to try to reign it in. This is best done right after a bath, so the hair lays flat, but make sure not to cut it too short! It will dry shorter than it is wet- remember that and you’ll be fine.

See? It’s really not all that hard to groom your pet at home. With the right tools and a good amount of patience, your pet will be looking runway-ready in no time.

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Posted on
May 13, 2020

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