How Much Does it Actually Cost to Adopt a Dog?

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July 22, 2020
a couple holds their adopted dog in a green blanket
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You’re thinking of adopting a dog--how exciting! Thinking of all the details that go along with welcoming your new furry friend into your home can be overwhelming, so having somewhere to tally up all those costs can be very helpful. You are in the right place! Between adopting your dog and buying all of its supplies, from vet visits to medicine if it gets sick, this is where you can see a breakdown of costs and have an idea of how much money you will be spending. This article will cover:

  • Approximate costs of adopting a dog including:
  • Adoption fees
  • Vet visits
  • Supplies including: food, dog bed, toys, and first aid products
Dog getting a shot
Vet costs are one thing to consider when adopting a dog.

The approximate costs of adopting a dog vary based on a number of factors

These can include where you are adopting from and how much money you put into the various items you buy for your new pooch

The first thing to consider when you are adopting a dog is the adoption fee. This can range in value depending on where you are adopting from. You may go into adopting a dog thinking that this will be free since you are giving an abandoned dog a new and lovely home. On the other hand, it is most often the case that you have to pay a small or medium sized sum of money, which oftentimes helps maintain or run the nonprofit from where you are adopting the dog.

This amount can range anywhere from free (if you wind up finding the dog as a stray) to around $350 at a reputable shelter. Then, veterinarian costs can be more reasonable, that is if some of the costs have been brought down because the shelter has taken care of spaying or neutering the dog and have given it its initial shots. So, this amount also depends on whether or not the dog is a puppy. Spay and neuter fees can range between $50 and $300, while initial and major vaccines can cost anywhere from $50 to $155.

Additionally, if your dog isn’t already microchipped and you want it to be, then this procedure can cost $50 to $100. Also, the initial vet visit can come with a hefty bill, taking into account the different procedures and Heartguard, Frontline, and other necessary checkup investments. All in all, you will most likely be able to dodge a few if not many of these costs because the dog will be older than a puppy’s age, but the vet could still cost nearly $200, with a second vet visit around the same, and a third much cheaper for a recheck of the Heartworm test at a mere $15.

Once you have adopted your dog and have gotten it checked at the vet, you need a few more essentials before you can move on to buying the frivolous yet all important toys and fun items. Make sure you get cheap items like a toothbrush and grooming brush to keep your dog’s teeth clean and fur brushed. Altogether, these small items come to a cost of around $50, including some important medicines/supplements and ear cleaning solution. These purchases will also save you money in the future when you find yourself doing all of the grooming of your dog at your house instead of having to take it to a costly groomer! Also, cleaning your dog’s teeth can keep it from having to have costly dental procedures in the future which can range in price from $350 to $1,000! Keep those chompers sparkling.

Dalmatian sitting on a dog bed
A dog bed is another item to remember to buy your dog, as well as a crate if you plan to crate train it.

Some items you may forget you needed to buy for your new dog, but are the most important

Items like a bed and toys are just as important as vaccinations and checkups

While it is recommended to skip buying a dog bed initially right when you bring your dog home because it will most likely get shredded, rather go for a simple blanket or towel and then gradually transition into a nicer bed once your dog can be trusted.

Don’t forget about a feeding bowl and a bowl for water, along with a collar and leash. And some food to go in that bowl! Dog food can run the cost of about $150 to $200 a year if you buy it in bulk rather than small specialty dog food at the pet shop. Adding up all the additional supplies can range between $200 and $250. This includes everything from collars to brushes, and that is also taking into account you not having any of the supplies whether that is from a dog you have previously owned or items you snag from neighbors or family.

Dog pulling on a rope toy
Make sure you stock up on toys to not only be able to play with your dog, but also to give it enough distraction to prevent it from destroying your beloved couch or shoes!

Finally, don’t forget about the miscellaneous items 

Toys and first aid products are also important for a happy and healthy dog!

Treats, toys, and first aid products are the final push that you will have to pay for, but will be well worth it. Treats including dental chews and training toys can cost upwards of $100. That is the initial cost, and depending on how often you reward your dog, can last from anywhere between a very short amount of time to a few months or even half of a year.

Toys, and this is being very generous to your dog, can also cost around $100. That is if you buy many, many toys for your dog. Rather, you can buy only a few cheap toys initially, and then over the years you will be sure to accumulate many treats and the cost will be more spread out. Don’t forget to buy ropes, Kongs, and balls.

Lastly, make sure you stock up on Fauna Care first aid spray for $24.99 which contains bacitracin and zinc to simultaneously treat and protect skin. Its touch-free application is great for treating fresh skin wounds, cuts and scrapes. It is easy to use, economical and effective. 

Adopting a dog can seem like it is quite pricey and you need to remember to buy many additional supplies to make sure your dog is healthy and happy. But it is all well worth it when you are able to spend time with your dog and enjoy each other’s undeniable great company!

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Posted on
July 22, 2020

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