How Can I Help My Dog’s Allergies?

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May 10, 2018

It’s that season: plenty of people have allergies as we head into the spring and summer months, and the same is true of your pets. Whether your dog is sneezing at pollen or your cat has issues with ragweed, we here at Fauna Care have a couple of recommendations to help make your pet’s life just a little bit more comfortable.

These recommendations are for seasonal allergies only. If you notice your pet having allergic reactions all year round or scratching at themselves excessively, take them to the vet to see if you can find out what they may be allergic to, or if it’s a different issue entirely.

Diagnosing the sneezes

Is it an issue with freshly mown grass or should you be looking further? Well, again, it’s important to note if the allergy starts right when you start being hit by pollen as well. Additionally, if your dog has never had allergy issues before, it’s likely a different issue. Another good indicator of something seasonal is the paws. They come in the most contact with whatever’s bothering your dog, whether that’s through walking into something or excessive scratching, so if there are lesions or something seems different in general, it is most likely seasonal. Timing is also important here: if your dog’s reactions seem to get worse right after you’ve been outside, taking that as a sign that it may be an environmental issue rather than one with food or fleas.

Also, if your dog is getting older, they might start to have allergies year round. Consult your vet if you notice these issues, but don’t be afraid to ask for a short antihistamine prescription, or for something else your vet thinks might help ease the transition as your pet ages.

Wipe them down after time outside

cat putting head in paws
Bless you!

Whether your dog enjoys long wanders in nature or your cat has a habit of hanging out in the wilds of your backyard, they’re likely coming in contact with a lot of possible allergens. One way to head this issue off at the pass is to wipe them down every time they come inside. There are wipes specifically meant for pets you can use, but in a pinch, a baby wipe or wet paper towel will do just fine.

This is the initial stages of your pollen attack. It gets it off of them in a relatively short time frame, meaning they won’t be exposed as long and won’t be sneezy every time they lick their fur. Plus, it has the added bonus of keeping allergens and any other gross things they may pick up out of your house.

Try some natural remedies

You may think supplements are just for humans, but they’re catching on for your furry friends too! Try a biotin or omega-3 supplement marketed just for your pet! Many are vet recommended, although it’s important to get ones meant for pets, since dosage can vary a lot. Fauna Care’s Protect and Condition Spray is a great choice to go with supplements since it can protect the coat and keep it healthy and feeling great!

The dreaded bath

upset dog in bath with soap on head

If your dog is anything like mine, they’ll run the second they hear water in the bathroom, no matter how many treats you offer. And I wouldn’t even dare try it with my cat. That doesn’t mean that there’s any getting out of baths sometimes, however. They’re especially good with an allergen-free shampoo, which will generally involve some kind of oatmeal and smell incredibly good. Baths help get all of the allergens out of their coats, especially for thicker coated breeds. Be careful to moderate bath frequency, however, since bathing a dog too often can dry out their skin and leave them feeling very uncomfortable. Additionally, if you put a flea and tick protection on their coats, don’t bathe them three days before or after applying it, as you run the risk of making the treatment ineffective. And if your dog’s already having allergy issues, the last thing you want to add is a bunch of fleas to bother them even more!

Allergies can be uncomfortable for anyone, but with you looking out, your cat or dog will be certain to have a better time of things! Just follow these simple tips and see them feeling better in no time at all!

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Posted on
May 10, 2018