Horse Riding Gear for Beginners Guide

Horse riding requires proper horse tack and equestrian apparel. Horse tack includes everything from a bridle to horseshoes. While equestrian apparel refers to the clothing you wear when riding. In this article, we will discuss what horse tack and horse riding gear for beginners to consider.

The Main Parts of Horse Riding Gear

1. Helmet

When you are horse riding, there are a few pieces of gear that are essential. The first is a helmet. You should always wear a helmet when horse riding. It can protect you from serious head injuries in the event of a fall. Choose between a Western or English riding helmet to match your riding style. Both helmets for kids and adults are available on the market.

2. Breeches

It's also important to have breeches or other sturdy pants on. As you may come into contact with thorns or branches while horseback riding. Horse riding breeches are usually made from stretchy materials and are form-fitting. They usually have pockets and belt loops so that you can wear a belt with your breeches.

3. Boots

The second piece of essential gear is a good pair of boots. Boots with a solid heel will keep your feet secured in the stirrups. There are Western and English boots to choose from. Western boots are usually made of cowhide and have a lower heel. English boots are made of leather or suede and have a higher heel.

4. Vest

The safety vest for horse riding is also essential. This protective vest is designed to protect your body from impact in the case of a fall. The horse riding safety vests are available for both adults and children. There are safety vests for both men and women available in different styles, colors, materials, and sizes.

5. Gloves

Horse riding gloves can be made from leather, PU leather, suede, or cotton. They will keep your hands warm and dry when riding. Gloves also provide a better grip on the reins. Consider wearing various gloves in different seasons. Mesh fabric gloves are great for hot weather. While thick leather gloves are perfect for winter.

Other pieces of horse riding gear that you may want to consider include:

  • chaps: these are pants that go over your regular pants. Chaps protect your legs from getting scratched or bruised if you fall off;
  • a helmet cover: this keeps your helmet clean and free from scratches;
  • long sleeves: consider comfy shirts that are made of breathable materials. This will help keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Horse Tack for Your Companion

1. Saddle

The saddle is used to keep the rider secure and balanced on horseback. This horse tack is made of leather, synthetic, or canvas materials. It has a seat for the rider as well as a girth strap to secure it under the horse’s belly.

There are different types of saddles used in horse riding. The style depends on what type of equestrian discipline you do:

  • English saddles are preferred for jumping, dressage, and flat racing disciplines;
  • Western saddles are good for distance riding, roping, and western-style show events;
  • Australian stock saddles are suitable for endurance rides, rough terrain trail rides, and training horses.

Saddling a horse can be tricky at first so make sure to ask help from an experienced horseman until you master the technique.

2. Horse Bridle and Bit

The bridle is an additional piece of horse tack used by riders to control their horses during rides. It has a bit, which goes inside the horse’s mouth, connected by cheekpieces and reins, which are held by the rider.

The type of bridle you buy depends on what type of horse you have. There are many different styles and designs of horse bridles on the market. The most popular ones are the English bridle and the Western bridle.

The bit is an important part of the horse bridle as it controls how the horse behaves while being ridden. There are many different types of bits available. They include snaffle bits, curb bits, and pelhams. You need to choose a bit that’s suitable for your horse’s mouth shape and size.

When buying a horse bridle, make sure to get one that fits well. The cheekpieces should be adjusted so that they fit snugly against your horse’s face. Avoid putting any pressure on his eyes or ears. The horse bridle should be adjusted well. So that the horse doesn’t become stressed when wearing it.

3. Protective Boots

Protective boots for horses provide a range of features. They are made from tough materials. Horse boots can protect your horse’s legs against knocks, scrapes, and other injuries.

There are a few different types of protective horse boots on the market. These include overreach boots, tendon and fetlock boots, and quarter boots. Such boots are commonly used when transporting a horse in a trailer.

4. Saddle Pad

A saddle pad is a horse accessory that goes under the horse saddle. It protects your horse’s back from pressure points and friction caused by riding.

Horse saddle pads can be made of woolen or cotton felt materials. They have foam padding inside for extra cushioning. It's a great perk when riding long distances over rough terrains like hillsides or mountainside trails. These also work great as an all-around saddle pad. Because they last longer than other materials such as synthetics. It tends not to wear well after repeated wears with heavy loads attached (such as saddles). These pads come in handy if you plan on doing trail riding.

5. Horseshoes

If you own a horse, you should consider horseshoes. They provide extra cushioning and protection from shocks and friction. These can be caused by riding on rough terrains. Visit your farrier to get horseshoes for your horse.

You need to take care of the horse's hooves regularly. This is because they are prone to wear out over time and require re-shoeing. Make sure you're using a type of horseshoe that suits your horse best.

6. Cinch or Girth

A cinch is a horse tack that holds the saddle in place. You use it to attach and secure the horse's tack to its body. The cinch is wrapped around your horse’s belly, under its barrel.

There are different types of cinches or girths you can choose from. They come in different materials such as fleece, neoprene, cotton webbing, etc.

Webbing girths are popular among horse riders because they provide support for the horse’s back muscles during rides. Cinch is a Western-style piece while a girth belongs to the English style.


Horse riding gear for beginners includes horse tack and horseback riding apparel. Horse tack encloses the saddle, stirrups, bridle, reins, and cinch. While riders should buy a helmet, breeches, boots, gloves, and vest to protect themselves. Make sure you choose a size that fits you best. Riding apparel should fit comfy and snugly. While a horse should feel calmly with all this tack on.

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