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Gifts for Cat Owners: The Ultimate Holiday Guide [2021]

cat in a stocking by a christmas tree

The holiday season is upon us once again. And this year you might have somebody with pets on your shopping list. It’s no fun to leave the pets out of the celebrations entirely. After all, they are part of the family. But it can be a little tricky to know what to get a cat owner as a gift. The issue is that almost as often as not, the cat is going to prefer the box,the toy or gift came in, more than the box or the toy. For that reason we’ve tried to curate a list of purrfect gifts for the feline friends on your Christmas or holiday list this year. 

My advice when buying gifts for cat owners is to think of the owner first. The cat will enjoy anything, it’s all a surprise to them. 

The Trick To Buying Gifts For Cats Is To Buy Them For The Owner

The Cat Is Unlikely to Even Recognize A New Toy of Gift Right Away

The thing that makes it so difficult to find gifts for a cat owner is that cats themselves can be fickle and picky. They are just as likely to have as much fun with the five dollar wrapping paper as they do with the 40 dollar toy. And it’s for that reason that we’ve tried to make sure the ideas on this list will at least be appreciated by the cat’s owner, even if the cat themselves doesn’t get some newfound unbridled joy in their life. 

  1. Automatic Feeder

Cats are their best behaved when you keep them on a consistent schedule. Especially a consistent feeding schedule. And it’s for this reason that an automatic feeder makes it to the number one spot on this list. Not only is this gift going to remove the chore of having to feed the cat everyday from the recipient’s life, you can also get feeders that are set to dispense a set amount of food at predetermined times of day. I have personally seen this used to great effect to help a cat with some serious weight issues slim right back down. So not only is an automatic feeder going to help the cat be healthier, they will also be better behaved all around, which their owner will certainly appreciate this Christmas.  

  1. Set Of Laser Pointers

Laser pointers come in at number two on our list because I honestly think they are the one both the owner and the pet will enjoy the most. First of all, cats love laser pointers. If you don’t know about this you are missing out on some great fun in your life. I can assure the cat themselves will enjoy playing with the laser pointer, but the cat’s owner will also be able to actively play with and exercise their cat all from the comfort of their couch or their bed. It really makes playing with your cat so much easier.

Be sure to look for a set with a few different colors (a green laser is my cat’s favorite!) and ones that can be recharged. The ones that take the weird little watch batteries are very inconvenient when they inevitably die.

A set of laser pointers is great for cat owners with children because then the kids can play with the cat well out of scratching and hissing range. 
  1. A Cat Tower

If you know a cat owner who has a problem with their cat getting up on tables, mantles, and shelves, a cat tree can make a great option. You will want to find one that stands up pretty tall. 

I think you can teach a cat that one area is ok for them to get up high on, but you can’t remove the urge for them to want to be up high completely. It makes them feel safe and comfortable. If you know a cat that loves to climb where they aren’t allowed, a tall cat tree will save their owner a lot of headaches in the new year.  

  1. Slow Feeder Bowl

This is one I can personally vouch for. My sister just sent us an extra slow feeder bowl that Amazon sent her. And since we’ve gotten it I don’t think I’ve had to clean up cat vomit a single time! Which is obviously a nice change of pace for anybody out there who has a cat like mine that just doesn’t know when enough food is enough.

These bowls give the cats a little maze or puzzle that they have to get the food out from around. And in this way these bowls keep them from eating too fast or overeating to the point that they get sick. 

  1. Undercoat Cat Comb

This is a great gift for any cat owner, but I’m not so sure it’s great for the cat. But these brushes and combs are specifically designed to get down at the cat’s undercoat (the layer of hair that lies beneath the hair on the outermost layer). And as such they are very effective at helping anytime a cat is changing their coat from their winter to summer coat or vice versa. The ability to get down at the undercoat helps a lot with the shedding. This is especially true if the cat owner you know has a fuzzy or long haired cat as they suffer the worst from the shedding. 

Cats are just as likely to play with the wrapping paper as they are an expensive toy. So make sure you get something practical for the cat owner in your life. 

  1. Filtered Water Bowl

A filter water bowl is something that is not only healthy for the cat, it also removes the chore of having to refresh the cat's water all the time from the owner’s day to day life. The way these work is that they plug into the wall and then a small motor/filter runs the water through a few little pipes on the top. And in this way it keeps the water moving and fresh. A lot of cats have an aversion to drinking still water and this is why it is not uncommon for cats to drink directly from a running tap. The moving water lets them know the water is safe and free from bacteria. 

Not only are these enormously convenient on a day to day basis, they also keep way more water than your cat can possibly drink. So if you know a cat owner that has a difficult time knowing what to do with their cat when they travel, a running/filtered water bowl removes that headache for them  They ensure the cat has not only clean water for a week, but also serves it up in a way that a cat has evolved to want to drink it. 

Automatic feeders and water dishes are great gifts for any cat owner, but are even more beneficial for owners with young cats or kittens. 

  1. Automatic Toy/Fish

These toys are gr4eat because it gives the cat something to play with that will react to them when they play with it. I can once again personally vouch and say that my cat loves his robot fish. However, that being said, these toys can be very loud if the cat’s owner lives anywhere with marble or hardwood floors. My cat plays with his over the hardwood floor in my living room and I imagine my downstairs neighbor hates my guts because of it. 

But seriously it’s too cute to stop him when he’s playing with it. 

  1. First Aid Supplies

Another great option for any pet owner is some first aid supplies specifically for the pet. Now this is one that isn't that exciting or thrilling, but it could make a huge difference in the cat’s ability to recover from an injury and their general quality of life as well. Anything like bandages, wound cleaning spray, sploints, and cones make excellent choices for any pet owner.

  1. Cat Sweater

These are pretty self explanatory but you can buy small articles of clothing for cats. You want to be careful when dressing your pet so that they aren’t going to overheat. So look for something made from a thin or breathable fabric. I can’t guarantee every cat will put up with wearing one of these, but the ones who do are indescribably cute. And your mom will certainly enjoy the picture she gets to take of her cat in it’s new sweater on Christmas morning.

Cats are notorious for messing with and destroying Christmas trees during the holiday season.

  1. Cat Christmas Tree

These are small cardboard contraptions. Ask any cat owner around the holidays and they will tell you that the cat won’t stop playing with the Christmas tree. And if they’ve already tried the tin foil trick and it hasn’t worked, one of these cardboard tree shaped scratchy posts make the perfect distraction for a troublesome cat over the holiday season.

  1. Special Cat Treats

You can always get a cat a set of really healthy or delicious treats for the holiday season. Even if they don’t understand why they are getting them they will certainly enjoy some high quality treats. And you can even go the extra step and get them some catnip treats if you want to make their holidays extra “special.”

Kitty kat treats with catnip in them are something both the cat and the owner will enjoy! 

  1. Festive Collar or Bow Tie

Remember how I mentioned that you can get clothes for cats? Well that includes clothes that are built right into their collar. You can get them a festive holiday collar or bow tie that will be sure to amuse every cat owner. 

Every cat owner will appreciate little sweaters or bow ties for their pet. But I can’t make any guarantees that every cat will look as dapper in them as mine does.

Well there you have it. That’s a list of the twelve best ideas we could come up with for what to get a cat owner this holiday season.. And I can assure you no matter what you go with, the cat’s owner is going to be just absolutely delighted that you even thought of their pet in the first place when you were doing your holiday shopping this year. And let’s be honest, the cat themselves doesn’t know any better! They are gonna be happy getting anything whatsoever for some fantastic reason that they don’t understand at all.

The best gifts in my honest opinion are the ones that make the day to day chores of being a pet owner easier. An automatic feeder or water dish is something that is going to save your loved one five minutes a day every day for as long as they have the item. They may not notice it right away but over the lifespan of the gift they will have saved incalculable moments for themselves to enjoy.

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