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Gifts Every New Dog Owner Needs (Even If They Don’t Know It)

woman with her new pet dog

Whether somebody just got a new puppy, or has had a dog for a while, there are always some gifts that can make the process of being a pet owner a little bit easier. Being a parent to a new puppy is hard. Once you understand the basics of caring for a dog though, there are a few simple gifts that will probably make their life as a dog owner a whole lot easier. And while this is a list for gifts for new dog owners, the dog themselves are likely to enjoy all the gifts on this list as well.

Being a new dog owner comes with a lot of responsibility. Gifts that make the job easier are always a great choice.

New Dog Owners Are Actually Pretty Simple To Buy For

The Dog’s Themselves Probably Won’t Know Why, But They’ll Be Happy That Their Owner Is Happy 

I’ll start this by saying the most obvious thing to get a new dog owner is puppy pee pads. However, I am going to assume that most people were told that when they bought or adopted the dog. This list is for things that will make the owners life easier in a way they probably haven’t thought of or purchased yet. 

1. Automatic Feeder

The top of the list today is an automatic food bowl. These can come in a variety of different styles but the best are the kind that release a preset amount of food at predetermined times of day. These make a great gift because they just make it easier to feed the dog everyday. 

You don’t have to get a special container to keep dog food in or random plastic scoop you use to put in in the bowl. You just fill up the container with food and it releases it at your specified times at your specified quantities. Takes a daily chore and turns it into a weekly chore at worst.

2. Slow Feeder Bowl

If the automatic feeder seems excessive or is too expensive you can also go with a special bowl that isn’t so advanced. A slow feeder bowl is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. 

A bowl that helps slow down the pace that the dog is able to devour their dinner. The nice part about this is that it prevents the dog from overeating. Just by eating slower they are able to feel more full from less food and as such are less likely to overeat to the point they get sick. This is a problem that is a problem quite common in younger dogs and puppies.

But even if the dog doesn't overeat, a slow feeder bowl still helps them eat a more appropriate sized meal each day which is good for their overall health and weight. They will feel more full from less food.  

An automatic water bowl keeps the water fresh, and also reduces how many times the owner needs to fill it, making it a great choice as a gift for any new dog owner. 

3. Filtered Water Bowl

This one is also pretty much exactly what it sounds like. A filter water bowl can be a real quality of life adjustment for the dog. But really the dog doesn’t care, they’ll just drink out of the toilet if the water bowl is empty. However, you don’t want your dog drinking from the toilet and then slobbering on your kids. So an automatic water bowl can also be a huge quality of life adjustment for the owner as well. It makes sure the dog has plenty of water throughout the week and even keeps the water moving so it doesn’t gather bacteria and diseases. And because of this, suddenly, the owner only has to fill their dog's water bowl once a week instead of a couple of times a day. Which makes each day just a little bit easier for them.

4. Care/Grooming Products

When it comes to gifts for new dog owners you can never really go wrong with special grooming products. There are actually a lot more tools that go into keeping a dog well groomed over their life than you would think. This list includes just a few options

  • A Nice Adjustable Collar
  • A Retractable Leash
  • An Appropriate Sized Muzzle or Harness
  • Set of Safe Dog Nail Clippers
  • Flea and Tick Prevention Collar
  • Dog Shampoos and Conditioners
  • Dog perfumes and colognes

For Dogs with Long Hair
  • Undercoat brush
  • Set of electric hair trimmers

Some gifts are for the owner, other ones are really for the dog. They are just to make their life a little easier and a little bit better.

Maybe You Don’t Just Want To Get A Gift For The New Dog Owner?

Maybe You Want To Get A Gift For The Dog Themselves

While it’s always great to get something that makes the new dog owner’s life a little bit easier, maybe you want to get something that makes the dog’s life a little easier. Maybe you want to make their life better instead of their owners' life better. 

Well not to worry. I have suggestions for that as well. And I feel it goes without saying but obviously treats, snacks, and food are always good gifts for a new dog. However, there are options besides food that will also make the dog’s day much better. 

1. Special Dog Bed

I can tell you first hand that if you know somebody with a new dog that is from a larger breed of dog that they will also appreciate this gift even if they don’t know it yet.

Over the course of their life, having a good place to sleep will do enormous benefits for their overall health. Getting one as a gift for a new dog owner means the dog will get all those benefits during their development phase as well as into their older years. Making a huge positive impact on their life. 

Having a comfortable and supportive place to sleep and lounge is just as important for a new dog’s health as it is for yours. 

2. Toys

Dogs are a lot like little kids when it comes to buying them gifts so you can never go wrong with some new toys.

There’s a million different options for toys to get a new dog owner. I suppose the most obvious ones are things like tennis balls and frisbees to play fetch with. But in my opinion you can never go wrong with a rope chew toy. 

These are great for a couple reasons. First of all, you can still throw them and play fetch just like with a ball. But unlike a ball, you can also play tug of war with your dog (or as I like to call it, playing slobber rope). And I have literally never met a dog that doesn’t enjoy playing tug of war with a rope toy. They are a universally beloved toy in the dog community.

And finally, unlike a stuffed animal or frisbee, it is very hard for a dog to chew all the way through a thick piece of rope, and as such, rope toys tend to outlast all of the other toys a dog might have! Meaning the owner and the dog will get the most out of a rope toy as compared to other more fragile toys. 

But always keep in mind the size and breed of the dog. You will want to be sure you get them a toy, whether it be a ball, a rope, or something else that is the right size for them to play with. Too small and it's a choking hazard, and too big and it’s no fun. 

3. Automatic Toys

The new dog owner in your life will be much happier to have their dog or puppy at home playing with an automatic ball launcher than tearing up the couch or dragging garbage out all over the place. A well exercised dog is a well behaved dog. An automatic toy makes sure the dog has a constructive way to exercise each and every day. Even when their owner doesn’t have the time to exercise with them. Which is an issue a lot of pet owners face in the economy of the modern world.

We don’t always get to spend as much time with our pets as we would like. Any gift that let’s the new dog owner in your life spend more time with the dog, and less time taking care of the dog, is going to be a perfect present.

There you have it. A list of, what I think, are some essential gifts that you can get for any new dog owner in your life. I hope I provided you with some ideas other than the obvious ones. But hey if you didn’t like any of my suggestions you can always just go with some food or fancy treats. The dog will be happy either way so it’s really whatever gift you will feel the best about giving to the new dog owner in your life. 

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