Five Heroic Pets Who Saved Their Owners' Lives

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May 15, 2018

Some people claim that animals have a sixth sense, that they can sense a dying patient’s final moments or someone’s untrustworthiness.

A study conducted by the University of Milan sorted people into two groups, making one treat a homeless man kindly while telling the other to act aggressive and rude toward him. A group of dogs observed both groups’ interactions with the man. The dogs warmed up to the generous group while avoiding the hostile group.

It is no wonder then, that the pets in this article were able to pull off such heroic efforts for their humans.

  • Puppy rescues toddler lost in the wilderness
  • Cat alerts neighbors of owner’s sickness
  • Dog saves his owner from committing suicide
  • Bird alerts his owner to a fire in his home
  • Dog saves a child from home invader

Puppy rescues toddler lost in the wilderness

dog runs through the woods

After secretly following her father into the woods, 3-year-old Karina Chikitova remained in the remote Siberian wilderness for 11 days and nights. Keeping her warm at night was her loyal puppy. She survived by drinking river water and eating berries.

When the dog arrived at her home village without her, Karina’s parents feared the worst. But the puppy led rescuers back into the forest, where they found little Karina huddled in a bed of grass.

“Thank God, the girl is safe and sound,” said one official. “And thanks too to the dog who did his duty by his young owner when it really mattered to save her life.”

Cat alerts neighbors of owner’s sickness

cat standing to look through window from outside
Slinky tapped on the window to alert next door neighbors.

After a retired nurse in England named Janet Rawlinson collapsed in her home as a result of a bad reaction to her medication for her chronic back pain, her cat Slinky Malinki escaped the house and tapped on a neighbor’s window until they came out and checked on her. Rawlinson was in a semi-comatose state for five days. Luckily, her cat was able to escape and alert neighbors in the nick of time.

Slinky was even nominated for a hero award at the Cat Protection’s National Cat Awards in London. Despite normally being shy and aloof, Slinky rose to the occasion to help his owner. “He saved my life,” said Rawlinson. “Without him, I might not have made it.”

Dog saves his owner from committing suicide

gray dog looks to side

A 13-year-old girl in China attempted to commit suicide by jumping off the roof of her family’s building. If it weren’t for her dog, Roman, she may have succeeded in her attempt. However, the dog stubbornly barked and tugged at her clothes as she stood on the building’s ledge in order to drag her to safety.

At one point, she descended off the roof and was found dangling off its ledge. With the assistance of firefighters and the girl’s mother, Roman successfully pulled her to safety.

Bird alerts his owner to a fire in his home

Even tiny pets, like the cockatiel, have demontrated heroic capabilities.

Andrew Hardiek from Avilla, Indiana is alive today thanks to his pet cockatiel, Dylan. After falling asleep, exhausted from his third shift as a factory worker, a fire broke out beneath Hardiek’s house. The sleeping Hardiek didn’t notice the smoke and flames that began to engulf his house, but luckily, he had a little fire alarm right beside him.

Dyland began to squak when he realized that the two were in trouble. He even woke Hardiek up before the smoke detectors went off.

“Without Dylan waking me up, I probably wouldn’t be here right now,” Hardiek told news station WANE.

Dog saves a child from home invader

angry dog looks through metal bars

A ten-year-old girl from Pilar do Sul, Brazil was home alone when a stranger knocked on her door and asked for a glass of water. After the girl let him inside, he began to attack her. In a panic, the girl called her dog Kiara, who sprinted after the stranger and drove him away by biting his legs.

Unfortunately, the girl was struck in the head by the stranger before he fled and was put in a medically induced coma when she arrived at the hospital. When she woke up, she explained what Kiara did for her to her family.

“When I call to talk with her, she asks about her hero. She then went on to say that if not for the dog, she would not be here to talk with us,” her father told G1 Globo.

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silhouettes of dog & owner jumping together

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Posted on
May 15, 2018