Fauna Care Silver Spray

Posted on
April 23, 2018

Among our many products, our silver line helps assist with wound care, cuts, scratches, and skin irritations for all animals. In our equine collection, our Silver Spray has active ingredients to treat your horse’s affliction with a no-touch formula. This product offers two main benefits:

  • Allows for easy application for hard-to-reach areas.
  • Kills infections quickly with accelerated healing time.

Easy application

Using Fauna Care Silver Spray on your animal

Sometimes an infection can occur in hard-to-reach places, such as deep within the cracks of a horse’s hoof. There are unfortunately many ailments--both large and small--that could impact your animal. Check out a few of the common predicaments Fauna Care can help you treat here.  

Killing infections

Destroying pain-provoking affliction with your pet

Out of the long list, our silver spray’s best trait is for fighting infections, and doing so as quickly as possible to avoid prolonged pain. The product creates a moisture barrier, which allows your horse to remain active and take part in daily activities while the wound heals. Composed of zinc oxide amongst other fast-acting ingredients, the formula is free of preservatives, alcohol and fragrances often found in other products, which can irritate the wound even more.  

Be sure to check out our Silver Spray online, and purchase from our website or your veterinarian today!

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Posted on
April 23, 2018