Fauna Care Founder Featured on The Doggy Diva Show Podcast

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December 29, 2018
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Fauna Care Founder, David Ball, was recently interviewed on The Doggy Diva Show podcast. The Doggy Diva Show, hosted by Animal Advocate Susan Marie. She interviews nationally recognized industry experts and pet professionals and focuses on topics that matter most to all pet owners, keeping listeners up to date on pet health and nutrition.

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During the episode (Novermber 22) Marie discusses with David his love of animals and the story of why Fauna Care was started to help pet owners care for them in a safe and easy way. He discusses that just as we focus on natural safe products for ourselves, it’s important to apply that to our furry family members as well. They also discuss the use of the line by vet and animal care professionals in addition to at home use. He further explains how Fauna Care can be used for all animals, from small pets to horses, beyond the traditional companion cat and dog pets, sharing how the product was recently used by sea turtles with hurt flippers to help them heal.

You can listen to learn about the product line, including the flagship product Silver Spray which has a high active ingredient concentrate and no water to help the product stay on the skin and not drip off. Marie also talks about how much she loves how gentle and easy to use the products are, and how she uses them in her own home. David enjoyed the chance to sharing his love for Fauna Care and even mentioned he’s used some of the product on himself for minor injuries.

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