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Caring for your pet is enjoyable, necessary, as well as occasionally expensive. Luckily you have the chance to win $1000 worth of Fauna Care Products. Thanks to Daily Kibble, you can save money and get top care products for your pet. This contest also allows you to give a rescue or shelter of your choosing the best holiday gift ever! Read further to learn more about the contest and how to enter.

This article covers:

  • What is Daily Kibble?
  • What’s Spread the Love Contest?
  • How to Enter Contest
  • What is Fauna Care?

About Daily Kibble

Daily Kibble is where you need to go to find out all the must-knows for how to achieve prime pet care. They have the inside scoop on new and effective pet products, as well as activities to enjoy with your pet that you’ve never even thought of! This online resource can give you tips straight from the mouths of their on-staff trainer, groomer, and veterinary. They can, for example, answer questions you may have on the benefits of grooming, even if your furry friend isn’t a big shedder.

Daily Kibble is here to help take a bit of burden off of being a pet parent. They’ve got everything you need to know for being responsible with pet care. They’ve done all the research for you, so go over and check it out! 

You can also subscribe to their email newsletter which sends daily updates for free. And check out their galleries of dogs and cats that are already subscribed! 

Spread the Love Contest

You now have the opportunity to win and give all at once. The Spread the Love Contest is offering to its lucky winner the complete line of Fauna Care pet healing products. That means for your home you’ll have Fauna Care’s Silver Spray, Anti-Fungal Spray, First Aid Spray, and Protect & Condition Spray. 

On top of that, the winner also gets to choose (or let Daily Kibble choose if you don’t fill out that part of the submission) a shelter or rescue that will receive a $500 cash donation and additional $500 worth of Fauna Care healing products. This shelter or rescue of your choosing must be an approved 501(c)(3) organization. 

Puppies looking past a fence
Do you have a shelter or rescue you’d like to give back to? Enter the contest so they can get their Fauna Care winnings!

Once you’ve entered to win the Spread the Love Contest, you will automatically be subscribed to the free Daily Kibble Newsletter, that will give you all the latest news on pets and their care. You must be subscribed to Daily Kibble to win the contest or any other future contests, but you can unsubscribe at any time.
A winner will be chosen on December 16, 2019.  

How to Enter

Simply go online to Daily Kibble’s website to find their Spread the Love Contest. You will need to enter the following information: your email address, first name, zip code, and the shelter or rescue you’d like the winnings to go to. If interested, make sure to submit your submission into the contest by December 13, 2019. Only one submission is allowed per email address.

About Fauna Care

Want to know more about the details of the prize? Say no more! Fauna care healing sprays apply effective skin and wound care with no-touch application. The spray won’t interfere with your pet and their everyday activities! Through the contest you’ll be gaining the four sprays. Here’s what you need to know about them.

The four Fauna Care healing spray bottles
You have the opportunity to win all four sprays! Enter the Spread the Love Contest to bring into your home the Silver Spray, the Anti-Fungal Spray, the First-Aid Spray, and the Protect & Condition spray. 
  • Silver Spray: This healing spray is for burns, cuts, hot spots, post-operations, dermatitis, and other general wounds. It contains silver and zinc that acts as a layer of protection that also kills bacteria and fungi.
  • Anti-fungal Spray: Use this spray to combat ringworm, thrush, and for animal fungal care. Ketoconazole paired with zinc inhibits fungal growth and reduces itch and irritation. 
  • First-Aid Spray: This spray treats and protects skin with its combination of bacitracin and zinc. It’s effective for treating fresh skin wounds like cuts and scrapes. 
  • Protect & Condition: Use this spray when your pet needs moisturizing and protection of its skin. This spray is long-lasting and helps with friction. It’s useful for soothing raw, irritated skin. 

Enter the contest now before it’s too late! You have the opportunity to give to your pets and the pets of your favorite rescue or shelter. Remember, you have until December 13th!

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