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Does Your Dog Have a Wound? Find Out How to Heal it Quickly From Home Here!

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We never want to see our beloved pets in pain. Sometimes even when your pet is healthy and on the road to getting better after a scrape or scratch,you want them to be healing up faster than they are on their own. In this article, we will share ways that you can help your dog start healing up more quickly after an injury. Fauna Care offers healing sprays that you can apply to your pet’s wound to encourage a healthy recovery and to help fight off infection. We are here to help you and your pet start feeling healthier and happier. 

If you are interested in learning about some methods to help encourage quick healing in your dog’s wound then keep on reading. 

Here is everything you can find in this article to help your dog’s wound heal up as fast as possible:

  • First steps for cleaning out your dog’s wound
  • Natural remedies to help wounds heal fast that you can make at home
  • Continued care tips and tricks for your pet
Little puppy sitting on the floor with big ears wearing a red collar
Our pups are resilient animals and if you follow some of the steps listed in this article they are sure to recover as quickly as possible.

First steps for cleaning out your dog’s wound

The first thing you should do when you see that your pet has a wound (it may be a scratch or scrape) is to gently wash the area with lukewarm water. If you have electric clippers that you use on your dog then shave the area surrounding the wound. This can make it easier for you to make sure that there is no debris left in the wound after cleaning it out with water. If you have an antiseptic that does not sting then you can also use this to clean out the wound and make sure there are no bacteria that could cause infection sitting in the wound. 

Once you have washed and cleaned out the wound you can pat the area of the wound dry with a clean washcloth or paper towel. If you have any antibacterial wound care sprays or creams that are specifically for dogs then you can apply them to the area of the wound after washing with lukewarm water and drying the area. 

Small white fluffy dog sitting next to a girl wearing a striped shirt
If your pet is not dealing with a serious injury then usually their wounds will heal up in their own time, but it can be rough to see our pets in pain so Fauna Care is here to help your pet heal as quickly as they can

Natural remedies to help wounds heal fast that you can make at home

The first at-home method for making a remedy to help your dog’s wound heal quickly involves the use of herbal teas. There are many herbs that promote healing including comfrey leaf and root, St. John’s wort blossoms, and calendula blossoms. There are many places where you can purchase these herbs either in a salve form or loose leaves which you can brew yourself and rinse out your dog’s wound with. 

Another method to clean out wounds and promote fast healing is by using vinegar. Organic apple cider vinegar is an excellent treatment for wounds. The use of vinegar on your dog’s coat (and as a wound remedy) also improves the condition of their coat, heals sores, repels insects (ticks and fleas), and soothes irritated skin. 

This next method for at-home wound care can actually be used for many different purposes. Willard Water is a water solution that contains lots of electrolytes which promote healing in your pup! Willard Water can be used to help heal wounds and minimize scarring from them, heal bug bites, it can also be sprayed on cut or irritated paw pads to ease irritation or pain. 

One great recipe for an at-home wound spray is to combine four cups of any herbal tea with ¾ of a cup aloe vera juice or gel, and ½ a cup of unrefined sea salt. Combine these items and put them into a spray bottle and you have your very own homemade remedy for your dog’s wound that will help them to heal as quickly as possible. 

Cute smiling puppy sitting on a trail in the woods wearing a collar and leash
 It can be really scary when our pets get hurt but you can help them recover as quickly as possible by following these tips and tricks.

Continued care tips and tricks for your pet

Now that you’ve tried some or all of the methods listed above it’s time to start thinking about what your next steps should be to care for your dog after they’ve suffered an injury. Another great thing that you can do for your pup is to offer them enzymes or other supplements that you can give them in pill form with their food to help them start healing internally. For example, some of the following supplements can help your dog to continue to feel healthy after recovering from an injury: Omega 3, 6, 9 supplements, Glycoflex, Lubri-Ease, Ultra-Flex Collagen, and Turmeric Curcumin. These supplements can help your dog in many ways, some are aimed at helping dogs deal with joint pain or arthritis, and others promote a healthier digestive system and immune system. 

We hope that this article can help you get your pup on the road to recovery. If you follow any of these steps then your dog will be in good shape and hopefully, their wound will begin to heal more quickly than it would have without your help. One last thing to keep in mind though is that, as usual, you should take your pet to see a veterinarian if they do not seem to be healing at a normal rate or if their wound begins to look infected in any way. A veterinarian will always have the most valuable help to offer you and your pet and to make sure that you get to spend as many happy and healthy years together as possible.

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