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Pets are important to a lot of people, so it’s no wonder the amount of resources available for all the pet moms and dads out there. Fauna Care wants to ensure the safety of your pets at home, and Daily Kibble wants you to know everything to do pet care right. 

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  • Who’s Fauna Care

About Daily Kibble

Daily Kibble has their nose to the ground, sniffing out all the must-knows for how to achieve prime pet care. They’ll give you the inside scoop on anything from pet products to activities you can enjoy with your furry friend. Being a pet parent is so much fun, and we can’t forget the responsibility of giving our fur babies the best of care. Daily Kibble helps you get the best of both worlds -- fun and easy -- by doing the research for you. 

Daily Kibble gives you tips for pet care straight from the trainer, groomer, and veterinary they have on staff. Want to know how to teach your puppy to stop biting? Head over to Daily Kibble and be a benefactor of their friendly advice!

You can find information on pet friendly places you can visit, and subscribe to their email newsletter, that will send you daily relevant information for free. And if you’d like to see their fluffy subscribers, check out their galleries of dogs and cats and learn a bit about their likes and dislikes. It’s one big, furry community. 

A Shoutout For All the Pet Lovers

Daily Kibble recently gave a Fauna Care shoutout to their followers. Daily Kibble wants you to know about Fauna Care’s healing sprays, that makes the home safer for your pets.

A screenshot of Daily Kibble's post about Fauna Care
Fauna Care was featured in the Daily Kibble!

About Fauna Care

Fauna Care has a variety of sprays, including their most popular choice: the silver spray. They also have anti-fungal spray, a protect and condition spray, a first aid spray, and a zinc spray. Visit their website to decide what spray is best for you and the pet at home. 

The four herbal spray bottles offered by Fauna Care: Silver spray, anti-fungal spray, first aid spray, and protect and condition spray
Fauna Care has the healing spray fit for any pet, and applying it is hassle-free!

Fauna Care has it down to a science! Their products have undergone the necessary testing and research to ensure the spray you bring home is safe and effective. We know the sprays are working at their best thanks to the clinical trials performed, which demonstrate the no touch spray is easy to apply to cuts, burns, and scrapes on your dog. And the results can’t be argued with! The spray has active ingredients such as silver and zinc oxide that nourish the affected skin while simultaneously addressing the wound for faster healing. Bonus points: the spray has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anticancer properties thanks to the silver complexes used in the product. Your pet couldn’t be in better hands!

The word on Fauna Care is spreading, and it’s time to get in on the action! Pet care doesn’t have to be that hard. Rely on Fauna Care to help out in a pet’s medical emergency at home, and Daily Kibble for supplying the need-to-knows on products and care.

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