Can’t Leave Your Best Friend at Home? Here Are the Top Pet-Friendly Spots in Pittsburgh for 2019

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two french bulldogs pull on their leash on a walk

No matter what type of pet you have-- dog, cat, bird, or reptile-- Pittsburghers seem to be especially tied to their animal friends. And when they go out, they expect to be able to bring their four-legged friends with them! Luckily, our city understands this and has adapted accordingly. Pet-friendly places-- including many restaurants and bars-- have been popping up all over town in recent years, and more and pet parents feel confident they can bring their pet with them and enjoy spending time together. In this article we’re going to list the top pet-friendly places to bring your Fido or Fluffy in Pittsburgh.

In order to be sure and keep your pet safe during all their outdoor (and indoor) excursions, make sure Fauna Silver Spray is in your first aid kit for any unexpected abrasions!

two dogs enjoying some time with their human at pittsburgh pirates pup nights
PNC Park and the Pittsburgh Pirates know Pittsburghers love to bring their dogs along for the ride! And they can actually stay and enjoy some baseball on Pup Nights!

Pirates Pup Nights

PNC Park, North Shore

Every Tuesday home game in 2019

Cost: $36 (1 person and 1 dog)

  • Pups receive a special gift with a purchase on April 23, September 3, and September 24
  • A portion of the proceeds benefit local shelters
  • Tickets are limited!

In a city that just loves their dogs, the Pittsburgh Pirates and PNC Park have teamed up with local shelters to offer Pup Nights-- where fans can bring their dogs to the games-- on Tuesday home games. This is a really popular event, so there are limited tickets. However, if you can get a ticket, you and your pup are in for a treat! Dogs can sit right with their owners in the stands and cheer on the Pirates to a victory. There are even special prize nights, where every ticket purchased to pup night comes with a free gift. Perhaps the best gift of all-- besides spending a nice summer evening with your dog at a baseball game-- is that a portion of all the proceeds goes to local animal shelters. Now that’s something a dog-friendly city like Pittsburgh can get behind!

a beautiful rail in frick park, perfect for dog walking
A great place for your dog to run! Point State Park has wide open areas for play and running, and some nice shady trails to rest.

Point State Park

Downtown Pittsburgh

601 Commonwealth Place

Pittsburgh, PA 15222


If you’re looking for a place that’s not too far from home to take your dog for a run, consider checking out Point State Park. Located where the three rivers meet, this park is a great option for dog owners. And if your cat is good with the leash, bring them along as well! With two large fields, you can play frisbee or fetch and never have to worry about running into another dog’s space. There are also some quiet, shady trails that are a nice respite from the sun. With paths attached to the Three Rivers Heritage Trail, you can walk around the city to your-- and your dog’s-- hearts content. Offering fantastic views along the way, most of the trails closely follow the river and offer easy on/off access.

a white dog sitting in the grass, all smiles after a trip to lucky paws resort
If you need to board your dog, or require some doggy day-care, this is the place to do it!

Lucky Paws Resort

2273 Lovi Rd.

Freedom, PA 15042


Lucky Paws is your one-stop shop for all things dog! In addition to being a full service overnight facility, Lucky Paws also offers day-care as well. If you don’t like the idea of leaving your best friend home in the house all day, consider using this service at Lucky Paws. They’ll be able to run and and play in their indoor facility and dog park. Plus, they’ll get the chance to meet other dogs and continue to develop their socialization skills. If it’s training you need, they offer that as well. From intense boot-camp courses, to learning to develop consistent obedience, there is a class available for your dog’s needs. When the warm weather rolls around, don’t forget to use their salon and spa services. They groom cats as well!

“Excellent, caring staff. I take my puppy to daycare 2 to 3-days per week. They are like a second family! She gets excited every time we pull into their parking lot. I even get a report card to let me know who she played with and what toys she favored.” --Carrie R. Yelp Review

red autumn leaves of a tree in frick park in pittsburgh, pa against a blear blue sky
Image courtesy of Frick Park. Stop by Frick Park for a fun-filled day with your four legged friend. There are so many trails, you’ll have fun exploring them together!

Frick Park

1981 Beechwood Blvd.

Pittsburgh, PA 15217


The largest of the city of Pittsburgh’s municipal parks, Frick Park is a favorite amongst pet owners. With green areas and beautiful woods, there is always something new to explore. Whether you want to hike on the trails, or go for a jog, this is a great park to do it in. When you’re done with the trails, be sure to stop off at their dog park as well, for some off-leash playtime with your pet. The cold Pittsburgh winters don’t hamper the fun either, and when the snow hits, take your pet along for a cold, but fun, day at the park.

“Frick Park is a nice place to walk, take your dog and/or your kids for a few hours of fun. There is also some good food around to try and just all out have a good time.” --Elizabeth J. Yelp Review

a tiny dog chews on a rope toy at carnegie dog park in pittsburgh, pa
Dogs and their owners seem to both enjoy this little dog park. It’s easy to get to and attached to a park, so bring the whole family!

Carnegie Dog Park

200 Cooks Lane

Carnegie, PA 15106


Located in Carnegie, this dog park is attached to Carnegie Park and is a popular spot for Pittsburghers to bring their pets. If you’re looking for a nice place your dog can run-- and get to meet new dogs as well-- then consider checking out the Carnegie Dog Park. Pittsburghers like to make a whole day of it, as the park also includes shelters for picnics and fun playground equipment for the kids. There is also a skateboarding park too, if you’re up for that!

“We love taking our puppy to the dog park. Plenty of room to run & play. They keep it rather clean.” --Malarie J. Yelp Review

a wide open grassy field for dogs to play in at bernard dog run in Pittsburgh PA
Image courtesy of Bernard Dog Run. This park is the result of a community coming together and making a spot for their dogs!

Bernard Dog Run


3 Rivers Heritage Trail System

Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Bernard Dog Run is a community managed dog park in the Lawrenceville area of Pittsburgh. Located in a part of the city that didn’t have much green area, the members of the community decided to refurbish a part of it and make it for their dogs. The Bernard Dog Run has both green and mulch areas, separate sections for large and small dogs, seating for humans and even play structures for the dogs. It has proved to be very successful, and is not only a great asset for Lawrenceville, but also shows that when the community comes together they can get things done.

“It's a great run for dogs to play and get out energy. Two fenced in areas with a smaller one for little or skittish dogs. Bowls with water are all over and benches for humans when we need a rest. Talk about hidden gems in a city this is one of them.” --Karla D. Yelp Review

A girl with blonde hair reads a picture book to a happy golden retriever while the dog's owner looks on
Image courtesy of Animal Friends. Reading to dogs can help shy or struggling children gain more confidence. What a great way to develop a love of reading!

Reading with Rover

Animal Friends

562 Camp Horne Road

Pittsburgh, PA 15237


Mon-Fri 11am-7pm

Sat-Sun 10am-5pm

Animal Friends of Pittsburgh offers a couple of literacy outreach programs-- involving both animals and children. Their Reading with Rover program is designed to help struggling or shy children increase their reading aptitude by reading out loud to dogs. The dogs in the program encourage a more relaxed environment, and it enables the children to gain more confidence. It is a one-on- one session too, so there’s not a large audience for those struggling with shyness. They also offer a PALS (Pet-Assisted Literary Services) program where children can interact with an approved literacy dog and participate in a literacy activity . Animal Friends offers many other educational opportunities, so if you’re interested, check out their available courses.

a brown dog with a yellow toy in its mouth cools off in the water at the dormant doggie dip
Image courtesy of Dormont Pool Doggie Dip

Dormont Pool Doggie Dip

Dormont Pool

1801 Dormont Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA 15216

Labor Day weekend

At the end of a long, hot summer, what better way to welcome the Fall than with a Doggie Dip in the Dormont Pool? Taking place on Labor Day weekend, the pool reserves the last swim of the year for the dogs of Pittsburgh. Dogs love to swim, and what better way to give them the chance then at the Dormont Pool! There are other pools in the area that offer this dip as well-- including the Sandcastle Water park-- and before draining their pools for the summer let the dogs have a fun day in the water.

When you’re looking for something fun to do in Pittsburgh, don’t be afraid to bring along your furry friend! There are some cool places just for them to have a good romp, as well as an increasing number of restaurants, shops, and hotels In Pittsburgh that are all pet friendly.

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