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Busting Bulldog Fungus: Keeping Your Pet’s Wrinkles Clean and Infection-Free

a copper colored bulldog exploring the tall grass

It’s no secret that bulldogs make amazing pets. They’re gentle, affectionate, friendly pets that can adapt to virtually any home environment, and that makes them ideal additions to homes with children, cats, or other dogs. Many pet parents have fallen in love with bulldogs’ sweet temperaments and distinctive wrinkles-- but taking care of a pup with such unique facial features does come with some challenges.

Keeping your bulldog’s wrinkles clean and infection free isn’t difficult, but it does require a little bit of know how. In this article, we’ll cover:

  • Caring for and grooming your pet bulldog
  • How to treat bulldog fungal infections and infected wrinkles
  • Pet care products every bulldog owner should always have on hand
wrinkly faced bulldog
Bulldogs are known for the distinctive wrinkles around their faces and tails.

Bulldog Grooming 101

The best way to keep your bulldog happy and healthy is to take steps that will prevent many common bulldog skin conditions before they become a problem. In this section, we’re answering basic bulldog grooming FAQs including:

  • What should my day-to-day bulldog grooming routine look like?
  • How often should I bathe my bulldog?
  • How can I tell if my bulldog has fungus or another skin condition?

What should your daily bulldog grooming routine look like?

From the time that your bulldog is a puppy, it’s a good idea to get in the habit of cleaning his wrinkles daily. Don’t worry-- that doesn’t mean you have to give your pooch a bath every morning! Simply cleaning your bulldog’s wrinkles with a baby wipe or wash cloth and a mild puppy-friendly soap should do the trick.

Additionally, bulldogs should be brushed 2-3 times per week. Not only does this keep your pup’s coat looking its best-- it also gives you a chance to inspect for irritation, flaking, and other signs of puppy skin distress.

How often should you bathe your bulldog?

Unless your bulldog gets into something dirty, she doesn’t actually need to be bathed that frequently. In fact because it removes the skin’s natural oils, bathing your bulldog too often may even cause dry, itchy skin.

How can you tell if your bulldog has fungus or another skin condition?

If your bulldog has a skin condition, you’ll probably notice. Here are some of the most common signs that your bulldog may have a skin condition that needs to be addressed:

  • Severe itching, licking, chewing, or scratching
  • Partial or complete hair loss
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Scaliness of the skin
  • Skin lesions
  • Superficial pyoderma
  • Secondary wounds or infections
bulldog with sad face
Fungus and skin irritation aren’t any fun-- keep your dog healthy and happy by taking steps to prevent skin conditions before they happen and treat them as quickly as possible if they pop up.

What to Do if You Think Your Bulldog Has Fungus or Another Skin Condition

The way you go about treating bulldog skin conditions depends on the severity of the problem. If your dog’s skin condition appears to be extreme or persistant, the best thing to do is to take your bulldog to the vet. Your vet can prescribe pet skin medication or determine if your dog has an underlying condition that may be preventing their skin irritation from going away.

However, you can also find plenty of effective dog wound treatments and sprays online or at your local pet store.

smile wrinkles on happy bulldog
Taking care of infected wrinkles and other dog wounds is easy if you have the right pet care products.

Products for Wrinkle Infections, Dog Wound Treatment, and More

Most people have a cupboard full of medicine they can use in case they come down with anything from the flu to dry skin. Pet owners should consider stocking up on some of the pet products that will help keep their furry friends healthy and happy as well.

For bulldog owners, we recommend having these essential pet care products on hand at all times:

  • Anti-fungal spray
  • Silver spray
  • Petroleum jelly

Anti-Fungal Spray

“Bulldog fungus” doesn’t sound particularly pleasant, does it? Of course not. Bust bulldog fungus before it gets out of hand by selecting a powerful and effective anti-fungal spray. The best options contain ketoconazole and zinc to inhibit fungus growth and promote healing at the same time.

Silver Spray

Bulldog skin conditions can bring with them all sorts of secondary infections and irritation. Silver spray contains a combination of silver, zinc, and other ingredients that kill bacteria and fungus while providing a deodorizing layer of protection. When you choose a silver spray for dog wound treatment, your pet will be feeling good as new in no time.

Petroleum Jelly

What if your bulldog’s skin irritation is relatively mild? If you’re able to catch the irritation before it becomes a wound, applying some petroleum jelly to your pet’s wrinkles should reduce the friction and irritation enough to save the day.

bulldog puppy sleeps on owner's lap
These strategies and products will keep your wrinkly furry friend happy and healthy for years to come.

Bulldogs are amazing companions that are sure to fill your days with happiness. Keep your bulldog pup healthy and happy in return by using these tips to keep your dog’s wrinkles clean and infection-free.

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