Awesome Costume Ideas For You And Your Cat

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You know what’s even more exciting than dressing your cat up in costume? Dressing them up in a costume that matches yours! Any opportunity to coordinate a costume with your cat is an opportunity worth taking. Nothing really compares to the satisfaction of landing the perfect joint costume for you and your cat to wear to a party or for an Instagram photo-op. That being said, the perfect costume is usually the product of some nearly perfect inspiration, so let’s get started.

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From The Silver Screen

Sabrina The Teenage Witch 

For this one, you could go with the original show or the recent Netflix spinoff!

This costume duo is definitely a homerun if you have a black cat at home. If your cat is a dead ringer for Salem Saberhagen, all you have to do is throw together a Sabrina Spellman number. Pairing a killer outfit, a blonde wig, and maybe a broom is really the extent of all you need to do to pull this one off. You could even simplify and just go as a traditional witch! Black cats have been dubbed the perfect witch companions since, like, the 19th century. 

Indiana Jones & The Crystal Skull

A Jones costume is perfect because you could go as whichever side character or portion of the movie title that you want.

All you need to do for this one is outfit your cat with an explorer hat, a brown jacket over a shirt, and a whip to complete the look! They also most likely sell complete ensembles where pet costumes are sold. Our initial thought was for the owner to apply some makeup skills to turn your face into an iridescent skull, but you could also grab some coveralls and a wig and transform yourself into KGB agent, Irina Spalko. Another good option would be slapping on a baseball cap and going as his trusty sidekick Short Round.

A Dinosaur & Virtually Any Jurassic Park Character

You’re a button-up and a pair of cargo shorts shy of being Elle Sattler or John Hammond. 

Luckily, these dinosaur costumes are fairly easy to come by! Snagging a dino costume for your cat is a great versatile option for a tandem costume. Especially considering the continuation of the Jurassic Park universe with Jurassic World. There are countless characters throughout the series that you could choose to dress up as for a matching costume with your cat. 

Simba & Rafiki

You could apply some Mandrill inspired face paint, grab a walking stick, and put the entire costume together.

This one can certainly be a ton of fun. I mean, what cat wouldn’t love throwing it back to their (cartoon) big cat ancestors? You could buy a mane for your feline friend or get crafty and make one of your own. The owner portion of this costume surely isn’t limited to Rafiki. You could dress up as Scar, or maybe even Zazu if you really want to push the boundaries of what you can come up with. 

More Fun Costumes 

A Villager & Tom Nook 

The Animal Crossing craze certainly doesn’t have to end.

This fairly simple and adorable costume for you and your cat will be the talk of every kitten corner, and Animal Crossing fanatic that you know off. You could model your costume after the clothes that your Animal Crossing character wears and even apply makeup to increase your likeness. You could also pick your own existing character in the game to dress up as. This costume is incredibly creative and definitely one of our favorites.

Avocado & Toast

This DIY costume combo will be sure to please.

Transforming your cat into an avocado can be just as simple as hanging onto that cardboard box that came in the week before and grabbing a box of markers or colored pencils. This costume is the perfect late notice costume for your cat, and coordinating with them can be just as easy! You could cut out your own piece of cardboard and fashion it into a piece of toast, you could buy a bread costume, or, if you’re feeling particularly low effort that day, you could slap a piece of toast onto your shirt.

A Sheriff and an Outlaw

A great opportunity to capitalize on your bandanna collection!

This cute costume can make your cat following after you just that much more exciting. To go along with your cat’s costume you could throw on all black like a cat burglar (wink, wink), or you could go the old western route and grab a ten-gallon hat, bandana, boots, and a coat. 

A Bunny and Tons of Compatible Options

Whether you dress up as a carrot, Alice in Wonderland, or a colorful easter egg, you can basically do no wrong.

If there ever was a better costume idea for making your cat even cuter, then I’ve never seen it. Similar to the dino costume, there are tons of options for what you could go as to suit the costume your cat’s wearing. If it’s a white rabbit costume, you could go as the Mad Hatter or Alice from Alice in Wonderland. You could go as a carrot or a tortoise from the beloved children’s story, or if you’re feeling like going a more pastel route you could dress up like an easter egg!


Taking a Fresh Approach to Halloween

With everything that’s been going on, now is certainly a great time to get creative with Halloween costumes. Getting your cat involved in all of the festivities can be a great way to allow them to join in on all of the fun. From DIY to online purchases, there’s always some cool costume idea you can come up with for you and your cat to indulge in. So don’t be shy! Keep looking until you find the perfect ensemble for you and your cat to wear.

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