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A Guide to the Best Pet-Friendly Restaurants in Brooklyn

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Image of two dogs sticking their head out a window

You never know what your pets get up to while you’re away. Perhaps they’ve returned the possessions on your counter to their proper place — the floor — or decided to sharpen their claws on your favorite armchair. The best way to keep your pets from acting up is not to make a stink about their misbehavior once you get home — they won’t even remember what they’ve done wrong. Instead, prevent them from acting up in the first place by taking them along with you on your expeditions. They’ll have fun, you’ll have fun, and you won’t have to stress about cleaning up the next mess when you get home.

Pet Friendly Restaurants
Have some delicious elote with your dog right by your side at this Brooklyn restaurant.

Of course, not all places are pet friendly since more often the priority of restaurant owners is the comfort of the humans (weird, I know!), but there are still some restaurants out there that offer services for both you and your furry friend. To save you the trouble of being kicked out of the places that don’t accept your pup, we’ve compiled the best of pet-friendly restaurants in Brooklyn below.

dog lying on the floor

Habana Outpost

This outdoor eatery is the perfect place for you and your pup!

757 Fulton Street | Brooklyn, NY 11217 | 

This grilled corn — coated in a combination of mayonnaise, cheese, chili powder, and just a hint of lime — is the most famous item at Habana Outpost, and for good reason.

Open seasonally in the spring, summer, and fall, Habana Outpost’s large open patio space provides the perfect opportunity to hang out with your pup while you eat. Serving up a variety of Cuban food, such as a classic Cuban sandwich and grilled corn Mexican style, this fun, colorful restaurant also allows all manner of pets. Plus, it is entirely eco-friendly, equipped with solar panels and a bike-powered blender, so you’re also not hurting animals elsewhere in the world by eating here.

“This place has great vibes, music and food. They are welcoming of pets and even hand you water for your pooches. I loved it!!!!!” - Rachel on Bring Fido
Pig Beach's outdoor seating area with picnic tables and lights
This restaurant has amazing outdoor seating so that you and your dog can sit at the dinner table together! Photo courtesy of Bramante It.

Pig Beach

Take your dog out to dinner with you at this beautifully designed outdoor barbecue!

480 Union St. | Brooklyn, NY 11231 |

The wide open outdoor seating is even more aesthetically pleasing at night, and it can be the perfect place to watch the sunset with your pup.

Committed to bring you the best of barbecue, Pig Beach constantly experiments in multiple cooking disciplines as well as sourcing all of their ingredients locally. Their expansive outdoor seating area presents plenty of room for your pet(s) — as well as prime access to the wonderful smells. And, who knows, maybe you and your dog will meet a friend or two.

“Hang with friends on a nice day. I love that it is dog-friendly, has a good selection of both craft beer and cheap beers, and have a solid selection of seasonal fancy cocktails. BBQ ribs are A+.” - Bill McBain on Foursquare
A dog chilling in Lucky Dog's backyard
A pup hanging out in the backyard — your dog could be this lucky, too! Photo Courtesy of Jenny M. on Yelp

Lucky Dog

This bar is made for you and your doggo so don’t leave them at home when you come visit!

303 Bedford Ave. | Brooklyn, NY | Williamsburg - South Side | luckydogbrooklyn

True to its name, Lucky Dog is likely the most dog-friendly bar in Brooklyn. You can relax and have a few drinks while your dog hangs out with the other pooches off-leash in the bar’s backyard area. Plus, the yard also has a shuffleboard table that you can use with your human friends. Although there is not much food to be had, the drinks are great and the prices are reasonable.

Man with his dogs
“Had a great time here a week or so ago and was so happy I could bring my puppers! There were also a plethora or other doggy friends he could play with which was great. What's even better is that mostly every human which enters the bar is a fellow dog lover.” - Courtney D. on Yelp
The storefront of South 4th Bar & Cafe, with flags hanging from the awning
A chill cafe during the day and a hopping bar at night, South 4th Bar & Cafe offers the best of both worlds for animal lovers. Photo courtesy of South 4th Bar & Cafe on Twitter.

South 4th Bar & Cafe

Have a relaxing meal with your canine or feline friends at this bar and cafe

90 South 4th St. | Brooklyn, NY 11211 | Williamsburg - South Side |

South 4th Bar & Cafe doesn’t only accept dogs — feline friends are welcomed as well. With board games, free wifi, and friendly bartenders, this hybrid cafe and bar is known by the locals as the best place in town to relax. Open almost all hours of the day — and night — South 4th Bar & Cafe will always be there for you and your pets, whether you’d like to get some work done, hang out with friends, or just relax. Their menu includes all manner of drinks, from Irving Farm coffee to craft beer, as well as fresh-baked pastries.

“dog friendly. cat friendly too (yes someone actually brought their cat to a bar... smh).” - Sue Apfelbaum on Foursquare
“The best word to describe this bar is ‘homey’. Board games, friendly bartenders, a very chill atmosphere--it's a great place to hang out for a while and relax.” - Dan Miller on Foursquare
The storefront of Enid's, with a zany decoration in the window
With brunch and happy hour alike, Enid’s is the perfect place to hang out with your dog at any time of day. Photo courtesy of New York Shitty


This Brooklyn spot has a special outdoor seating area for you and your pup to dine in

560 Manhattan Ave. | Brooklyn, NY 11222 | Greenpoint | 

Serving up a variety of Latin-inspired dishes, Enid’s is a bit more classy than a straight-up bar and a bit more casual than a traditional restaurant. They’re laid back enough that they’re welcoming to all creatures — including your pup. While it’s packed during happy hour, there’s plenty of room for dogs in their outdoor seating during the day. Stop by for a casual brunch, and they’ll even bring out some water for your furry friend.

“Great brunch spot! Dogs are welcome and parties with dogs are seated outside. It's a great spot for people and dogs alike to grab a simple brunch. We even got a little bowl of water for our pup and ordered him some bacon and sausage. He enjoyed people watching (we were skeptical about the overstimulation since he's a suburban dog lol) and even made some friends.” - Mo A. on Yelp
People enjoying their food on Forrest Point's plant-covered deck
Forrest’s Point’s beautiful garden seating area offers the perfect spot to sit with your pooch and watch the sunset. Photo courtesy of Forrest Point.

Forrest Point

You and your pup are in for a beautiful evening in this restaurants garden seating space

970 Flushing Ave. | Brooklyn, NY 11206 | East Williamsburg, Bushwick |

Offering the best of both indoor and outdoor ambiance, the best way to describe Forrest Point is, truly, hip. You and your animals will be welcome to sit on their deck, decorated with all variety of plants. Their food is a play on Middle Eastern cuisine, with dishes such as a roasted eggplant sandwich, a shwarma-style chicken salad, and a variety of unique burgers. The food isn’t the only attraction — happy hour is quite happy here, as the drinks are also delicious. They carry all the usuals, as well as their signature milk punches which they describe on their website as “complex concoctions with a touch of dairy.”

"Wonderful food and drinks options. Love the igloos in the garden and the fact that it is dog friendly outdoors. Efficient bar service. Would come back again!" - Karen W. on Yelp
Piece of cake and latte
You won’t find a cafe better suited to you and your pup than Pier 69 Market. Photo courtesy of Postmates.

Pier 69 Market

This place has a lot to offer for you and your canine friends

10 Bay Ridge Ave. | Brooklyn, NY 11220 | Bay Ridge |

House made desserts and La Colombe coffee features on the menu of this Brooklyn market and cafe. With everything from pasta, to waffles, to homemade ice cream, Pier 69 Market offers its patrons the best of every food experience. They don’t skimp on the drinks either, serving over 15 fine teas as well as a variety of juices. Plus, they welcome in dogs and babies — and pretty much anyone. With fresh food and friendly attitudes, it would be difficult to find better service anywhere.

“This place has amazing sandwiches. We stopped for coffee and breakfast on the way to the dog park and stopped back for lunch on the way home. A seemingly simple BEC on a croissant was among the best i have ever had. The clerk was very friendly as well. Great coffee, dog friendly. Very cozy place to sit and relax. Food though, can’t stress enough. Fresh and tasty.” - Adrian V. on Yelp
Exterior of Sotto Voce restaurant lit up at night
Enjoy an outdoor meal with your dog at this sweet Italian spot. Image courtesy of Sotto Voce Facebook page.

Sotto Voce 

Looking for a cozy Italian spot for you and your dog to share dinner? This is the place for you!

225 7th Ave | Brooklyn, NY, US, 11215 | sottovocerestaurantBK  

This Italian eatery has outdoor seating that is perfect for you and your dog. Sotto Voce is the perfect cozy Italian restaurant on the corner for you and your dog. You can sit outside and eat your meal with your pup and they will be too distracted by the bustling city corner around them to try and steal your food. 

“great service! very dog friendly as well. We had called ahead and let them know that we would be needing an outside table, and they obliged with a good spot and a dish of water for our dog. Would definitely recommend for dog lovers. Had the seafood linguine and shared clams to start. Everything was above average, but attentive service was the cherry on top.” - J C. on yelp
Poeple eating at tables outside at Buttermilk Channel
Outdoor seating and delicious comfort food make for the perfect combination when you’re out and about with your dog. Image courtesy of Buttermilk Channel Instagram.

Buttermilk Channel 

This restaurant has delicious meals that you can enjoy with your dog right by your side!

524 Court St | Brooklyn, NY, 11231 |

Buttermilk Channel offers delicious American comfort food for all! That includes your beloved pup, they are totally welcome to come along at Buttermilk Channel. With a delicious brunch and dinner menu you won’t find a better place to have a meal where you can bring along your pooch!

“Delicious food, great service, and dog-friendly to boot! Between the table we had the walnut sticky bun, buttermilk biscuits, short rib hash, buttermilk pancakes, and one of the scrambles. All of it was amazing!” - Reeves B. on yelp
Lots of people sitting around a table at Tatiana drinking glasses of wine
Have dinner with a view -- and your dog!! -- at this dog friendly Russian restaurant. Image courtesy of Tatiana.


This Brooklyn restaurant offers up delicious food, amazing views, and all of it can be enjoyed with your dog by your side!

3152 Brighton 6th St | Brooklyn, NY, 11235 |

Tatiana offers up Russian cuisine and spectacular views! Reviewers cannot stop gushing about the atmosphere of Tatiana. You get to see a spectacular view while enjoying your meal. The best part is, your dog is welcome too! Sit down right on the boardwalk, enjoy a meal at sunset on the beach, and don’t feel guilty about leaving your pup at home because they’ll be right by your side enjoying the sights and smells too!

“I give this a 5 for everything included.  You can sit outside on the boardwalk on a nice summer evening. I've gone on the night they do fireworks in Coney Island and get there early enough for sunset and then watch the fireworks. There are tons of people strolling all night long and you can dress casually and even bring your dog!” - Ruth C. on Yelp
Cocktail in the outdoor seating area at Cebu Bar and Bistro
Whether you’re looking for brunch or a late night snack Cebu Bar and Bistro has it all, and you can bring your pup along too! Image courtesy of Cebu Bar and Bistro.

Cebu Bar and Bistro

Looking for great food for you and a spot for your dog to come eat with you! This is the place you’ve been looking for 

8801 3rd Ave | Brooklyn, NY, 11209 |

Cebu Bar and Bistro offers brunch lunch dinner and late night reservations so you and your beloved pup can share a meal here whenever you please! With delicious food and great outdoor seating options Cebu Bar and Bistro is the perfect spot to take your dog out to dinner (or to any meal) with you.

“I go to Cebu all the time because it's in my neighborhood. I really like that the kitchen is open late, even on the week nights. They also have a nice wine list. Tuesday's are half price bottles of wine! I went to Cebu yesterday for lunch. My friend and I actually brought our dogs with us, and sat outside. They were very accommodating about that and gave the dogs water.” - Jeanine Z. on Yelp
Exterior of Chavela's with people sitting outside eating.
With outdoor seating and great Mexican food Chavela’s is the perfect place to eat when you want to bring your dog along for the ride. Image courtesy of Chavela’s.


Great Mexican food and outdoor seating for you and your dog! What could be better?

736 Franklin Ave | Brooklyn, NY 11238 |

With lots of wonderful outdoor seating Chavela’s is a great place to go and eat and bring your sweet canine friends along with you! With specialty cocktails and delicious Mexican cuisine Chavela’s is a great place to go for the evening and you don’t have to worry about leaving your beloved pup home alone while you’re out. 

“Really great Mexican food. They always treat customers very nicely and with respect. I love the guacamole, and the meals are big in size for price. The wait staff is also very dog friendly. I bring my old dog snoopy and they love him.” - Chezi Z. on Yelp

Next time you go out, don’t leave your pets to pine for you — or totally destroy your house. Now, you can let them join in the fun without having to worry about being turned away from various places. Relax with your furry friend in a chill cafe, party hard with your pup at a dog-filled bar, or enjoy the sunset along with some delicious food. Whatever you decide, bring your pet and they will thank you in their own slobbery way.

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City Guides

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